Baby Shower Ideas to Host Amazing Party for the Mom-to-Be

Baby Shower Ideas to Host Amazing Party for the Mom-to-Be

Are you planning a baby shower but not sure where to start? Or maybe looking for tips on simple baby shower ideas? If yes, then you are in the right place. We are here with the best baby shower ideas to help you host the party for the mom-to-be. We have rounded up some best baby shower themes, decoration ideas, food ideas, and activities to make your celebration perfect.  

Becoming a mom is one of the best feelings for a mother, and that is why baby showers are not only exciting but also an emotional event for the mom-to-be. If the big day is rapidly approaching and everyone is super excited about the new arrival, nothing could be better than hosting a baby shower.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Whether you are a family member, best friend, or mom-to-be, there is a lot to consider when planning a baby shower. But Relax! You do not have to worry anymore. No matter whether you are throwing a English tea party or a house party, make sure that it is the best.

These adorably cute and positive ideas will not only shower the future mummy in the abundance of blessings and gifts but will also keep your guests entertained with fresh ideas and fun.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The decoration is the soul of a baby shower; therefore, it is essential to decorate the venue in an amazing way. The decoration is the best way to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Here some cute baby shower ideas for decoration.

Watercolor Balloons

Balloons are a perfect choice for decoration as they add lightness and brightness to the celebration. Watercolor balloons are a perfect choice for colorful baby shower decorations. You can decorate the baby shower with fun and cheerful party decor. All you need to do is take regular white-colored balloons and decorate them using colorful acrylic paints in soft pastels. Now cluster together with some balloons around the gift tables or snack tables.

Giant Baby Block Decorations

Using baby blocks for decoration is an amazing baby shower idea to add a colorful touch to the party. All you need to do is decorate cardboard boxes in order to resemble the giant blocks. Color them with pastel colors, and do not hesitate to mix and match the colors. These blocks also add a perfect background for photos, and they make amazing photo props. 

When the mom-to-be opens the gifts, place the blocks behind her. It will feature in the photos and make them look more beautiful. 

Personalized Baby Shower Banner

A customized printable banner will provide a charming welcome to your guests. Make a baby-shower themed banner and use pastel colors to make it interesting. In between the alphabets, you can also add some cute baby and cartoon photos to make it more attractive. 

In order to make this banner, all you need is a printer, strings, paper, and scissors. 

Make banners according to the baby shower theme. Like, if you are opting for a jungle theme, then use animal photos in the banner. If you are choosing storybook themes, then use images of cartoon characters as the base of the banner. 

Butterfly Balloons

If you want to add a cute touch to the baby shower decor, then it is a good idea to use butterfly balloons. Make some small colorful butterflies using paper and scissors. Then add these butterflies to the balloons to make them look creative and different. You can also stick artificial flowers to the balloons to make them attractive and unique. Trust me; your guests are gonna love this baby shower decoration idea. 

Tip – Use balloons of different and bright colors to add a cute touch to your party. 

Baby Tablecloth

Make a tablecloth for decorating the snack tables. For this, take a plain pink or blue colored tablecloth. Write “Oh Baby,” “Welcome Baby,” or “Oh Happy Day” on the tablecloth using dark colors. It is a labor-intensive task but is worth the hard work. 

The tablecloth will make the snack table look adorable and will add a happy vibe to the party.

Diaper Cake Centerpiece

If you include a diaper cake centerpiece, then mom-to-be will surely appreciate it. The cake will double the joy of the celebration. The best part about this is that it will take less time as compared to the regular cake. All you would need to make it is diapers, tape, and ribbon. Use colorful ribbons to decorate it. 

Baby Shower Themes

Choosing a baby shower theme is the best way to make your baby shower celebration more entertaining and fun. Moreover, choosing a theme also makes it easy to finalize the decorations and menu.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is an easy baby shower theme to add a lovable touch to the celebration. Give your party an amazing theme with this simple baby shower idea. Centralize the decoration around the character of Peter Rabbit, which is one of the famous characters from children’s books. 

Add a Peter Rabbit stamp on the cakes, cupcakes, and other food items. Make the centerpiece cake with a Peter Rabbit tag on it. 

Whimsical designs and soft colors are perfect for a Vintage Baby Shower. Make rabbit pots and use them to serve food items. Make the table setting with Peter and Rabbit toys and stamps. 

Madeline Theme

If you want to host a book-themed baby shower, then Madeline theme is also an amazing choice. Madeline is a popular children’s book character. Make Madeline cupcake picks, Madeline custom wood letters, and Madeline cupcake wrappers. You can also ask guests to wear Madeline hats to make the theme more interesting.

Mommy to Bee Theme

Mommy to Bee theme is a simple baby shower idea that will make you host an amazing baby shower. Incorporate this punny play on words and incorporate them into all aspects of the baby shower. Moreover, add honey as a base to all the sweets. 

Use black and yellow color as decoration base and add bee stickers to the decors. Make banners saying “Mother To Bee” and “Daddy to Bee” to add a personalized touch. It is a great baby shower theme if you do not know the gender of your baby. 

Cowboy Theme

The cowboy theme is a fantastic choice for baby shower decoration. If the mother-to-be and father-to-be are outdoor types, then this cute cowboy themed decoration is perfect for a baby boy’s shower. Use simple gats, boots, hay, and a country soundtrack to make the party more lively and interesting. You can also host an outdoor party to add a natural vibe to the party. 

Harry Potter Theme

If the mother-to-be is a Harry Potter fan, then this baby shower theme is for you. Pull out the decor inspiration from J.K. Rowling’s magical world to give a mystical touch to the celebration. You can use props like magician hats, magic sticks, Gryffindor mufflers, and broomsticks to make the decoration more lively and insta worthy. 

You can make the venue look like Hogwarts and serve non-alcoholic beer and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor candies to stick to the theme. 

Creative Baby Shower Snack Ideas

A party is incomplete without snacks. So we have rounded up some baby shower food ideas to complete your celebration. 

Plan the Menu Wisely

All the baby showers offer some food. Make sure to come up with a menu that is based on a wide range of factors, including the length of the baby shower, budget, location, and time. You also need to consider how the mom-to-be feels. Like it is inappropriate to serve alcohol at the baby shower as the mother-to-be can not drink it. Serve foods that she loves. 

You can opt to serve colorful drinks, fun finger sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches, and fruit drinks. Make sure to serve light dishes so that guests have placed for dessert. 

Cup Cakes with Gender Reveal Options

Serve cupcakes according to the gender of the baby. You can serve pink cupcakes if the baby is going to be a girl and a blue one for boys. You can decorate them with colorful toppings. Moreover, you can make blue or pink balloon cupcake toppers using paper clips and cardstocks in order to decorate the cupcakes. Use pink or blue frosting in the cake, so when people bite them, the gender of the baby would be revealed to the guests.  

Charcuterie Platter

Adding a charcuterie platter to the menu is an amazing baby shower idea. This platter includes cheeses, crackers, fruits, and meats. Add other things like dried fruits, nuts, dips, olive, preservers, and a creamy pate to the platter. Make sure to add hard and soft cheeses. Moreover, add different types of meats to offer a texturally and visually different feel to the guests. 

Italian Pasta Salad

This colorful dish is a great choice for a baby shower food menu because it is filling and has everything like vegetables, pasta, and meat. It tastes amazing. To make things more creative and entertaining, serve the pasta salad in mini cups with party forks. 

Veggie and Dip Cups

It is a good idea to serve veggies and dips. All you need to do is get some julienne vegetables and cut them with julienne slices. Now fill mini cups with dips of the choice of mom-to-be, and you are done. These colorful dip cups will add a colorful touch to the menu. 

Baby Shower Games and Activities

It is important to add some activities and games to the baby shower to keep it entertaining for everyone. Here are some fun activities to include in your baby shower ideas. 

Onesie Painting Station

Onesie painting station is one of the best baby shower ideas. All you need to do is set up an onesie decorating station at the party. Put some stencils for the guests and let them work to make personalized and adorable onesies for the baby. You can also put some cute small t-shirts at the station and allow the guests to decorate them. Trust me; this station will add a personalized touch to the celebration. 

Blindfold Diaper Changing

This baby shower idea is the right choice to make the party entertaining. The ability to change a diaper with eyes closed definitely helps when you have to change the diaper of your kid in the middle-of-the-night. All you need to do is handle a doll, diaper, and blindfold to the guests. Now, race to see who changes the diaper first. Ask mom-to-be to participate in the game to add more fun to it.

Gender Reveal

If you have kept the baby gender a secret until now, then this is the time to reveal it. All you need to do is make some diaper cards and put a paper with the baby gender in it. Ask everyone to open the cards at the same time so that they discover the baby’s gender collectively. Mom-to-be will be excited to see the wave of happiness on everyone’s face. 

Baby Shower Guest Book

If you want the mom-to-be to remember the name of guests attending the baby shower, then this one is a great baby shower idea. Make a cute guest book and ask all the guests to write their name and a cute message for the mom-to-be in the guest book. All you would need for this is a cute guest book and colorful sketch pens. Give this guest book as a gift to the mom-to-be, and trust me; she will love it. 

Name the Baby Products

This one is a funny activity, and your guests will love it. Give a pen and paper to each guest. Then ask them to write names of as many baby products as they can in one minute. The guest who writes the name of the maximum and most questionable products is the winner. 

Final Words

Hosting a baby shower might seem like a daunting task, but you can throw an amazing party for the mom-to-be with the right baby shower ideas. Serve the best snacks, include some entertaining ideas, and give cute baby shower return gifts to the guests to make the party memorable for everyone. Now, what are you waiting for? Throw a baby shower and create some lifetime memories for the future mother and father, 


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