Know 16 Different Types Of Petunia Plants

Know 16 Different Types Of Petunia Plants

Petunias plants belong to the Solanaceae family, plus there are more than 16 different types of petunias plants that are all native to South America.

This plant has so many colors; however, this plant is simple to grow and can go with any garden.

Different types of petunias plants look beautiful in the garden, and they will grow all summer long with the proper care. Petunia is not the hardiest plant; however, it comes in a myriad of color choices that will give any garden brightness at the time of the blooming season. So here are different types of petunias which are best for the garden.

Different Types Of Petunia

Petunia Bravo

This plant has a gorgeous flower that comes in lavender, blue, and shades of purple. It will look best at the side of the garden because it has a height of about 10 inches in height, and it has darker veins that go through the flower petals to give them the different look.

Cascadia Petunia

This plant grows about 16 inches in height and 2 feet wide, and it is a beautiful plant that has colorful, bright blooms that will draw pollinators. The flowers can be cherry red, pink, yellow, orange, magenta, lime green, or blue petunia.


The contrast is a little bit more robust than petunia plants. This plant can grow about ten inches tall. It has blooms which are bright blue, bright red, bright pink, and many more. The center of each flower has a black hole that veins out to the flower petals’ tips.

Grandiflora (Daddy)

The flowers of this little plant are about four inches in width. The Grandiflora comes in brilliant colors, which include purple, red, pink, and more. This flower has a unique vein that goes through the petals and is a somewhat darker shade than the blossoms.


This next variety of petunias will view the best in containers and hanging baskets. The bloom is almost small, so each flower will actually have a few to tend to. These flowers mainly come in pink and shades of purple petunia, which can go with most gardens.


This plant has a trumpet-shaped flower, which is best for drawing hummingbirds and other birds. This plant does not thrive more than a foot in height, so potunia makes the best edging for the garden space. This petunia comes in different colors like deep red, deep blue, red-orange, raspberry, lavender, cappuccino, light blue, and more.

Prism Petunia

This small petunia only grows about eight inches tall; however, this plant can spread more than 30 inches wide. The middle of this flower is usually lighter than the rest of the petunia flower, and these flowers come in different colors like yellow, pink, rose, purple, and white.

Shock Wave

Thie another great variety of petunia that goes well for a garden or containers, and this plant does not need big spaces. The shock wave can grow about 10 inches tall, and if you are planning to plant in the garden, then it can easily grow three feet in width or more. Flowers can be purple, pink, raspberry, white, and coral.

Petunia Supertunia Pink Star Charm

This plant can grow a height of 10 inches, petunia supertunia pink star charm that will look best around the corner of the garden. Peach, red, pink, yellow, lavender, and white is common colors of this petunia plant.

Pink Petunia Sweetunia Suzie Storm

The pink petunia sweetunia suzie storm is a lovely variation that has purple and pink flowers. This petunia loves the sun, and it can endure high heat. The aromatic flowers bring pollinators, and they can grow about seven to twelve inches in height.

Petunia Ultra Star

This amazing-looking petunia plant has flowers that are purple or red with a white line that comes right out of the middle of the flower. This petunia can easily grow about 15 inches in height. It also looks great in hanging baskets.

Petunia Kandy Kane

The Kandy Kane has a unique flower that will remind you of the candy cane during the holidays. This white and red plant can grow about 12 inches tall. This petunia plant does well in well-drained soil and full sun; also, it can tolerate a bit of shade.

Petunia Purple Vein Ray

This beautiful plant produces white and purple flowers. The strong purple color you can see in the middle and its veins out across the flower petals. This plant can grow about six to 10 inches high, and it has a width of about eight to 12 inches.

Easy Wave Yellow Petunia

This petunia can grow about a foot high and 40 inches in width. Also, not only do the flowers come in the brilliant yellow color that brings pollinators, but they can also be seen in salmon, coral, and pink as well.

Purple Night Skies

This petunia plant comes in multiple shades of purple, and also it looks splashed with white color, and it also looks like the night when the sky is filled with stars. This plant can grow about 16 inches high. The larger the temperature between night and day, the more stars you will see.

Black Velvet Petunia

This beautiful plant comes with deep violet color; however, if you look closely, the flower will seem to be black. They are almost small, and this plant can grow about eight to twelve inches from the ground with the spread that is almost the same width.


This plant grows only 5 feet in width and 6 inches high, this flower is the robust low-grower with velvety looking flower petals. They are easy, hard to grow, with many in colors that include pink, red, and ivory.


Great in containers and as the borders, these plants are unique because they have beautiful, eye-catching, frilly edges and they can grow up to 12 inches high. Frillytunia can go up to 2 feet wide and comes in different colors like pink, burgundy, red, rose, and white.

Final Words

There is a lot to appreciate about different types of petunias. This cheerful annual that flowers dependably from the early summer until the season of autumn. These petunias are garden favorites, and it is available in so many ranges of sizes, forms, and colors. Moreover, if you like to grow aloe plicatilis, then check out how to grow aloe plicatilis. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

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