Full Guide On How To Make A Raised Garden Bed At Home

Full Guide On How To Make A Raised Garden Bed At Home

Gardening is one of the most loving things among all of us. Do you know what raised gardens are? Raised gardens are best to grow vegetables at home. Raised gardens look very amazing, and building raised garden beds is very easy to construct. You can make them into your back garden and grow vegetables. If you are innovative and want to do something innovative with your garden, you should know how to make raised gardens. These are very helpful if you have any pets in your house as they may destroy your easy raised garden bed. 

Raised gardens are built above the ground and look amazing in your ground. These are built for delicate fruits. This is used because you can add fertilizers in your raised bed and keeps the rest of the garden stays tidy. You can build this entire setup in only 50$. 

What Is A Raised Garden Bed? 

A raised garden bed is a special place where you can grow vegetables. It is a container or boxy shape thing where you can grow vegetables. These are different from normal gardening. These are built in a way so that you can build your vegetable garden. As the name suggests that it is a raised garden above the ground. The raised green is placed in a sunny area so that the vegetable gets a sufficient amount of sunlight to grow. You can also use them for decoration purposes like if your garden is looking so ordinary and subtle, you can build one in the center of your garden.

Why Build Raised gardens?

There are many reasons for building raised garden beds. As it has several benefits to build the raised garden bed. Here are some of the reasons:- 

  • Raised garden sare very easy alternating for bending and kneeling. If you have some problems with your knee and back then, you can choose to build a raised garden, and then you do not need to worry more.
  • The roots of the plants get deeper rooting and get better drainage. And the plant productivity improves with time. 
  • Raised beds are very good for those who do not have big spaces for growing vegetables. This is a perfect alternative for small spaces. You can grow more vegetables in less area. Growing vegetable in line is a very old idea, so now you can change your growing style. 
  • Full control over the soil choice and other content. If you start growing vegetables in raised garden beds, you can choose soil types and other fertilizers for specific areas. It helps us use less soil and fertilizer, and it does not harm any other plant or the rest of the garden. 
  • Raised garden beds help the plant grow faster and stay there for longer growing seasons as you can work on the soil and other fertilizers. 
  • The main problem with regular planting was that weeds surrounded plants. In raised garden beds, this problem is solved. The bed is elevated from the ground. That is why weeds can never grow ion the bed. And our plant gets more nutrition than earlier. 

You will Need

For a decent raised garden bed, you will need these things:-

  • Two by 12 plank or board, length- 8 feet ( two in number)
  • Two by 12 plank or board, length- 4 feet ( two in number)
  • Cardboard and newspaper
  • One rubber mallet 
  • Soil and other fertilizers 
  • 12 rebar Length- 2 feet long

Choosing The Right Wood For Garden Beds

Using the best wood for the frame will help you in the longer sustainability of the frame. Many people always have queries related to choosing the right wood for the raised garden bed. The first thing is to check that you are not using CCA pressure-treated wood because it is known to leach arsenic. 

  • Regular pressure-treated woods are sold for organic farming as it contains chemicals that prevent the wood from leakage and rotting. 
  • There are various eco-friendly woods available in the market which are best for organic farming. 
  • There are more expensive alternatives available in the market which have natural oils that prevent them from rotting. Although these woods are relatively more costly, they are more durable. 
  • It would be best if you choose thicker boards as it last way longer than normal wood. For example, if you choose a 2-inch thick plant, it will last for at least ten years.
  • Many people may use Railroad ties that are treated with creosote. One should avoid using them as they might be toxic for your plant.  
  • You can also choose concrete walls and bricks as the alternative to wood planks. But keep this in mind that these concrete walls may increase the soil’s pH, which is harmful to the soil. 

How To Make A Raised Garden Bed (Steps)

Building the elevated garden bed is a very easy process, but you should have the basic knowledge of choosing the right wood and must have the basic tool to fit them. Here are the basic steps that one must follow to make a raised garden bed-

Position the woods

Before doing anything, you need to choose the right place to make the raised garden bed. It would be best if you built the bed in that place where it gets at least 8 hours of direct sunlight. It will be best if you choose the center part of your garden as it will look good and best for sunlight. After choosing the right place for your elevated garden bed, you should start building it. To build it, you need to lay down the boards and arrange them with the sides. Now use the rubber mallet happier the rebar 1 foot from each corner. It should be in the ground for a few inches. 

Prop Up The Short Side

Now you can use the rebar for temporary support, so use the rebar at the plants’ center. Then prop up the other side and keep the alignment straight. After all this hammer, the rebar deep in the ground for few inches. You can also add some more support. 

Add More Support

After this process, you need to add more permanent support. Hammer 2 rebar for the short slide and use four rebars for the long side each. Keep this in mind that all the rebars should be 2 feet away from each other. This process will give your basic structure more strength. Rebar should be hammered deep in the ground. 

Fill it up 

Now it is time to fill it with soil and add some fertilizers. But before filling the soil, we will cover the bottom of the raised bed with newspaper or cardboard. Then finally, add soil of your choice. Do not fill it to the top. 

Soil For The Raised Garden Beds

The most important part of any raised garden bed is its soil. People comment that they are not getting good results even after they followed these steps. This is where the problem is, you should choose the best soil according to the vegetables you chose to grow. 

  • You should fill the bed with layers of soil. The mix should contain all the important ingredients. So, fill the bed with a mix of compost, topsoil, and other organic materials. You can also use manure that will give your plants a nutrient-rich environment. 
  • One problem with the raised beds is that it gets drier in the time of summer. In winter and springtime, it is fine, but you need to be careful with summer. To resolve this problem, you need to add straw and mulch on the top of the soil. It will keep the soil moisturized. 
  • It is essential to water your raised beds. You need to water daily, especially in the starting stage of plant growth. 

Benefits Of Raised Gardens 

  • You do not need to worry about weeds as they are elevated from the ground
  • They drain very easily, so no need to worry 
  • Very low care of raised garden beds 
  • It keeps the soil warm for a longer session. 
  • It has very less soil erosion and especially when the plantation is there
  • You can use any fertilizer as it will not affect the rest of the ground. 
  • Very helpful for people who do not have enough space to grow vegetables. 
  • The best decoration for boring gardens 
  • It increases the water retention capacity 
  • No human contact in terms of stepping in the garden 
  • Good for your back, as you do not need to kneel down. 

Final Words 

Gardening often fascinates everyone. And you should be whole innovative gardening, and this is the perfect way to use your innovation. In this article, you learned about how to make raised garden beds. Making a raised bed garden is the Best Diy Idea For Kids. And we also talked about the benefits and stepwise process. I have been using a raised garden for the last two years, and trust me. It is very important for people who have very little space for a garden. And my mom is also happy because I can grow vegetables for her before the season. 

If you loved reading this comprehensive article about building raised garden beds, please leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below. 


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