What is the Best Electric Blanket?

What is the Best Electric Blanket?

If you live in a chilly climate area or run cold, then a regular blanket just is not enough. Electric blankets give the heat to keep you extra comfortable, whether on the couch or in the bed. Are you searching for the best electrical blanket? Do not worry; we will share the best electrical blankets for the winter season. 

What is an Electric Blanket?

An electric blanket is a simple heating blanket placed over the top of a bedsheet in Canada and the US. While in the UK, the electric blanket is used as a mattress pad placed under the bedsheet.

 Benefits of Having a Heated Blanket

  • Turning down the thermostat at night as you snuggle in your heated blanket is the best way to conserve energy.
  • An electric blanket gives uniform heat without having to use many layers of blankets, saving from laundry washing.
  • The heat that blanket gives is also very therapeutic.

Health Benefits

An electric blanket is the best remedy for any of these health problems:

  • Tension:  Electric blanket helps to calm at night, so you rest well.
  • Allergies:  Use of this blanket from time to time can kill dust mites up to 50%.
  • Stiffness:  It helps to increase blood flow and also helps to recover flexibility and reach of motion.
  • Muscle Pain:  Low heat helps blood flow throughout the body. And, also improve pain and aches as muscles relax.

What to Look for in an Electric Blanket


See whether you want the electric blanket for the bed or just for resting around the house. While effective for sleeping, a comfort-sized electric blanket might overwhelm the sitting space or couch. There are several heated blankets the size of your electric blanket available. Also, if you want the electric blanket to warm the entitle bed, then there are all sizes from King to Twin on the market. 


If the electric blanket is warm but rough, then you might not enjoy using it as much. Luckily, many electric blankets on the market are created with soft microfiber materials. It feels comfortable to the touch blankets that are warm and woolly. Moreover, to comfort is that these polyester blankets are mostly machine washable for gentle care.

Dual Temperature Control

If you share the heated blanket with your partner, then it is best to look for the version with dual heat control. The best part is that you and your partner will have control over half the blanket so that you or your partner feel too cold or too hot. Dual heat controls are becoming more popular, and this version costs more than a single-temperature control version. 

Some of the Best Electric Blanket for Winter

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

This brand has one of the popular electric blankets, and this electric blanket is one of the best picks from them. This blanket comes in full, twin, king, and queen sizes, and also it comes in few plain colors. The quilted fleece blanket has channels stitch into it so that wires do not move from its place. Moreover, it has thermofine technology, which is designed to provide consistently given heat all night. 

The electric blanket comes with ten heating settings so that you can select the right amount of heat, and the best part is that it shuts the heat automatically after 10 hours, so you do not have to worry if you forget to turn off the blanket. Also, this electric blanket is dryer safe and machine washable, unlike other electric blankets.

Hyde Lane Faux Fur Electric Blanket

Many people love this heated blanket if you are looking for a more beautiful option that will not look out of place draped over the sofa. This blanket is so soft to touch; it also has a twisted form that looks like a real fur. The low energy wires are not visible on the outside of the blanket, and that is a plus point, and the silver remote is discrete and small looking. This heated blanket comes packaged in a beautiful box, and it is perfect for gifting. This blanket heats up fast, and it comes in three heat settings, which are warm and comfortable–but not too hot. You have the option to select from six colors, including snow leopard and wild fox.

Biddeford Microplush Sherpa Heated Blanket

It can be hard to share the electric blanket with someone else, especially if you can not agree on the same heat. If you do not want this problem, then you both get heat with the dual control blanket like the Biddeford microplush sherpa heated blanket. This comfortable blanket is amazingly affordable; the king and queen sizes have two controllers for dual heat zones.

This heated blanket has a cozy sherpa on one side and a soft microplush fabric on the other. It comes with ten heat settings, and also offers 10 hours shut off for safety. This blanket can be cleaned with the dryer and washer.

Sunbeam Throw Heated Blanket

If you are not sure that you will like the electric blanket, then consider this throw heated blanket. This heated blanket is affordable on the smaller side, and it is a good option for occasional use.

This blanket is designed to be used as the throw, and it has ultra-soft material made from polyester. Sunbeam throw heated blanket uses thermofine technology to provide heat, and it has three heat settings to choose from. This blanket shuts off after 3 hours, and if the blanket gets dirty, then you can simply wash in the dryer and washing machine.

Soft Heat Luxury Blanket

It is like taking out your favorite blanket over you because it is so soft to touch. This blanket is washable, and the wires are so thin you will barely notice them. The two sides of the blanket can be heated separately, making this for best for couple use.

This blanket uses very low voltage and saves more money. Somehow the engineers ensure heat but will never burn when touching the blanket.

Final Words

The sleeping condition can change for the better if you buy one of these heated blankets. Manufacturers know what customers need, and they have improved their products over the years. And they are assured of comfort and safety. We have mentioned the best electrical blanket for use during winters. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below.

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