The Complete Guide To Create A Rooftop Garden

The Complete Guide To Create A Rooftop Garden

The concept of rooftop garden is not new. People in cities and other places have been using their roofs for gardening for generations. The concepts of green roofs or soil covered roofs have been in use for a long time now. 

People nowadays are trying this concept of rooftop garden more as they are getting more health conscious. City dwellers use this concept to feel more close to nature in their concrete jungles. 

Rooftop gardening has also been used to grow some organic food. The concept of organic farming and food is getting more and more famous due to its various health benefits. Rooftop gardens are also becoming popular as people are getting more conscious about nature. 

People are getting more aware about problems like global warming, and such things stimulate them to be more innovative. The rooftop gardening is an innovative concept which helps them to give their contribution towards solving these problems. It helps them to cut on their energy use, by reducing the need for things like AC by keeping the house temperatures low naturally. 

The benefits of rooftop gardening are like a never ending list, so to help you get your own personal garden we have put together a list. In the article, you will find a list of various tools and ideas which will help you. You will also find some other aspects related to the rooftop garden. 

Options For Rooftop Garden

container gardening a type of rooftop garden concept

When trying to create a rooftop garden you can choose from many options. In the article we will tell you about some types of rooftop gardening which you will love to try. .

One of the concepts you can try is a fully planted green roof garden. In this type of garden the rooftop is completely covered with soil and the plants are directly planted in it. 

These types of gardens make a great sense for the environment as well the owners. Green roofs can take up  to 100 lbs of weight per square feet other than the people. But, the problem with this type of rooftop gardening is that it is a very difficult task for people to accomplish themselves.

If you want to try this type of gardening then you will be needing to hire a structural engineer and a garden architect. At last you will be needing to hire a professional to complete the task. 

Another type of rooftop gardening is the easiest and personal approach you can try for rooftop gardens. In this concept of rooftop gardening you can create a garden using containers and raised beds. This type of rooftop garden is also known as Raised Garden.

Container style rooftop gardens are very easy to create and maintain as they are very portable, cost-efficient and flexible. Using this concept of raised container gardening you can create any type of garden varying from a simple herb garden or a full grown formal garden. 

Another thing about the container concept is that it doesn’t need you to hire a professional or architect. It is also very easy to maintain and conceptualise. These things make it one of the most famous and used types of rooftop gardens. 

Tips To Create A Rooftop Garden

When starting a roof garden you need to consider many things. It has various aspects which you will need to consider before beginning. To help you we have brokedown these aspects of rooftop gardening for you:


If you are living in a rented place you need to check with your landlord for prior permissions. Another thing to know is that if you are living in an apartment you will need permissions from the building landlord. Some building codes don’t allow rooftop gardening. 

You will also be needing permission from other relevant departments like fire. This is because some buildings have restrictions and fire regulations which can prohibit rooftop gardening. In some cases any kind of use for rooftop is prohibited due to building code.

Structural Integrity

structural Integrity check for rooftop garden

This is another thing which you will need to check as it is a very essential thing. So, Before starting make sure that the roof can hold the weight of the rooftop garden. It is more vital if you want a complete roof garden where the load of fully soil covered roof can be too much. 


Make sure that you have access to various amenities and parts of the building if you are living in an apartment. It is crucial as you will be needing amenities like lift and water hoses for your garden to water or carry material to the garden. 

Some buildings also have fire and emergency exits only in which you may be denied access in normal days. All these things make it important to pre check these accesses to avoid any last moment hassles. 

Water Availability

Will your building code or landlord allow you to run a hose on the roof? If not then it can be a tough task for you as carrying the water cans for plants can be a nuisance. To solve this problem you can try drip irrigation or putting a rain barrel system in place. 


As we all know sunlight is a very crucial thing for plants, but too much sunlight can also be a problem. For this you must make sure to have proper supply as well shade for your garden. 

Heat Protection

shades for rooftop garden

Beside the heat from the sun, the heat from the nearby building, streetcars, utility structures and more can be overwhelming for the garden. For this you will be needing some kind of heat protection and shade for  you and your rooftop garden.


In the urban streets wind literally whip down, especially in the high rises. To counter this problem you will be needing some kind of fence or protection for your garden. But, when installing a fence be sure to check for permissions with your landlord as some building may  not allow it. 


It is yet another concern as rooftops are surrounded by neighbouring buildings. Other people’s access to rooftop can also create problems as children or someone may knowingly or unknowingly damage the garden. To avoid this problem you can create a fence or simply plant a hedge of evergreens to create a natural barrier. 

Availability Of Electricity

Electricity is a vital part of rooftop gardens. It makes things like lighting and drilling a lot easier for you. It will also let you enjoy your rooftop garden at night as using candles for illumination may not be a good idea.

Storage Availability

There are a lot of things which you will be needing for rooftop gardening and you can’t carry everything with you each time. To help you with this problem you must make sure to have proper storage space like a closet or shelves. 


The cost of a rooftop garden plays an important part in creating one. So, when trying the concept keep in mind your budget as you will be needing many things like pots, tools, fertilizers and others. 

If you are on a limited budget you can reduce your soeding with things like homemade fertilizers and storage spaces. You can also use recycled things like plastic containers. 

These are some of the tips which will help you to create your very own garden. If you Follow these tips and ideas which we have listed it will be a lot easier for you to accomplish the task. 

Material And Tools

Fertiliser for rooftop Garden

Other than these tips you will also need a variety of tools and material for your rooftop garden. To help with this we have listed below some of the essential things which you will be needing. 


You will be needing a variety of material for rooftop garden, some are:

  • PVC Pipes for making poles for the garden structure.
  • PVC cement for structure
  • Zip Ties or a roll of strings to keep the structure in place
  • PVC pipe joints, tee points, and connectors. 
  • Bamboos for fencing 
  • Containers 
  • Pipes to water 
  • A structure or wooden pallet to elevate the planter


After you have the needed material you will need tools to put your concept to work. Some tools are:

  • Hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter
  • Knife or Scissors
  • Permanent Marker for things like mark the dimensions on pipes
  • Adhesives 
  • Shovel for plant care
  • Drill 
  • Box Cutter
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Staple  Gun
  • Cutting Pliers

Other Essential For Rooftop Garden

After you have all these tools and material you will also need some other things like a detailed plan for the structure. You will also need soil and fertilizers. For this you can try making your own organic fertilizers or get it from the market.

Pre-mixed soils with fertilizers are also available in the market but they may need you  to spend some bucks. Our personal suggestion in this matter is to make your own organic fertilizer with the things available at home.

Final Words

These are some of the things you will be needing to know when going for the concept of rooftop garden. The tips which we have listed in the article will help you in easily setting up your garden.

In the article, you will also find the list of tools and other material which you will need when creating your very own garden. 

What are your thoughts on the rooftop garden concept? Please do let us know in the comment box.

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