Best Florida State Birds to Watch

Best Florida State Birds to Watch

The beauty of Florida reflects in its state birds. Each Florida bird resembles something unique. The northern mockingbird is the Florida state bird that is colorful and considered to be the prettiest. If you are going to visit Florida, make sure that you go to watch the Florida birds for sure, because your trip won’t be worth anything if you miss watching these beautiful birds.

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Beautiful Florida State Birds

Florida is the prime destination for the migratory birds, which is why most of the birders flock to Florida. For quick identification, these are some of the bird species that you can see in Florida. The state bird Northern Mockingbird beautifies the state with its uniqueness.  We have come up with some of the best Florida birds that you should know.

Northern Mockingbird

Do you know that the Florida state bird is famous across the globe because of its beauty? A visit to Florida cannot be completed without seeing the northern mockingbird. This Florida state bird is also known as Mimus polyglottos. They are common and widely spread across the state. These are the bold birds who have formidable attitudes that can become bullies around the feeders. The northern mockingbird has a spunky personality, and various songs make them the most favorite in the state. 

Painted Bunting

These are known as the most colorful Florida birds. They are also known as Passerina ciris and are widely spread in Texas and adjacent states. Painted Buntings are the birds of central Florida and are also found in southern Florida as they are highly famous with both visiting and resident birders during the winter season. These Florida native birds are shy but always come to an established feeder where millet and other bird seeds are offered to them. Moreover, these red birds in Florida look extremely captivating. 

Long-Billed Curlew

The long-biles curlew is scientifically known as Numenius americanus. These are primarily western birds and spend their winters on Florida’s coasts. This makes these birds a center of attraction when people visit to see them. They can also be found on the coastal mudflats and beaches and even in the marshy areas and inlets, where their blotchy plumage and a thin, long, decurved bill is distinctive. 

Common Myna

The Common Myna is also known as Acridotheres tristis. These birds are common in the urban areas of South Florida. The mynas are common in South Florida, including around Miami and well into the Florida Keys. The myna birds may never visit the ranges in Asia. 

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

Red-cockaded woodpecker is also known as the Picoides Borealis. These birds are spread over the southeast. The local breeding colonies are thoroughly managed in the pine woods of northern Florida. These are also the birds of central Florida. This management gives birders a good opportunity to add this different woodpecker to their life list, as it may be possible to search guides and tours that targets the sought-after species. 

Gray Kingbird

The gray kingbird is commonly known as the Tyrannus dominicensis. These birds are commonly found in the coastal regions of Florida. 

Smooth-Billed Ani

They are usually found to be native to South America and the Caribbean. These black birds in Florida are rare, but regular visitors can see them in central and southern Florida. The smooth billed ani is commonly called the Crotophaga ani that has a thick neck, a long tail, and a large bill with a high ridge peak on the upper mandible. These birds generally prefer brushy habitats and are generally seen perching on the fences, vantage points, and snags. 


The limpkin is commonly known as the Aramus guarauna and is the medium-sized, heavy-bodied bird that quietly resembles both the rails and waders. These birds can be rare to see but prefer swamps and marshes where they stalk through grasses in the hunt of snails and other prey, often at night. These birds are easy to identify because of their speckled plumage and slow limping gait.

Spot-Breasted Oriole

The spot-breasted oriole is rare but is often seen in Florida. These are also scientifically known as Icterus pectoralis and are seen particularly in the suburbs of Miami, where they have been introduced. Their identification is easy because of their fully orange head. They will often visit the orange and jelly feeders with the other orioles. 

Eastern Towhee

The eastern towhee is also known as Pipilo erythrophthalmus and is widely spread across the eastern united states. These are found only in Florida, where the male eastern towhees show light-colored yellow-white eyes. There are some possibilities that these birds may evolve into a separate species, whereas the birders who have already viewed the Florida eastern towhee would earn an instant addition to the list of their life. 

Rufous Hummingbird

The rufous hummingbird is widely spread across the western United States and is scientifically known as Selasphorus Rufus. These Florida water birds have an orange body and are rare visitors to the eastern part of the country. The Rufous hummingbird is commonly being noticed overwintering in Florida. 

White-Crowned Pigeon

The white-crowned pigeon stays high in the foliage and is often found in southern Florida. These birds are also known as Patagioenas leucocephala. Usually, the white-crowned pigeons can be challenging to see. The key markings and striated neck of these birds can be found where the fruits and berry bushes are abundant. 

Wood Stork

The wood stork is scientifically known as the Mycteria americana and is the native stork in the United States. These Florida native birds are widely spread across the state except the westernmost areas of the panhandle. Moreover, these white birds in Florida are easy to identify because of their bald head and heavy, drooping bill. These birds are large and gregarious that are often found in large groups, especially in nesting colonies and roosts.

White Ibis

The white ibis is a white bird with a long beak. It is impossible to visit Florida and not see these beautiful white birds in Florida. These white birds with long beaks are scientifically known as Eudocimus Albus and are widely spread across the Sunshine State. During the breeding season, seeing these white birds with long beaks along their legs and red bills is a treat to the eyes of any birder. They are often found in flocks visiting the parks and yards. 

Greater Flamingo

The greater flamingo is scientifically known as Phoenicopterus ruber. These Florida water birds can be found on the southern coasts and everglades and are commonly known as American flamingos. These birds are rare but are gradually becoming more frequent to see for the visitors. 

Reddish Egret

The reddish egret is also known as Egretta refescens and can be often seen on the beaches of Florida. Moreover, these birds are unique because of their hunting behavior, where they shade the water with their wings so that their prey can be easily detectable. 

Boat-tailed Grackle

These blackbirds of Florida are also known as Quisacalus. They are large and bold and are found on the southeastern coast. Moreover, these birds are found across Florida and are often seen in noisy and large flocks. The boat-tailed grackles are the birds of central Florida and southern Florida. There is a high possibility that these Florida backyard birds will split and give Florida its own unique grackle in the upcoming future.

Florida Scrub-Jay

The Florida Scrub-Jay is also known as Aphelocoma coerulescens and is found only in Florida across the globe. These Florida native birds are the highly desired birds for the birders to see. Moreover, these Florida backyard birds are considered sociable and bold because of which they can become accustomed to the visitors in the areas where populations are monitored. The Florida backyard birds, scrub-jay, need a scrub oak habitat and are listed as decreasing and vulnerable as their habitat becomes fragmented. 

Roseate Spoonbill

The roseate spoonbill has white and pink colored plumage with a spatulate-shaped bill and bare head. These Florida water birds are scientifically known as Platalea ajaja. Moreover, their plumage is more beautifully colored during the summer breeding season, and the immature birds are much paler. The roseate spoonbill is the red bird in Florida that are the coastal wading birds that can be found inland as well. 

Brown Noddy

These Florida birds are also known as the Anous stolidus and are the southern specialty of the Florida coast. Moreover, hurricanes may push the brown noddy further north and deeper inland than expected. These usually nest on dry Tortugas, along with the black noddies, and the birders can organize visits to Dry Tortugas National Park. 

Fulvious Whistling-Duck

These are a tall duck with a dark back, slate blue-gray bill, and stylish swoops upon its flanks. They are also known as Dendrocygna bicolor and are often found in southern or central Florida. The fulvous whistling-ducks are generally found in the wetlands, lakes, and marshes. Moreover, these ducks are a part of mixed flocks, often including black-bellied whistling-ducks, that are not widely spread across the state. 

Final Words

There are some Florida birds that are highly popular. Every bird has its own uniqueness and specialty. Do not forget to see these attractive birds whenever you visit Florida. The northern mockingbird is the Florida state bird that looks extremely captivating and beautiful. Let us know in the comment section below which bird did you find more interesting and unique?


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