The Best Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

The Best Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Growing and maintaining a plant becomes difficult, but here we have solved your problem! In this article, we have listed the best low maintenance outdoor plants that require minimal care, time, and effort. 

You must know the properties of low maintenance flowers and plants to grow them at the right place and at the right time. 

These below mentioned plants will make you feel connected with nature’s fresh and natural air.

Scroll down to know the fantastic low maintenance house plants that will help you decorate your house!

List of Best Low Maintenance Plants 

Here we have listed the low maintenance outdoor plants that you can easily plant and grow around your house without many efforts. These plants are not only beautiful but also a perfect item to decorate your home. It includes-


Weigela is one of the most hard-working plants in your garden that offers colorful foliage and tubular blooms to attract bees and hummingbirds.

If you need to frame a dark-leaved pathway or a long variegated shrub, weigela provides you all in the same plant. 

Pruning is an option and easy. You can prune for shape immediately after flowering, which doesn’t disturb the following year’s blooms.

These plants flourish in full sun and average garden soil. They do not attract deer and are Drought tolerant.


Spirea is a deciduous shrub that offers many varieties and exceptional foliage that changes color during three different seasons. They easily attract butterflies and bees. 

Spirea is easy to plant and can sustain average, moisturized garden soil in full or partial sun.

PeeGee hydrangeas

PeeGee hydrangeas are the white ice-cream cone-type flowers that turn fade to pink color. These plants are easy to prune, and you can easily cut all the stems down. 

The canes built stable as the shrubs mature. It requires some patience initially but then grows very well once established.

Ornamental grasses 

Ornamental grasses are beautiful and rich grasses that can transform adding movement, primitive mixed border, and seeking the light, transparent effect created by airy seed heads. 

It offers you amazing varieties of shades like blue, green, burgundy, bronze, and gold. You can also get this plant in different height ranges from few inches to long feet.

There are also varieties like prairie grasses that prefer dry soil and flourish in moist soil.

If you grow the right plant in the right place, you can never go wrong!


Peony has a rich fall color, deeply cut foliage, and attractive image that will be perfect if you want to grow a decent and yet beautiful plant.

Peonies are Drought tolerant, deer resistant, and require moisture-retentive average-rich soil and flourish in full or part sun. 

It avoids fungal diseases by removing fallen petals from lower foliage automatically. Cut back the foliage completely in fall.

Black-eyed Susan plant 

A black-eyed Susan is the main element of most of the gardens. They are chocolate-center cones with Bold and golden-yellow daisies that can flourish and bloom in partial or full sunny shades.

They are rabbit resistant, deer resistant, and Drought-tolerant, making it easy for gardeners to take care of their fields. 

Repeat-Blooming Hydrangeas

Repeat blooming hydrangeas are the summer-blooming flowers that are ideal for dying and fresh flora decorations. 

It can hold strong stems and requires natural pruning. Repeat-blooming hydrangeas produce flowers on both new wood stems and old wood stems.

Licorice Plant

Licorice is a low maintenance plant that is Drought tolerant, deer resistant, and heat-loving groundcover.

They are the maturing shrubs and suppressing weeds with a network of silver, fuzzy stems, and small circular leaves.

 Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is low maintenance plants that are highly Drought tolerant, which means it requires a few drops of water to grow well. The green leaves of this plant are coated by honey-scent white flowers, attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

They can be a perfect option for your garden as both deer and rabbits ignore it. 

You can quickly trim to make the plant rebound. Old fashioned is much Drought tolerant than those new and large sweet alyssum hybrids.

Blue Star Juniper

Blue Star is the best choice for gardeners.

These evergreen plants require less maintenance for growth and nourishment. They are disease resistant and Drought tolerant and don’t need any pruning for size, shape, or optimal color.

It shows excellent deer and rabbit resistance. In winters, the steel-blue needles take on purple casts.

This low growing conifer is the most favorite plant of some people that can be planted singly or in groups. 


Hosta is popular for bold foliage, strap-like, quilted, or cupped leaves. It offers ranges of colors and many multi-hued options from rich blue-green to palest yellow. 

Hosta plants are easy to plant and grow that need average field soil.

Coral Bells

Coral bells are easy to care, semi-evergreen, and Evergreen perennials that flourish in part shade or full sun. They possess colorful foliage and flowers, which attracts hummingbirds. 

They can grow well in well-draining, fertile soil, but it may require varied light requirements according to the plant properties. 


Coneflowers are the blast of bold color and a favorite bloom for bees and butterflies. 

If you are too lazy to cut this in fall, you must not worry because its seed heads can be a tasty meal for birds.

They need low maintenance as they are deer resistant, Drought tolerant, but growing shoots must require protection from hungry rabbits in spring. 

Japanese Pachysandra

 Japanese Pachysandra can tolerate occasional foot traffic, dry shade, the resistance of deer, and rabbits.

The plant flowers have green foliage and evergreen groundcover. It quickly naturalizes and forms a dense carpet through well rich and well-drained soils.

Winter Daphne

 Winter Daphne is easy to care, yellow-edged foliage, Evergreen; beautiful and intensely fragrant white bloom.

The right condition for winter daphne growth is full sun and well-draining soil. Given the right state will reward you a hundredfold. It is so fragrant that a single cluster of blooms will you’re your entire room perfumed.

Winter daphne cannot be transported easily; it requires ample open space for the accurate spread. This shrub doesn’t even need pruning.

Orange grape 

Oregon grape is holly-like leaves and yellow shuttlecock flowers that are followed by edible blueberries. These plants are the evergreen shrub, blooms attracted by overwintering hummingbirds.

They do not need any extra efforts for survival or growth. They can grow well under dry shade and morning sun.

The orange grape can make a perfect ground covering carpet due to its low growing properties. 

These plants are an easy-care addition to your garden and offer you several varieties and species to select from. It also enables gardeners to get a wide range of climate zones.

Final words 

Low maintenance house plants are everyone’s requirements. In this article, we have listed the best plants that can resist harsh conditions and require the least care. 

 If you want to decorate your house with plants, choose from the above mentioned Low maintenance flowers and law maintenance outdoor plants. 

These are the Best law maintenance plants that can handle partial sun rays and drought conditions. You don’t require any expensive necessity for their survival; just minimal and basic requirements!

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