8 Common Plumbing Mistakes That Homeowners Make

8 Common Plumbing Mistakes That Homeowners Make

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Have you ever seen someone change their water pipe or drain pipes? Of course, you have. You also know what you are looking for when you are deciding which type of plumbing you want and which tools you need.

Just like any business, plumbing companies should have the right tools for the job. Below are some of the mistakes that homeowners make when doing own plumbing work:

Replacing a Damaged Part Without Prior Checking

damaged part replacement

When you break something that is not supposed to break, this is a simple mistake. A simple mistake is replacing a damaged pipe without making sure that the replacement is working correctly. It is better to replace a damaged pipe and call the professional plumber to fix it. You would be surprised how much more complicated the job is when it is not an amateur.

Forgetting to Shutoff Valve While Repairing

do remember to shutoff the volve

There are several plumbing mistakes that homeowners make every day. But the biggest mistake that most homeowners make is forgetting to shut off the valve. A basic mistake, like forgetting to shut off the valve, could cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Waterproofing your pipe joint or installing a new valve will not only save you a lot of money but will also give you years of trouble-free service. A lot of water damage can be avoided if you simply remember to shut off the valve. Here are some other common plumbing mistakes that homeowners make.

Not Utilizing the Darin Appropriately

darin uses properly

One of the most common plumbing mistakes that homeowners make is not using the right kind of drain. The majority of homeowners forget to close them down the drain. When you use the toilet, for example, you should always put a long piece of rope over the end of the drain and to tie it off at the bottom. Water can flow in the drain and fill up the entire sink. If you do not close them down the drain, you run the risk of water splashing on you when you try to clean it. Sometimes people forget to turn off the water supply when they turn off the valve for a while. If you forget to turn off the water supply when you turn off the valve, the entire house is going to be soaked with water.

Incorrectly Fitting Copper Pipes into Sewer Pipelines

copper pipe fitting mistakes

One of the most common plumbing mistakes that homeowners make is incorrectly fitting copper piping into their sewer lines. Most pipes are supposed to be flush with the sewer pipes to prevent blockages in your plumbing system. Plumbers recommend using copper drainpipes, and they fit them directly into the sewer line. By performing this, you eliminate the risk of leaks or clogs from water coming in the drain before it is completely dry. It is important to use a plastic pipe joint instead of a metal pipe joint because plastic is much easier to install. Plumbers recommend using a combination of these two techniques if you are planning to install a new sewer line.

Not Following the Safety Guidelines Properly

safety guidelines

Another basic mistake that homeowners make is forgetting to read the plumbing safety manual. Make sure that you follow the safety guidelines that come with the plumbing fixture in order to make sure that it will work. Remember that there is a limit to the amount of water that a sink or shower can handle at one time.

Inadequately Cleaning the Dirty Pipeline

dirty pipeline cleaning

When the pipes become extremely dirty, homeowners might think that it is best to remove it completely. However, when homeowners try to do this, it will just lead to more problems. Cleaning a dirty water line with water only will just result in more odor and filth. Though it may be due to the reason that there are drain clogs throughout your drainage pipeline. And, drain cleaner is something you should opt for. 

Sometimes the homeowners will replace the water lines when the pipes become so damaged that it will not work at all. You need to make sure that the water lines that are already damaged cannot be replaced. It would be an apt decision to call a plumber or any of the plumbing contractors to get the job done.

Doing Unpermitted Work

complete unpermited work

When homeowners perform plumbing tasks, which are not permitted to be done without any experience, it may prove to be extremely harmful to the homeowner himself. Also, the homes which showcase unpermitted work being done are hard to sell, as well as to give on rent. Either corresponding contractors or homeowners should pull permits before performing an unpermitted work.

Avoiding to Use the Right Plumbing Tools

use right plumbing tools

When you have the right tools to do the job, you can avoid these mistakes and make your plumbing easier. It is recommended that you get the proper tools that can help you prevent many of the plumbing mistakes that homeowners make. There are specific tools that should never be used in order to make sure that you don’t damage the piping or cause other problems.

By taking the needed precautions, you can avoid the mistakes that are most common with plumbing mistakes that homeowners make. Now that you know these mistakes that homeowners make, you can take the necessary steps to prevent these mistakes.


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