Vertical Garden Planters For Chic Green Indoors

Vertical Garden Planters For Chic Green Indoors

If every possible inch of your garden and floor is already covered in plants, it’s time to incorporate some vertical garden ideas. Pretty vertical garden planters, vases, wall-mounted pots will help to bring the greenery indoors in the form of vertical garden and wall arts.

Whether you are looking for something rustic, vintage, or modern, we have the right vertical garden planters to match every personality and house decor. Breathe new life into your house and welcome summery vibes with a vertical planter.

Best Vertical Garden Planters:

Want to grow a tomato? We have a planter for you. Crave some fresh herbs for cooking? Yes, we have a planter for it too. Check out these massive ranges of best vertical garden planters and pick one that suits your requirements and garden goals. 

Mr.Stacky  Strawberry Planter

Nothing reminds me of summer, like a bowl full of fresh strawberries from the house garden. Homegrown strawberries taste sweeter, and these require special vertical garden planters for maximum space. Try out this five-tier vertical planter to harvest strawberries in your backyard. These planters are perfect for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens alike. It comes with a flow-through design to promote proper drainage and minimize water accumulation. Hang the vertical strawberry garden planters in your patio or use it freestanding for your succulents, herbs, or posies. 

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Active Gear Vertical Wall Planter

Planning to grow different types of plants but lack much space? This vertical hanging garden wall planter will keep you sorted. It’s time to bring in those posies and decorate your patio wall with active gear planters. This is super lightweight and features 36 pockets To retain enough moisture for herbs, flowers, and vegetables. You can attach this vertical wall planter almost anywhere, like near your window, patio wall, or railing, to easily access herbs during the growing season. 

Polka Dot Planter

If you enjoy having colors and fun prints in your house, you will appreciate this indoor vertical garden planter. This gives a summery vibe with its lime green color and embellished black polka dots. It features seven room pockets for all your berries and blooms. Do you know what the best part is? This cute planter comes with waterproof backing ensuring your indoor herb garden without any risk of wetting the floors and wall.

4FT Vertical Garden Freestanding Planter

It’s time to take your indoor vertical garden ideas to the next level with this freestanding four-foot vertical planter. Each of these vertical garden planters comes with a powder-coated steel frame and durable planter boxes (5) that are perfect for growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs on your patio and deck.

Kerria Farmhouse 5 Tier Vertical Planter

Are you in some mood to splurge for some vertical hanging garden ideas? Then this statement planter will be the right start. It has a modern farmhouse design that fits the bill with a streamlined ladder base and five galvanized planter boxes. This super chic vertical planter is made with iron for extra durability and is designed in a way to flourish indoors and outdoors.

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Birch Lane Pot Planter

Do you want something charming? Then these Birch vertical garden wall planters are what you need. These sweet bowl-like vertical garden planters are a must for every farmhouse kitchen. Each planter has richly stained wood backing and comes along with four half-moon designed metal pots. The white color of these planters pop out brilliantly against the wood base and features black ink borders with subtle distressing.

4 Box Wall-mounted Planters

Another best vertical garden wall planters are from These planters have both high performance with added style to suit indoor vertical garden ideas. These are made of striking steel featuring streamlined silhouettes with four minimal planter boxes giving a modern farmhouse touch. Do you know the best part? You can remove these planters from the base and rearrange them again as you wish.

Yucca Vertical Garden Planter

Now it’s possible to start vertical garden ideas with less budget than your weekly coffee runs, using this amazing wall planter. It has a budget-friendly design that features nine flap pockets, all made of water-retaining material. You can secure the planter on your deck railing or garden shed wall and fill it with whatever plants you like, vegetables, succulents, herbs, or blooms.

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Wood Vertical Planter

 Let the people know what you are growing in this vertical wood planter stand using the chalkboard label. The design of the indoor vertical garden planter is inspired by a farmhouse. It is made of wood featuring a folding easel base for rending easy storage in all seasons. Each planter base comes with nine boxes and has a weather-resistant coating for long-lasting outdoor usage. 

Black Hal Steel planter

If you are looking for durable vertical garden planters, then this should be your first pick. This planter is perfect for growing fresh vegetables and annual blooms for years to come. It is made of inky steel featuring a powder-coated finish, making it rust-proof to endure different weather conditions. This planter featured five plastic boxes, which are nestled in the steel frame at heights for easy drainage and eye-catching display. 

Pottery Barn Wall Grid

This vertical wall planter features a modern grid that brings a lush display in indoor as well as outdoor garden spaces. This wall-mounted planter features a strong grip backdrop and comes with nine pots that can be arranged in different patterns to cater to tall and short plants. The great thing about this planter is that you can hang it vertically as well as horizontally to fit your space.

Tiffany Blue Garden Planter

Why not add a splash of color in your garden, patio, or deck with this stunning hanging garden planter. This aqua colors planter adds the perfect touch of summer with its five stackable pots that can hold upto 40 plants at one time. This eye-catching planter is made of plastic for increased durability and is designed to grow tomatoes and strawberries. 

Final Words:

Don’t let the city life stop you from enjoying lush gardening dreams in the growing season. Vertical planters make berries, blooms, vegetables, and herbs more attainable for gardeners with less space in apartment kitchens. These are real space savers and come in varied sizes, designs, and materials to suit various budgets. 

Do you have a vertical garden in your house? Let us know in the comments below.


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