Best Home Organization Services To Keep Your House Clutter-Free

Best Home Organization Services To Keep Your House Clutter-Free

Don’t know how to organize your home? Well, the answer is hiring the best home organization services. If you want a fast route to get a tidy, neat home, organization services are your best bet. It may sound unreal, but professional organizers help to declutter your home and restore order back to your space by finding the best storage solutions. 

While people usually prefer in-home sessions for sorting and sifting through the cluttered mess in your cupboards, virtual organizing sessions are also becoming quite popular nowadays. 

In both cases, you will receive professional organizing assistance from experts. The professionals will guide you on how to structure space and what to do with the things that are no longer required. 

Get ready to conquer your clutter and organize your home with the help of these best home organization services. 

Best Home Organization Services

This is a list of professional organization services that will help you get rid of cluttered mess in your house/ office and make your space functionally organized and aesthetically appealing.

NEAT Method: Best Overall

The NEAT home tops the list of home organization services and is available in 75 cities across Canada, and the U.S. NEAT will help to declutter your home and offers organized, functional, and beautiful spaces in your home. 


  • Responsibly donate or hold consignment of unwanted things.
  • Offer their home organization services both personally and virtually. 
  • Provide organization solutions with an aesthetic interior vibe


  • Pricing varies by the market; you may have to pay more in significant markets.

NEAT is one of the most preeminent home organization services nationwide. The company describes itself as a “Luxury home organizing company.” Once you experience their services, you will know that their home organizing services are a kind of necessity. 

They offer services to both commercial and residential residences. One of their biggest projects was the organization of Goop offices in New York City. Neat showcases the best services by preserving the integrity and character of the space as well as an entity. 

The result will be no less than amazing when it comes to Home organization ideas. Neat is great at considering your requirements, procuring the right tools and organizational storage options, implementing sustainable solutions to organize your home, and donating the items that need to go. 

The aim of NEAT is to help you live a new and neat sustainable life using the customized solutions that will suit you.

Clutterbusters: Best In Budget

The best thing about Cluttebusters Home or closet organizer is their straightforward pricing and free phone consultations for home organization ideas.


  • Readily available and Transparent pricing system
  • Offers virtual and in-home services
  • A 1-Day Clutter Crusher services are available for busy or ambitious clients


  • Organization services need to be booked in 4-hour sessions.
  • Follow-up sessions have a minimum appointment window.

Clutter buster is a great service company to organize and declutter your home on a budget. The company was established in 2002, and it focuses on completing small to medium-sized spaces in 4 hours of time.  You can call a single organizer and a maximum of 10 for major and tough tasks. 

Make full use of free phone insulation services to get the best home organization ideas, identify the project objectives, and how the company is best suited for you. As mentioned on the company’s website, organization services are for $70 per hour. 

You will have to book the time slot in advance, giving them enough time to complete all the tasks in a small-to-medium space like a kitchen coset organizer, overstuffed hallway closet, etc.; if you opt for 30 hours of organization, the hourly rates will drop to $65 per hour.

Major Organizers: Best Virtual Organizing

This organization service has been into the decluttering game since 2010. 


  • Flexible virtual appointment options, from 1 to 4 hours
  • Budget pricing
  • Option for in-person organization services to handle larger projects


  • Virtual services only for small to medium-sized projects.
  • Limited geographical reach for the in-person organization

Major Organizers is led by Angela Cody-Rouget, “Major Mom” founder. The team includes liberators, which help you declutter your home and turn it into a functional space. You may get an in-person appointment if you live in Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, or Ohio. 

You can opt for their virtual sessions via video-call and fix flexible appointments.  For example, you can pick the 60-minute session that will cost you only $88, or you may choose an Independence package of 2 hours to let them analyze your space. 

They provide both space and an action plan to implement the strategies discussed on the appointments. Major Organizers are great if you are looking for solid jumpstart strategies to organize your home or facing a specific storage problem. 

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Merry Maids: Best Decluttering Service

Merry maida offers the best services in town to declutter your home. Clutter includes dirt, dust, and unnecessary things kept in your cupboards, shelves, and drawers. They provide the best home organization services that will transform your house into a neat and clean space.


  • Worry-free guarantee 
  • Bundle cleaning and decluttering services 
  • May offer next day appointments.


  • Do not provide services in all areas.
  • Will assist in identifying disposal or donation options for goods but do not assist with transport.

Decluttering the home is a necessary step in organizing a routine to restore the order of space. Merry Maids team will take care of all teh dirt cleaning work for you and put everything in the right and organized manner. 

If you are looking for a closet or home organizer company to deep clean the space in your house, then Merry Maids is your best bet. They have been in this profession for more than 40 years now and cover a vast network of metropolitan areas. 

When you call Merry Maids over your place, expect a deep cleaning and decluttering before they begin with organizing. When everything ends, you will be left with a clean and organized space that will bring your home to life.  

The Home Edit: Best Splurge

The team of Home Edit includes social media stars and home organization gurus. If you are looking for a swoon-worthy closer organizer and have enough budget to spend, then Home Edit is the right option for you. 


  • Charges include a two-person organizing team
  • A keen eye for aesthetically-pleasing and color-coordinated storage solutions
  • $50 for a 30-minute virtual consultant fee will be applied to the project invoice


  • Rates are high for virtual sessions.
  • Project spaces are very limited in scope; for instance, a kitchen doesn’t include a pantry organizing.

The Home Edit is one of the most trending home organization services that deserve space on your Instagram feed. The two woman team is equally obsessed with color and order and will bring dramatic changes to your home. 

This splurge-worthy home organization company is willing to fly throughout the U.S to do the job. One good news is that the company is expanding its base of cities, including- Washington, D.C, Atlanta, Detroit, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Orange Country, and South Florida. 

Their service charges vary from market to market; however, keep in mind that the figures include a two-member organizer team.

EverPresent: Best for Photos

This organization service is the best pick to organize your photos safely and efficiently. EverPresent even helps in turning photos into books or videos for everlasting memories.  


  • Offers maintenance plans for keeping old photos organized
  • Professional photo organizers help by handling all the sorting.
  • You can make the videos and photo books yourself or let the professionals handle it.


  • Tagging is an optional service that comes with an additional cost.
  • Have to wait till you receive the hard drive in the mail before beginning the process

We keep clicking pictures and photos more than ever before, and these everyday moments and highlights will be scattered all over your iCloud space before you know it. We do not usually have the ideas of how much memory space these photos take on our computer and phone.

Everpresent is a photo organization service that aims to make your digital pictures more accessible and organized. 

The company sends you a hard drive in the mail to make sure nothing is lost, you download the photos from your devices, and Everpresent will download all the files remotely. 

Sounds complicated? Dont worry; a team member will walk you through the entire process to make things easier for you. After receiving the files, EverPresent make a designated photo organizer sort, organize photos, and remove duplicated files. Once all the clean-up is done, you can download the photos to any software service of your choice. 

And, Before you know it, all your beautiful pictures from beach vacations, family weddings, and summer holidays will be nicely organized. EverPresent being a good organization service will also teach you how to find or use the new photo organization process. 

EverPresent also offers maintenance services to keep your memories safe and categorized always. You also have the opportunity to turn your photos into videos or digital photo books.

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The Contained Home: Best for Closets

The Contained Home is the best closet organizer company. These professionals will whip your closets back to shape with the best organizing solutions.


  • Widely available in national retail locations
  • In-home services include installation and measuring.
  • Provide Expert guidance on which closet system is best suited


  • Hourly rates are not readily available online and vary by market
  • $100 as consultation fee
  • Do not provide virtual services

It should not come as a surprise to you that the Container Store is the retail king of Organized living and is a popular closet organizer. However, you may not be aware that the company contracts with the best Organization professionals in the country and offer personal home organization services. 

Pair flexible TCS options with professional services, and you will have a winning combination to declutter and organize your home. The Contained Home is a large network of professional organizers who visit your home to identify your storage requirements, a system that will work, then measure, order, and install the best storage solutions. 

Final Words:

There are a lot of home organization services available out there that offer in-home and virtual services. The services vary in pricing and availability in different locations. 

The NEAT tops our list of home organization services because of its extensive network of professional organizers spread over 75 cities and a simple approach to transforming the problems. This company surely knows how to get things done, from decluttering to providing the best storage solutions and long-term strategy. 

If you are on a budget, you can pick Clutterbusters. This organization service provider offers low and affordable hourly rates and packages pricing, which is very economical. However, do not mistake low rates for poor work. This home organization service is the best budget home and closer organizer on our list. 


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