Different Types Of Indoor Palm Trees For An Fanciable Home

Different Types Of Indoor Palm Trees For An Fanciable Home

Do you want to have something fanciable for your home? Or do you want some tropical plants for your home to take up the curb appeal? Well, both your needs can be satisfied with the various types of indoor palm trees. 

The various types of palm trees have been known to have an elicit feeling of relaxation and peace along with being fancy house plants. Palm tree also lends a beautiful outlook and lends a tropical and bold look to the interiors of the home. What’s amazing is that you don’t need to do anything specific for this, and it is very easy to achieve. All you need to do is get some types of indoor palm trees and a little care for them. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the most picturesque types of indoor palm trees which you can have for your home. 

Types of Indoor Palm Trees

These are some of the most attractive different types of palm trees which you can get for your home:

Chinese Fan Palm 

Do you want to have a fancy and artistic-looking indoor plant for your home? If yes, then getting the Chinese fan palm is the plant that will satisfy your needs. 

The Chinese variety of palm tree is famous for its attractive leaves, which are in the shape of stars. These leaves of this plant are what set it apart from the other classical leaves, which are feathery fronds. However, this is one of the different types of palm trees, which is a slow grower. When mature, the height of this plant can reach up to a size of 15 feet or even greater than it. 

This is why when you go for the Chinese fan palm, select the dwarf variety of this plant which goes by the name of subglobosa. It is a dwarf cultivar variety of Chinese palm, which is specific for indoor home settings. 

Color Varieties: This plant comes in Foliage of Emerald Green. 


These are some of the care tips for the Chinese fan palm, which you should follow:

  • The Chinese fan palm does great when you provide them with bright sunlight. However, in the case of the younger plant, shady locations are more preferable. 
  • When it comes to watering, you should water it when you feel like the topsoil is dried out. 
  • For potting, choose a large size pot. This is an essential tip as the pot should be large enough to accommodate the long taproots of this Chinese fan palm. 
  • You will need to feed this variety with a slow-release type of fertilizer once a year for nutrients. Feed this houseplant during the spring season. 

These are some of the Chinese fan palm care tips which you must remember for better growth. 

Areca Palm 

Do you want to have a tropical plant for low-light conditions? If yes, then the areca palm is a perfect choice which you will love. 

This is one of the most beautiful types of indoor palm trees which you can get to elevate your interiors. The areca variety, which is also popular by the name of bamboo palm for its beautiful palm-like structure, is a great option for low lights. This plant also has soft fronds, which are also a reason for getting this beautiful plant for the home. When It comes to watering, this plant prefers moderate amounts of watering. 

For best results with the areca palm, choose a type of fertile soil for its plantation. Other than this, you will also need to provide it with fertilizer on a monthly basis. This will also help you to maintain a lush green look on the plant. 

Color Varieties: The areca palm has leaves of light green color and stems of yellowish green colors. This makes it a very attractive house plant option. 


  • The plant does well in both shade and light. For the best results, provide this palm tree with bright indirect sunlight. 
  • For water, the plant prefers a moderate amount of watering. 
  • The fertile type of soil is best suited for this plant. 

These are some of the areca palm tree care tips which you should follow for a lush green tropical indoor tree. 

Majestic Palm 

Like the name of this plant suggests, it is a majestic tropical plant that you can have for elevating your home’s curb appeal.

The plant is popular among folks due to its two major qualities. These are:

  • It is one of the types of indoor palm trees which is very tolerant to low light and shade conditions. 
  • The plant is also a slow grower, so an ideal option for indoor settings as it doesn’t require much pruning. 

However, like good qualities, the majestic palm tree also has two drawbacks. These are:

  • The first drawback of this plant is that it needs humidity and moisture on a regular basis for optimum growth. 
  • Second, it outgrows the indoor space with overtime, so you will need to shift it on a regular basis. 

So, if you can keep your majestic palm in an area where it gets a reasonable amount of moisture, it will grow gracefully. Some of the ebay placement spaces for these types of palm trees in the kitchen and bathroom. Thus when you provide it with proper conditions, be ready to cultivate the frond of dark green color gracefully. One thing you can be sure of this plant is that it will add a charm to those empty corners of your home. 

Color Varieties: The majestic palm tree has leaves in dark green color and bright green color. It depends on the care you provide it. 


  • These types of indoor palm trees require indirect bright sunlight for a full day. 
  • For water, you will need to keep the soil of this plant moist at all times. 

These are some of the care tips which you will need to follow to have a majestic and blooming majestic palm tree. 

Cascade Palm 

Do you like plants that have multiple fronds? Or do you want a plant that looks geometrically beautiful? Well, whatever it is that you want from the two, getting a cascade palm tree is what will satisfy you. 

This one of the types of indoor palm trees, which, unlike the regular palm varieties, don’t have a central trunk for it. The plant has full clumps of the fronds, which eventually reach up to a height of 6 feet. In the natural habitats, this plant thrives in the wetlands along the streams, and this is why when you get, remember to provide it with enough irrigation. Proper and regular irrigation of this plant is also very essential for its proper blooming and coloration. 

What’s even amazing about the cascade palm tree is that it is an understory pant which means it is happy in shades. One more good thing about this plant is that it gradually forms a dense clump of the fronds, which you can use for propagation by the division method. 

Color Varieties: The cascade palm tree has leaves in dark green color, which are attractive with its dense fronds clump. 


  • The cascade palm tree is a water-loving variety as it grows in the wetlands. Thus for the best results, it will require moist soil on aaa continuous basis. 
  • The plant prefers good indirect and bright sunlight. However, it also does well in shades, and to avoid any damage to the leaves, you must avoid keeping it in direct sunlight. 

These are some of the care tips that you must remember and follow for a dense clumpy, and attractive cascade palm. 

Parlor Palm 

The parlor palm variety of the palm tree is a suitable option for growing indoors but not like the above-mentioned types of indoor palm trees. 

This is a type that requires average amounts of light, and so you will need to keep it near windows where it can get enough light. When it comes to the temperatures, this plant also loves the average temperatures, which are neither too cold nor too hot. One good thing about this plant is that you can also go for some artificial light if you can’t provide it with natural light. 

What’s amazing about this plant is that it doesn’t require pruning on a regular basis. All it needs is tidying on an occasional basis for removing any dead branches. One thing to remember with the parlor palm is that if the soil dries out, it can attract the pests like spider mites. Thus you need to be careful that the conditions don’t get too dry. 

Color Variations: the leaves of this plant are light green in color, which look beautiful and add to the interior of the home. 


  • The plant likes average indirect light for better growth. To avoid any damage, you must avoid direct sun as it may burn the leaves. 
  • This plant likes moisture but at an average rate. So you will need to keep the soil moist but remember not to over-water it. 

These are some of the care tips for the parlor palm, which you should remember to have a lush green indoor plant. 

Ponytail Palm 

Do you live in an apartment? Or do you want a plant but don’t feel that you have enough space for it? Well, if the answer to any of the questions is yes, then getting the ponytail palm is what you will like the most. 

The ponytail palm is one of the smallest types of indoor palm trees which you can get for a fanciable interior. This plant has a sturdy trunk along with leaves that arch down gracefully. But one thing to know about this plant is that, in reality, it is not completely a palm tree but a type of succulent. This is why the plant has a swollen trunk. At first sight, you might feel that the swollen trunk is for ornamental purposes only, but it is not true. 

The reason this plant has a swollen trunk is that this trunk acts as a water reservoir for this plant. This water reservoir makes this plant extremely tolerant towards drought situations. One more thing which makes the ponytail palm different from the other types of indoor palm trees is that it loves the sun. So, for best results, you will need to keep the ponytail palm in sunny locations. 

One thing to know about the ponytail palm is that it is ok for it to be pot bound. In fact, this variety being pot bound helps in keeping its growth manageable as it is a good option for being a tabletop specimen. 

Color Varieties: The ponytail palm has leaves of light green color, making it an excellent option for small ornamental plants. 


  • The ponytail palm requires full sun for optimum growth. However, avoid direct light as it could lead to burning signs developing on the leaves. Thus the ebay option is to keep it in bright but indirect sunlight. 
  • The ponytail palm water requirements are not much as it is a drought-resilient variety of the plant. Thus you will need to water it once or twice a week. One thing to know is that avoid overwatering the plant as it may damage the roots of this plant. 

These are some of the care tips for the ponytail palm which you should remember for optimum growth. 

These are some types of indoor palm trees that you can have in your home to elevate your interior game. The good thing about the varieties which we have mentioned in the article is that you get the option to choose according to your home settings. We have put bright sunlight options, shade options, humid environment options, and all that you may need in the article. 

Final Words

Do you want to have some fanciable indoor plants to elevate your home interior’s curb appeal? If yes, then trying some types of indoor palm trees is what you will love. 

There are a number of options from which you can choose the best suitable option for your home. The good thing about the palm tree varieties is that they are not only attractive but also helpful in air purification. One more benefit of these plants is that they offer drought-resistant options also, so you don’t need to have an extensive care routine for them. 

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