Fascinating Bamboo Fencing Ideas To Try In Garden, Balcony, or Patio

Fascinating Bamboo Fencing Ideas To Try In Garden, Balcony, or Patio

Are you an environmentalist? Or do you simply want to do your part in helping nature? Or do you just want something eye-catching, elegant, and affordable for your home fence? Well, whatever it is that you need trying some bamboo fencing ideas can be the solution. 

A simple bamboo privacy fence or screen can completely transform the curb appeal of your patio, balcony, or garden. The addition of a bamboo fence covering can make your space an exotic and cozy paradise that everyone is going to love. The good thing is that bamboo fencing is available in options like bamboo fence panels or rolled bamboo fencing. You can also go for some simplistic design by using just the bamboo. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the most elegant yet appealing bamboo fencing ideas which you can try. 

Bamboo Fencing Ideas

After going through numerous bamboo fence ideas, we have selected some of the best for you. These are:

Using Bamboo As Gap Filler

Do you want your garden or backyard fence to look eye-catching and natural? If yes, then trying such bamboo fence ideas can be your best. 

In this idea, you can fill the recesses in the garden fence wall using some bamboo sticks. All you need to do is get some bamboo fence panels and use them in the gaps. The good thing is that the colors and attractive outlook of bamboo make it a great option for using it with various materials. In this idea for an added security, you can also add some horizontal bamboo stickers with the screens. 

The addition of the bamboo sticks horizontally will add to the security and increase the durability of your design. What’s even great about this idea is that it doesn’t require much effort, and you can simply try this as a DIY bamboo fence design. All you will be needing is some bamboo fence panels, bamboo sticks, a drill machine, and some bolts to fix it. One thing to remember is to add a transparent sealer with this fence, as it will help increase its durability by preventing weathering. 

Black Rolled Bamboo Fencing

Do you want to create something unique for your backyard? Well, try this black-rolled bamboo fencing idea. 

In this idea, you can create a really unique backyard garden or private spot for yourself. To execute this idea, you will need some small-sized pebbles, large bamboo sticks in a round shape, some bricks, and cement. For holding them together, you will also be needing some steel wires, or you can use bamboo itself for holding them together. 

Once you have all the material, start by selecting the area you want to transform and spread the pebbles in the shape you want. After it, settle down the pebbles and starts with your bamboo fencing. The first thing you need to do is create an entry gate for your garden. This entry gate will also act as a support for your fence, so create it near the concrete or house walls. 

Now place two bamboos and one above them like an entry door frame and screw them together. Now using some rolled bamboo fencing panels, start creating your bamboo privacy fence. For stability, dig in the bamboos a little on the surface and screw them with the walls, if any. If the walls are not there, you can also make some little ones using cement and bricks. For holding the panels together, use the bamboo sticks as support. 

For durability, secure the bamboo poles using zinc them. The top side of your bamboo should also be covered to avoid any debris or water going in them, and for this, you can use any material you desire. 

Balcony Bamboo Fencing

Do you live in an apartment? Or do you want your home’s balcony to provide you some privacy? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you can do this by simply adding some bamboo privacy fence into your balcony. 

The good thing about the addition of such screens is that they provide instant privacy and are environment friendly. An even good thing is that if you want to feel close to nature, then you can also add some wooden flower pots with the bamboo fencing in this idea. 

To implement this idea, all you will need is some bamboo privacy fence and wire ties. Once you have them, simply place the privacy screen near the balcony railing and tie them together using the wire ties. If you want to add the wooden plant pots, you can either screw them or simply hang them using the market pot hangers with railing. The best-suited bamboo privacy fence for balconies is 2.5 m in width and 1 m in height. 

Tropical Paradise

Is your patio covered with concrete walls? Do you want to transform your boring patio into a tropical paradise? Well, you can do it with some simple steps. 

One of the best things you can do for it is to cover the concrete walls with bamboo panels. This will help you to instantly increase the curb appeal of your patio. For it, you will need to get bamboo fence panels according to the size of your walls. Once you have them, simply screw them to the wall. For an additional touch of tropical paradise, add some pine tree plants for indoor plants in large pots. 

One more thing you can do is to add a bamboo fountain to your space, and it will surely take the curb appeal to the next level. For shade, use some bamboo roofing on the patio. For it, you can add screw some bamboo sticks to the walls top and home, and they will work as a shade and attractive ornament. With this shade-making, one thing to remember is that don’t completely cover the top as your plants will need sunlight. 

The addition of bamboo fencing to the walls and roofing will also help in keeping the temperatures in control. However, if you don’t want it, then you can simply go for some adjustable market shades made from cloth. 

Transforming The Chain Link Fence

Do you have a chain-link fence at home? If yes, do you want to add some privacy or simply transform it using some natural elements? Well, you can do it using the bamboo privacy fence. 

In this idea, all you need to do is screw the bamboo fence panels with your chain fence. This will not only add to the privacy in your space but will also change the outlook of it and make it eye-catching and soothing to the eyes. For some additional attractiveness, you can also try some other things with this idea. 

One of the best things you can do is add some pebbles near the fence and plant some grass between them. The combination of the grass and pebbles will instantly increase the curb appeal. After it, place some indoor plants like anthurium andraeanum near the fence but remember to use some black or dark color pots for them. The use of dark color pots will contrast to the bamboo and pebbles and give an attractive outlook. 

To add something more, place a buddha statue in the corner, and the look of your garden will not let you down. What’s amazing about this idea is that it is a DIY bamboo fence design that you can try yourself without the need of a professional. 

The Vacation Dream

Do you dream of visiting some tropical paradise? Or do you love some natural picturesque places? If yes, why not bring them to your home? Well, don’t be surprised, as you can do it easily using some simple yet bewitching bamboo fence ideas. 

In this idea, the first thing which you will need to do is install a high bamboo fencing. Once you are domme with installing the bamboo fencing, the next thing you will be needing is to get a large-sized picture of your dream destination. Now get four large-sized bamboo poles. Once you have them, the next thing you need to do is make a frame using these poles, but remember to keep the poles on diagonal sides a little long so that you can fix them on the surface. 

For the making of the frame, you can either use screws or for an attractive outlook; we suggest you use the manila rope to finish the frame. Now screw the picture into the frame and then install the scenery along with the bamboo fencing. Once you do it, your patio or garden will make you feel like you are in your dream destination. The good thing about this design is that you can experiment with the outlook by using some grass on the surface or a selection of pictures. 

The Natural Home Beach

Do you want to feel like you are resting on the beach with the comfort of your home? Or do you want to change the surroundings of your pool? Well, whatever it is that you want, trying some bamboo privacy fence can be the solution. 

In this idea, the first thing which you need to do is add some bamboo poles on the outer side of your garden or patio where your pool is situated. In case you already have a fence or wall in place, your work becomes a lot easier. The next thing which you will need to do is add some bamboo privacy fence or panels to your fence. If you are going for bamboo poles, then simply screw the panels with poles. 

This addition of bamboo fencing will not only change the look of your space but will also add to the privacy of your space. In addition to this, you can also add some pebbles and sand near the fencing. This will make it feel more like a tropical beach. One more thing which you can try is to place some outdoor trees near the fence. All this instantly takes up the curb appeal of your space and makes it appealing like a beach. 

Black Beauty

Do you want something to complement your light-colored home walls? Or do you want to add something unique to your garden? Well, the answer to any of these questions is yes, then trying some black bamboo fencing panels is the perfect idea for you. 

The good thing about this idea is that it will make an impressive and robust privacy screen for your garden. In this idea, one thing to remember is to use the dark color bamboo panels. Once you get the dark color bamboo panels, simply install them as privacy screens on your fence as well as near the house walls. 

The use of dark or black color bamboo fence panels will give a playful effect to the home as well as the garden. One thing to know is that using some large-sized black bamboo sticks will help in privacy and create the effect. In addition to this place, some white flowers or light color flowering plants near this bamboo fencing. 

Other Bamboo Fencing Ideas To Try

other bamboo fencing ideas

Once you install a bamboo fence panel or simply the fence for an additional outlook, you can also try some other things. Some of the best ideas to try are:

Choosing The Right Pots

One thing you need to do with the bamboo fencing is chosen the right color pots. It is essential as the selection of the right color pots will help in making the fence more attractive. They will also help in giving the space a playful effect. Along with the pots, the selection of the plants with them is also essential. Some of the best plants which you can choose include Dracaena marginata, sansevieria moonshine, and more. 

Using Some Vines

If you want your bamboo fence to look bewitchingly gorgeous, then the addition of some vines with it is the best option. For an even fascinating effect, go for some vines which have colorful flowers, and the resulting effect will leave you awestruck. You can also use some hanging plant options with bright flowers like the Mandevilla. 

Wall Flowering Pots

Other than the use of the vines, one more thing which you can do is to add some hanging flower pots with the fence. One thing to remember is to use plastic or metal pots as you will need to screw the pots to the fence. You must also choose the plants according to the color of your surroundings. For bright color surroundings, a selection of the plants like peperomia Rosso or other bright color plants can be the best bet. 

Supporting Pillars

The bamboo fences are a good option, but one thing to remember when installing them is the support. Installation of support plays a vital role as it makes the fence durable and more attractive. One thing you can do is choose some natural-looking pillar supports, or you can also go for some large bamboo sticks as support. 

Installation Of Scenery

Another attractive thing you can add to your space with the fence is scenery. The addition of a large scenery will add to the appeal of the fence. Along with it, the addition of scenery can also give an impression like you are in someplace else than your home. So choose your scenery wisely. 


The banners are an evergreen beauty addition that you can try in any space. This also goes for the bamboo fencing. In it, all you need to do is get some attractive banners according to your liking and install them with the fence. 


Pebbles are a thing that can completely transform the look of a garden. The good thing about the pebbles is that they come in all colors and designs. You can add them near your fence to give a unique look or add them to the plant pots. The use of pebbles is endless when it comes to making your space attractive. 


Do you like the effect a simple buddha statue makes when you visit a high-end Asian retro? If yes, then you know what a simple statue can do to the appeal of a space. So the addition of an attractive statue like a meditating buddha into the corner of your garden or patio or near the entry gates can be a great option. 


Do you want something for shade or to increase the appeal of your garden? If yes, then the addition of some landscaping trees with the fence can be a great option. The good thing about using landscaping trees is that they come in all varieties and sizes. If you want something for your large garden, you can get one, or if you want something for your balcony, you also get numerous options. 


The lights play an important role in the ambiance of your patio, garden, or balcony. Thus choosing the right lights with your bamboo fencing is essential. One of the best options you can go for when choosing the lights is warm lights. The reason for choosing the warm lights is that they will give you’re surrounding a more cozy and ambient feel. 

Safety and Protection

One issue which you will face when installing a bamboo fence is the durability and safety it provides. Some things you can do for it are:

  • Use bamboo protection products or treat them before installing. 
  • One more thing you can do is use some poly on the areas which are going to be dug in the surface to protect from decomposing. 
  • Always cover the top of the bamboo to avoid debris and dirt going inside the bamboo and harming it from inside. 
  • Always use proper good-sized screws and strong supporting pillars to avoid falling off the panels. If you use bamboo poles, then remember to dig them in properly or screw them to the surface effectively. 

These are some of the tips which you should know when installing bamboo fencing. 

Final Words

Bamboo fencing is one of the trending and environment-friendly ideas which you can try for the privacy and fencing of your space. 

The good thing about bamboo fencing is that they allow you to create a cozy and ambient surrounding with minimum effort. The idea of using the bamboo fence covering or panels is also budget-friendly and easy to install. So you can try it as DIY bamboo fencing. 

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