Exploring The Haworthia Types That Are Good For Small Spaces

Exploring The Haworthia Types That Are Good For Small Spaces

Growing the haworthia is a fun and easy thing – knowing about various haworthia types can make it even good. It will also help you in not getting confused. 

Haworthia is a beauteous succulent that has fleshy, thick leaves that can be translucent or see-through. It all depends on the cultivar. There are 80 haworthia types, and finding the best for your home is what we will do in this article. 

We will help you find the most suitable haworthia varieties for your home in the article below. We will also explore various aspects of these varieties. 

Best Haworthia Types

These are some of the best haworthia varieties which you can have for your home or space:

Haworthia Transiens

This variety of the haworthia, like other types of this plant, also stems less and has light green, fleshy leaves. The astonishing thing about this plant is that when you place it under direct sun, it’s leaves change their colors. They turn color to brownish red with some translucent areas. 

This color-changing plant can be a great addition to your home and small spaces for decorative purposes. 

Haworthia Truncata

This is one of the more bizarre haworthia types, which are famous by the name of Horse’s teeth. The tip of its leaves is greyish-green, which appear rectangular and stumped in their cross-sections. 

Haworthia Chocolate

The name of this variety of the haworthia might confuse you, and the color might entice you to eat it. However, it is not a good idea as it is not an edible plant. 

The name of this plant comes from its foliage’s dark color, like chocolate. One thing which you can be sure of with this plant is that it can be a great addition to the small spaces. It will look specifically good if you want something in contrast to light color themes. 

Haworthia Reticulata 

This is a large counterpart when we compare it to other haworthia varieties. It can grow up to a diameter of 6 to 8 cm, which is comparatively larger than other haworthias. 

This plant also produces offsets, which helps it to spread in the surroundings and cover the area. So it is a great option when you want something for yourself that is beautiful and multitasking at the same time. 

Haworthia Tropical Night

Stout and short leaves of the tropical night haworthia succulent appear to like being fused and can also have growth in clumps. 

The leaves of this plant are nearly completely transparent in appearance, and this adds to the beauty of this plant. Moreover, it is a great option when you want something fascinating and mysterious for your small spaces. 

Haworthia Bayeri

If you love gardening and want something that is the desire of gardeners, then haworthia bayeri is perfect for you. The foliage’s spectacular markings make it a desirable plant by every professional gardener. 

This haworthia succulent is dark in the shade and has a semi-transparent face of the leaves. Its leaves also have longitudinal lines in them, which make them look even better. 

Haworthia Cooperi Picturata

This plant’s leaves can form clumps and are round towards the central rosette of the leaves. The leaves of this plant with yellow-green, pale leaves make it a great option if you want something for your home. 

It is specifically an amazing option when you want something for the dark backdrop theme in your space. 

Haworthia Springbokvlakensis 

This haworthia varieties leaves are translucent and curved outwards that gives it an illusion that it’s swollen. 

The leaves of this plant are brown-purple with stripes on its surface. This makes it one of the best haworthia types which you can have in your home. 

Haworthia Jade Star

This is a hybrid variety of the haworthia plant. It is prized for its arrangement of leaves in a star shape. 

The leaves of this variety grow outwards, starting from the center. This plant forms a gorgeous rosette, which has a solid green color making it look fascinating. 

Haworthia Koelmaniorum

This haworthia succulent is a variety that has slow growth. The leaves of this plant also have leathery and thick green leaves that have warts and nodules. 

This plant’s leaves start from the center and grow outwards like the jade star but small in size compared to it. Its leaves form a brown and green rosette when complete. 

Haworthiopsis Limifolia 

This plant, also famous by the name of fairies washboard, is a short but fast-growing variety of haworthia. 

The foliage of the haworthia limifoli succulent is characterized by a rosette of leaves that are triangular in shape. They also have diverse edges making it look fascinating and one of the best haworthia types for small spaces. 

Haworthiopsis Fasciata

Want an indoor plant that does require much space but is a beauteous addition to the backdrop? Well, then the haworthiopsis Fasciata is for you. 

This plant is also known by the name zebra plant and is one of the most popular haworthia types for indoor use. It features the green leaves, which are pointed and have stripes on the back in a horizontal pattern. 

Haworthia Bolusii

The haworthia bolusii have fleshy leaves. This is a stemless succulent that has pale green and curved leaves. The leaves of this plant are also transparent which have thin white hair on their edges, which look like a spider’s web. 

Haworthia emelyae var. Comptoniana

This is one of the most sought after and popular haworthia varieties. It features leaves that are clump and have smooth ends. 

This plant’s foliage also has white veins in it. It makes it even more attractive to the onlookers.

Haworthia Limifolia var. Striata

This compact haworthia variety is sure to turn some heads when you get it for your home. It has intricate leaves that have white bands on the foliage. The intricate peter on the leaves, along with the foliage lines, make it fascinating. 

What’s even more amazing about this plant is that it also grows white flowers, which are cute and enticing at the same time.

Haworthia coarctata var. Adelaidensis

This is another strikingly beautiful specimen in the various haworthia types. It has pointed leaves that are clumped together tightly and have a dotted layer of white color on the outside. 

The good thing about this plant is that it grows well in low light and has a compact size. This makes it an amazing option if you want something for your office desk or work desk. 

Haworthia Arachnoidea

This plant has dark green leaves, which have pointy shapes at the end. These leaves help in forming protective outer layers for the plant. The leaves are also covered with fine hairs, which makes it a good beauteous addition to any backdrop. 

The good thing about this plant is that if you want a plant for shades, then also it is a good option as it does well in shaded areas. 

Haworthia Retusa

This one of the popular haworthia types, which have triangular and thick leaves. The leaves of this stubby succulent have bright shade in the light green color. The color of its leaves makes it look fascinatingly beautiful. 

An even more interesting thing about this variety is that it grows tubular white flowers. This makes it look even more enticingly gorgeous to the onlookers. 

Haworthia herbacea

If we say this is one of the most spectacular haworthia varieties, you will agree with us after seeing this amazing succulent. 

This plant has spikes that look dangerous and beauteous at the same time. But the good thing is that its spikes are completely safe to touch. The leaves of this paint are covered by fine thread-like hairs in white color. Other than this, the leaves of this plant also have white dots on the edges, which makes it an amazing option. 

Haworthia Mantellii

Want something different for your space? Well, if yes then this arity is perfect for you. It’s dark and green leaves have a shoe, which makes them look like small green rocks kept neatly in pots. 

This plant also gives you an option of change as if you keep it sunlight; its leaves change the color to deep bronze. The color change makes the plant look fascinatingly gorgeous to the onlookers. 

These are some of the famous haworthia types which you can have for your home. The haworthia varieties will surely add something eye-catching to your home, which everyone will admire. 

Haworthia Care

For haworthia care, follow these steps:

  • Be careful with watering. Too much water is harmful and can lead to rusting of roots. For the best results, you can give it a sip of water in a week. 
  • Use weak cactus fertilizers for the haworthia. The good thing is that you can use them with all haworthia varieties. 
  • It doesn’t require any specific winter care as it is an indoor plant.
  • Propagation is also very easy, and all you need to do is separate pups. After separation, simply replant them.

Overall, haworthia types don’t matter which you choose are easy to care for. It is a versatile plant and thus doesn’t require much care. 

Final Words

All the haworthia types are succulents that belong to the aloe family. These are some of the most popular indoor plants as they are easy to care for and require minimum space. 

The good thing about these plants is that even when they need minimum care, they are some of the most spectacular and eye-catching plants to have for your home. 

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