Best Adult Card Games to Make Your Next Party More Fun and Entertaining

Best Adult Card Games to Make Your Next Party More Fun and Entertaining

Gone are the days when people used to play UNO at parties. If you are looking for something more entertaining and fun for your party, then the best adult card games are a perfect choice for you.

The key to becoming a good host or hostess is always staying prepared for the party, and it is more than the food and beverages. Many people underestimate party games but trust me; they are the best ways to create a party vibe. They are best to include in house party ideas for ultimate social gatherings. 

Best Adult Card Games

If you want to throw an unforgettable party, then make sure to include some party card games to it. Best adult card games will make your party ten times more fun. These games will get your friends livened up at the party.

They are guaranteed to be a hit with the family, friends, and in fact, random people who are new to your friends group or neighborhood. In order to help you, we have rounded up a list of the best adult card games. 


Codenames are one of the best adult card games and are a great choice for a group of around 4 to 6 players. The game begins with diving two teams and naming two spymasters. Each team has one spymaster who knows the secret identities of all the 25 agents. 

In this game, the spymasters have to try and help their teammates to guess the cards that are related to the codenames of the spies. Moreover, the spymasters are allowed to use only one-word clues. The team who guesses the right name gets the point. 

Spymasters have to be specific while providing the clues as they are not allowed to provide broad clues. The team who guesses wrong may have to give their one point to the opponent. In case they guess the assassin card, the round ends immediately.

Mattel Games Apples to Apples

Apples to apples is a fun adult card game for a large group of people. The best thing about this party card game is that it is easy to understand. The aim of this game is to choose a card from your hand that is perfect to represent the card used by the Judge. 

In order to play this game, each player is provided with seven red apple cards. They are kept face down to start the game. In every round, the Judge chooses a green apple card and reads out loud the descriptive adjectives present on it. In order to win the game, the players have to best represent the card that is played by the Judge. 


The list of best adult card games is incomplete without Quickwits. If you have a competitive crew, this word card game for adults is a perfect choice. It is suitable for a large group, but a small group up to three players can also play it. All the players should be either 17 or above as the topics of the game can become really raunchy. 

The aim of this game is to name different items of specific categories. Each card consists of six symbols. When two plates have the same symbols on the cards, they race to give examples of the opponent’s category without repeating even a single phrase. The game becomes lively and gets people yelling and laughing loudly. 

The Voting Game

It is one of the best adult card games as it allows you to put your friend on the spot. This game requires you to vote for the “most likely” person from your team.

In this game, a player has to draw a question card, for instance, “Who would you ask for help if you are leaving the country?” All the players have to vote anonymously. After this, the results are tallied, and the points are gained on the basis of guessing who voted for you. This is the best game for people age 17 or above. Moreover, you should play it with people who can keep a sense of humor about themselves.  

Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity is another amazing game in the lust of fun adult card games. This game is one of the favorites and due to a good reason. This game is a highly entertaining and amazingly inappropriate choice. Make sure to play it with open-minded people as the topics may be sensitive or triggering.

If your group loves inappropriate humor, then this game is a perfect choice for you. In order to play the game, the Judge chooses a Black Card, which has a phrase. All the players need to see the phrase. After this, they have to choose a card from White cards which have hysterically inappropriate words to fill in the blanks present in the Black Card. From there, the Judge has to choose the favorite outrageous combination. 

Exploding Kittens

It is an amazing party card game. The intent of this game is not to draw the card with Exploding Kitten, as it will eliminate you from the game. You can save yourself if you have a diffusing card or any other card that allows you to skip your turn or pass the card. 

Diffuse cards include kitten yoga, laser points, or anything that can district the kittens. After using the defuse card, the player has to move it to the discarded pile. Moreover, the player can also bring back the Exploding Kitten card to the deck for its next victim. It is a strategic game, and you also need the luck to win this one. 

Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard is an amazing new card game, and it is not at all suitable for a kid’s party. It is an offensive game in which you compete with the intent to finish awful comics. This game involves creative storytelling and making you feel bad about yourself. Do not play this game with weak-hearted people as they may have their hearts broken playing this game. 

If You Had To…

This party card game includes 250 cards with hilarious and horrible situations. It includes situations like “all the kids around you are trying to kill you” or “or you can talk to different types of animals, but they hate you.” In this game, there is one Judge who decides the scenario that is actually the worst. The person with the worst scenario wins the round.  

Unstable Unicorns

This party game is best for people age 14 or above, and around eight players can play this game. In this game, the players need to make an army of even unicorns. If you are able to do so, you are the winner. But remember, you have to betray your friends and family in order to build the army. 

Bad People

This is one of the best adult card games, and it reveals what your close ones really think about you. In this game, players take the rune to read a question card aloud. After this, everyone has to vote for a suitable person. This game includes questions like “Who gets paid too much?” This game is perfect for close friends only. Do not play it with people who have a poor sense of humor. 

Final Words

Party games are the soul of a party, and they are a must to make the gathering fun as well as entertaining. Playing the best adult card games is a good idea if you are ready to have fun in any situation. Now, what are you waiting for? Make your party more interesting with card games. 


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