Some Of The Common And Rare Beautiful Minnesota Birds To Watch

Some Of The Common And Rare Beautiful Minnesota Birds To Watch

Minnesota is known as the star of the north, and birders know that this place is the destination to see beautiful northern Minnesota birds. There are only 250 species that have been recorded in the state. Many of these birds in Minnesota are the Arctic and boreal specialties, which are hard, if not impossible, to watch in more southern areas.

Winter birds are especially explored after at the northern destination; however, even summer birding can yield remarkable specialty birds. By seeing some of the best Minnesota birds, birders are sure to have a wonderful time by adding to their life list whenever they visit.

Trumpeter Swan

The trumpeter swan is found year-round in the central part of Minnesota, and this bird is one of the largest swan species. This heavy, huge bird is simple to recognize by the all-white plumage and dark slanted bill with the thin red grin patch. The feathers might occasionally be rusty or stained brown on the breast, neck, and belly, but overall these swans are brilliantly white.

Common Goldeneye

A beautiful Minnesota duck with splendid yellow eyes, the common goldeneye breeds can be seen in the northern part of Minnesota state. Birders who have the chance to see Minnesota ducks during the breeding season will wonder at its flexible courtship show when the male ones bend the heads all the way back to touch the backs.

Red-Necked Grebe

The red-necked grebe is an elegant swimmer, and it is a rare breeder in Minnesota; these birds mainly prefer marshy ponds for the nesting habitat. Also, red-necked grebe is almost common in winter; viewing them in breeding down with the white check contrasting with the black crown and well-colored chestnut neck is the treat for any birder.

Common Loon

No trip to Minnesota state would be complete without seeing this bird. Although, it can only be found in the central and northern parts of the state during a breeding season. The common loon is instantly recognized with the checkered feather, dagger-like bills, and yodel like echoes across the forest lakes.

Black Tern

Waterfowl are not the only birds that enjoy the land of more than a thousand lakes. However, this bird ‘black tern’ breeds throughout the Minnesota state in freshwater marshes, where they consume primarily on large bugs and insects. Black tern is elegant in the dusky, silvery wings with dark feathers and the whitish tail. In late summer, the black tern is molting and will look mottled and patchy.

Greater Prairie-Chicken

Minnesota might be known for the lakes; however, its prairies and grasslands offer astonishing birding moments as well, including the chance to view this bird. The greater prairie-chicken is found in the state’s western meadows year-round; this bird is rare and quickly disturbed. Birders should manage the responsible visit to the breeding lek for the best watching chances.


Gyrfalcon is one of the most beautiful raptors, and it is the world’s largest falcon. They prefer open areas where it can hunt unrestrained. The white morph of gyrfalcon is particularly beautiful. These birds generally stay north in the Arctic regions. The cyclic winter can bring these birds into central and northern Minnesota.

Snowy Owl

This bird is another raptor that is highly desired in Minnesota, and the snowy owl is mostly found in the northeastern part of Minnesota state. In winter times, these birds will move to the southern side. Birders can be seen on the lakeshores or wide-open areas where they roost on rises, fence posts, rooftops, and other good viewpoints.

Great Gray Owl

Minnesota State is an owl paradise, and this bird is one of the most sought owls to see in the state. The great gray owl is found in forests and along forest edges in the northern part of this state year-round. These birds spread on the central areas of Minnesota in winter as they move slightly further for the best food sources.

Northern Hawk Owl

Northern hawk owl is a rare bird, and it is well worth watching for in Minnesota. This bird has bold facial markings, and northern hawk owls are active during the night as well as the day. These birds are mostly found in the northern parts of Minnesota during the winter months. Winter irruption can be irregular but do hardly bring these raptors to further south. 

Hoary Redpoll

Another winter specialty, the hoary redpoll, generally stays in the Arctic region; however, these birds visit northern Minnesota during the coldest periods. Often joining mixed flocks with common juncos, winter finches, and redpolls. These small birds have a frosted look, a bright red forehead, and a snub-like pale bill.

Final Words

Minnesota may be the best birding destination. There are so many common and some rare Minnesota birds to see in the northern and central region. If this amazing place is not on your checklist, then check out the eye-catching Texas birds or beautiful birds in Hawaii. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

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