Best Area Rugs For Your House This Year

Best Area Rugs For Your House This Year

Whether you love indulging in interior decor or not, any space is incomplete without the best area rugs. 

From a practical view, they provide a cushion to your feet, cover up sound, reduce echoes and also help in covering ugly floor areas. A rug can make or break a room entirely from a design perspective. The right rug can add decorating touch to your space. 

Just follow one thumb rule: keep your rug at least 6 inches and a maximum of 2 feet away from the room wall. You have thousands of options for the best rugs to choose from. However, finding the right patterns, shape, texture, and size of the rugs is not an easy process. 

This is why we have come up with a list of the best area rugs for your house.

Best Area Rugs For House

Here are some of our favorite picks for area rugs that will make a perfect addition to your house decor. 

World Menagerie Wilkins Oriental Handmade Area Rug

For the most used and congested room in your house, like the living room, a rug should have a durable material like wool with a darker color and patterns on it. Wool rugs from Wilkins are the best area rugs because they are long-lasting and look high-end. Also, they are super easy to clean.

When choosing the color, you should pick something like this one in dark blue-grey color with patterns that help conceal minor signs of dirt. Rugs that are dark show crumbs and food particles easily, and they also facade faster. 

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Dash and Albert Rugs Herringbone Rug

If you are in search of the best rugs for your living room, then you can never go wrong with this beautiful indigo mat. This rug is made of soft cotton, making it soft underfoot, sustainable, and affordable. Cotton flat-weave is not the best option in the market, but this material is still sturdy and soft. 

It has small chevron patterns, which adds interest without causing any distraction from the decor. This pattern also helps to cover minor stains and debris between cleanings. 

However, this area rug is made to be used only indoors. It will look appealing in any room, be it home, office, kitchen, or bedroom. Make sure to get a rig pad so that it does not slip around. 

Langley Street Aldergrove Rug

This low pile height rug is flat-woven, making it durable and long-lasting, making it the best choice of area rugs for highly peddled space like a hallway. Its thin pile height makes it easier to clean; you just need to do regular vacuuming to get rid of any dirt and debris. 

So what is the downside of this rug? The low pile height is very thin and does not add any cushion underfoot. You can put a plush rug pad underneath to muffle noise and absorb impacts when traveling between floors. Like we know that coziness is not a priority in a space like a hallway.

The Spruce Summer Quinn Rug 

If you live in a busy household or have guests frequently, you need to buy a durable rug to withstand wear and tear. This is when the Summer Quinn rug comes into the picture. This is a sophisticated-looking rug with a soft plush pile that is fading and staining resistant. 

This rig comes in two different sizes, and the design will suit any room in your house, be it a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Cleaning this rug is also super easy; you simply need to shake out aunty dirt or debris and vacuum to clean; you can also spot clean at times when needed. 

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Another great option of best area rugs for your apartment or home is from nuLOOM Moroccan rug. This traditional area rug features a modern Moroccan trellis design and is available in six different colors ranging from muted grey to multicolored for playrooms. Most of the colors in this range are on the lighter side, and its low pile height makes it easier to clean. 

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USA Tuscan Dotted Diamond Trellis Nursery Rug

If you want the best area rugs for your child’s nursery, then you should check out USA Tuscan. This rug feels super comfortable for a baby to lounge and crawls on. This nursery rug is also easier to clean, and we all know what mess a baby can make. 

The Tuscan Dotted Diamond rug is made with natural wood fiber which is comfortable and soft, and also hypoallergenic, perfect if your baby has sensitive skin. Wool makes it easy to clean and durable, thanks to the low pile stitch. If you get stubborn stains or spills, you can spot-treat using a steam cleaner. The rug is available in two sizes and five different color options ranging from pale blue to pink. 

Dash and Albert Rugs Diamond Geometric Rug

One of the best kitchen area rugs available out there is from Dash and Albert rugs. For the kitchen, a rug should always be stain-resistant. This synthetic rug from Dash and Albert is perfect for both indoors as well as outdoors because it is highly durable and easy to clean.

The geometric and handwoven rug is stain, fade, mildew, and weather-resistant. Also, the patterns on this one help to cover any stubborn spots which linger even after cleaning. You can use this rug in the dining room, kitchen, patio, entryway porch, etc. 

Customers love this rug’s soft texture and durability, and the affordable price is always a plus. 

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Stone & Beam New England Farmhouse Rug

If you are looking for the best rugs to keep in your living room, then do not forget to check out Stone & Beam tassel rugs. Tassels are not for everyone, but you will definitely fall in love with this one if you are into boho home decor.

This subtle and soft rug is hand-tufted in India and is made of 80 percent cotton with 20 percent wool. The soft blue and cream hues make it look super attractive. It is easy to clean thanks to the medium-pile height. This rug works effectively in all the areas of the house. 

It will work great in any highly peddled area of the house, like the front entry or living room. You can choose from two size options. 


We all like to get something value for money, and rugs are no different. Having a tight budget does not mean you have to get stuck with a cheap rug that smells of chemicals and keeps shedding. Nowadays you can find some great pics which are attractive and sturdy at even low prices. VEDBAEK is one of the best area rugs from IKEA in a budget-friendly range. 

It is a low pile rug made of 100 percent polypropylene, so it works great as lying room or dining room rugs effectively. The patterns are colorful and intricate, which makes it more expensive than it is. The low pile is soft and easier to clean using a vacuum. You can check for any major stains and get them cleaned by a professional. 

Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Area Rug

One of the best area rugs for bedrooms is available at Unique Loom. For the bedroom, comfort is the key. You would want to have a space that is inviting, cozy, and warm. Unique Loom Solo rug is the perfect way to transform your bedroom into cozy, plush, and available in 23 different colors. These are available in various sizes, which helps you find the right fit for your interior. These are easy to clean, shed proof, and also stain-resistant. 

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PetProof Avonmore Grey 8 ft. x 11 ft. Area Rug

Having a pet can be tricky for choosing the best area rugs. Choosing a long-lasting rug becomes very important. Of course, you want something that is easy to clean and stain-resistant in case of accidents or muddy paws. 

When buying a rug avoid sisal, or jute because they absorb odor and stains. Also, pay attention to rug construction. Avoid rugs with continuous loops because claws can snag fibers and cause pilling or fraying. 

This rug from Pet Proof is an excellent choice for pet owners because it is made with synthetic fibers which do not absorb odor or stains. The rug also has a low profile making it easier to vacuum and spot clean. However, it is on the pricier side but is worth the investment you are about to make. 

Final Words:

There are plenty of choices in the market but finding the best area rugs is not that simple. Be it the best area rugs for the kitchen, bedroom, or living room; you will find them all here.

Hope you like this post. If you do, do not forget to leave a comment down below.


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