How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

Creepy insects crawling in the house is one of the worst nightmares for any house owner. Pest control is an enormous task, but it is highly essential to manage a disease-free, clean, and healthy environment. Now you must be thinking, how much does an exterminator cost? 

Exterminator cost varies on the basis of different factors, including the type of insect and frequency of the pest control. Pest control is essential because insects and rodents carry various diseases, infest your bedroom and kitchen, and bite you, your kids, and your pets. 

There is higher importance of pest control. The main intent of pest control is to manage a safe and healthy environment. For instance, rodents can contaminate your food, and if you accidentally consume this food, you can become very ill. All types of pests carry tough bacteria and viruses that are harmful to health. 

Insects like rodents, cockroaches, and ants can be a terrible issue throughout your home. DIY remedies might work and can be a temporary solution. They might minimize the issue but can not eliminate it completely. 

Therefore, pest control is essential to manage a healthy and pest-free home. Here is an article with all you need to know about the exterminator cost.  

Average Cost of Exterminator

How much does an exterminator cost? The average cost of an exterminator remarkably depends on the insects in your home. On average most homeowners spend around $134-$200 for pest control.

The national average exterminator price is $211. The minimum cost is $52, and the price can reach up to $1,500. If the issue of pests has just started in your house, it is better to get a pest control service as it will put an end to the issue and will stop it from spreading. 

Exterminator Cost by Insect

There are various pests that you do not want to crawling in your home. The pests are not only irritating but also harmful and can cause severe health issues. The exterminator cost depends on the pests in your home. Below mentioned is the average extermination cost for common pests. 


Do you know each year termites and similar pests cause damage of around $30 billion to the crops and man made structures in the USA (Source)? Yes you read it right.

Termites can infiltrate your home and are harmful to your furniture. If termites damage the wooden furniture in your house, you will have to pay heavy bills to purchase new furniture or repair the old one. 

On average, the termite repair cost is $525. However, it can range from $217 to $2500. 


Ants usually feed on the left crumbs and food. They are usually found in all the houses and can be difficult to prevent. If you have carpenter ants in your home, then they could lead to expensive repair bills. They cause more damage and should be removed. 

In most cases for removing normal ants, the cost is between $150 to $300 for one visit. For removing carpenter ants, you can expect to pay between $250 to $1,000. 

Bed Bugs

How to eliminate bed bugs? Bed bugs live in your mattresses, carpets, and couches. They look like small pill bugs but can be really dangerous. They can bite you and your kids and cause severe health issues. They can also lead to rashes and itching. 

Bed bugs can be difficult to pinpoint; therefore, pest control prices for bed bugs can be high. Or bed bugs removal, you can expect to pay between $1000 to $2500. The price varies according to the type of treatment and space. 


Cockroaches can cause serious health issues. They can contaminate your food, and if you eat that food, you can become seriously ill. They are also large in size, so no one wants to see even a single cockroach in the house. 

For the removal of cockroaches from your home, you can expect to pay between $100 to 400 for a single visit. 


Bees are one of the most common pests, and they are annoying. In case you are allergic, they can be really harmful. You can remove the bees using the DIY spray available at the stores. In case you want to opt for pest control service, the average exterminator cost for bees can be between $100 to $1,000. 


Rats are another common pests found in houses. They feed on food leftovers and can contaminate food. They can lead to diseases like rabies, Hantavirus, and salmonella (Source). Moreover, they can chew your electrical wires, furniture, or clothes, causing additional damage. 

Rats are large and cause serious issues. The removal price of rat removal begins at $300, and it can reach up to $5,00. 


Mice can be really annoying and can be a pain to live with. In addition to this, they can be unsanitary and can cause severe damage to your home. They can burrow into walls, and chew wiring or insulations. 

Mice can also contaminate the food by leaving their dropping in it. The exterminator cost for removing mice can range between $450 to $600.The maximum cost can reach up to $1,000. 


Spiders can be easily found in houses. They form webs which often lead to dust. You can keep spiders away through frequent cleaning. However, if you hire an exterminator, the cost can range between $150 to $300. 

Dust Mites

Dust mites are small pests, and you can get rid of them by properly cleaning your house. They are harmful to people with breathing issues or bad allergies. The cost to remove dust bites charged by pest control services can range between 4200 to $500.


If you have a pet in your house, then it is common to have fleas. They attach to your dog and enter the house. Fleas can not be removed from the house easily, and they can be really annoying. There are various cheap pest control services available to remove fleas. The cost of removing fleas can range between $75 to $400.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are harmful to your furniture and carpets. They damage the upholstery and carpets. They can also cause serious health issues. If you have carpet beetles in your house, it is better to hire a professional pest control service. The cost can range between $100 to $300. 


Wasps are one of the most serious. Their stings are harmful and can even lead to health issues. They can sting you, and your kids and their stings can hurt. If you find wasps in your house, you should immediately call pest control services. The exterminator cost to remove wasps can range between $200 to $500. 


Squirrels usually stay out of the house, but they can come inside and cause damage. The cost to remove squirrels can range between $100 to $300. 

Exterminator Cost by Frequency

Frequency of visit to the pest control services plays a significant role in impacting the exterminator cost. Most pests and bush do not go away with just one visit. It is essential to get ongoing pest treatment to get rid of certain pests. 

If you are facing the issue of a large infestation, or there are multiple pests in your house, then you will have to opt for ongoing treatment. Below mentioned are cost according to the frequency of visits.

Exterminator Cost for One-time Visit

Certain pests can be removed with a one-time visit. Nevertheless, more time is required in case of one time visit as it needs to be done correctly. Due to this reason, the exterminator cost for one time visit can be up to $700. 

Initial Visit

When you opt for ongoing treatment, the pest control services do the work accordingly. They have to do less work as compared to the one-time visit service. The cost for an initial visit is usually between $100-$200. 

Periodic Visit

Whether you opt for monthly visits or quarterly visits, the exterminator price can range between $20 to $300. For monthly visits, the price can be between $20 to $50. On the other hand, for a quarterly visit, the cost is between $100 to $300. 

Condition to Opt for Ongoing Pest Treatment

Some pests do not go away with one visit to the pest control service. In this situation, you would require ongoing pest treatment. If you have any of the below-mentioned pests, you should opt for ongoing pest control. 

  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Termites

Factors that Impact Exterminator Cost

Below mentioned are some common factors that influence the cost of pest control service.


Pests at hand play the most important role in impacting the exterminator cost. Exterminator cost for some pests like spiders and fleas is less, whereas the same for others like bed bugs is high. 

Treatment Frequency

Another crucial factor that impacts the exterminator cost is treatment frequency. Some pests can not be removed with just one treatment. They require ongoing treatment. You do not have much choice in this case.

One time visits for pest control can reach up to $700. On the other hand, ongoing treatment can start from $20 and can reach up to $1500. 

Size of House

The size of the house also affects the exterminator cost. In case you have ants in only one or two corners of the house, then the price will be less. If the ants are in the entire house, then costs will be comparatively high. 


Climate is another essential factor. In warmer climates, there are more termites, whereas, in colder climates, there are more insects. The cost of pest control in warmer seasons is more as compared to colder seasons. 

Location of Pest Control Service

Exterminator cost is also impacted by your location as well as the location of the pest control service. Some professional pest control service charges on the basis of miles, whereas others consider the location. 

How to Reduce the Exterminator Cost

Pest control can be enormous and expensive. However, you can reduce the exterminator cost following the below-mentioned tips. 


Most pests enter the house in search of food. They feed on food leftovers and uncovered food. If you do not want pests and insects in your house, you should carry out cleaning appropriately. 

You should often clean the house to remove pests. 

Fix Leaky Pipes

Leaks in pipes lead to dampness, which attracts the pests. In order to avoid pests, you should fix leaky pipes. Moreover, you should make sure that rodents do not ruin the pipes. 

Close the Holes in Your Home

Pests usually form their colonies along the edges and holes in the wall. If you find any hole in your house, you should close it immediately. 

DIY Pest Control

In case there are few pests and insects in your house, you can opt for DIY pest control. You can buy pest control sprays, pesticides, traps, and herbicides from the local hardware. If the problem is not severe, then DIY solutions are perfect for you. 

Get Free Quotes

Professional exterminators offer free quotes. If they are sure of their work, then the exterminator will surely provide a free quote. 

Final Words

Pests not only cause physical damage to your home but can also lead to severe health issues. They carry diseases like rabies and salmonella. Moreover, if you are allergic, then pests like dust mites and bees can be really harmful to you. 

Though DIY solutions are good for minor issues, they are not effective in the case of infestation. Therefore, it is better to hire professional pest control services. 

Exterminator price varies depending on the pests in hand, location, and frequency of the service. It might be expensive in case of serious pest issues, but it is essential to manage a healthy and safe environment. If you find the above-mentioned information helpful, drop a comment. 


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