What is the Lifespan of Paint & How to Preserve It

What is the Lifespan of Paint & How to Preserve It

We all want the best combinations of paints over the surface of walls, doors, ceiling, trim, cabinets, and all other surfaces that we think enhance our home appearance. And occasionally giving these surfaces a touch with the paints leave your house with the sparkle and fresh look again. In case you are using old paint or buy leftover paint, you might be wondering how long the paint will last on the surface. In this article, we will discuss the shelf life, Paint Types, and Signs that show the paint has become bad. 

Mixed Paint Shelf Life Estimates

There are so many factors on which the shelf life of the paint depends. One of the factors is how you store the paint. If the storage conditions are appropriate, the paint will last for up to months and even for years and give you the same finishing as fresh paint. For example, the latex paint, without opening the seal, is never used, and the pristine condition will keep the paint safe and fresh for decades. Whereas the poorly sealed and impurities contained the same paint will only last good for a few months. One thing to remember is that if your paint gets thick from the bottom and soft from the top, it does not mean that the paint gets ruined or bad. In such a condition, you can take the paint back to the store you purchased. They will give the paint a good shake to mix very well, instead of stirring the paint at your home with hands.

How long does paint last

Paint Types and Their Lifespan

Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is made from using so many types of solvents, and it is different from the water-based paints like latex. Because of this reason, the shelf life of this paint is more than latex. If you preserve the oil-based paint in good condition, then it will last up to 15 years and even sometimes more. 

Acrylic-Latex or Latex Paint

Different paint manufacturers say the shelf life of their latex paints. Some say their sealed paint can last for two years, whereas others say that their latex paint life is up to one year, sealed. However, some experts say that if one preserves the latex paints in good condition, their paint remains fresh for up to 10 years. 

Milk Paint

If you have purchased the milk paint, unfortunately, it will only last for one day or sometimes two, because it contains milk protein. However, if you keep the milk paint in the refrigerator, the paint can last for about a week. Some milk paint manufacturers add preservatives in their paint so that their shelf life can be increased. Liquid form milk paint can lessen life, whereas the powdered form can last forever, as much as you keep it in the appropriate condition mentioned in the packaging. 

Chalk Paint

Manufacturers say that the shelf life of chalk paint is for one year, but some experts say that chalk paint can have a shelf life for several years. Chalk paint becomes thick with time. You can add water to it to make paint consistency normal. 


Signs That Paint Has Gone Bad


Paint Become Thawed and Frozen Repeatedly

If your paint has become frozen, it still has not gone bad. But if it has exhibiting foul odor, this has shown that the paint gets ruined. Frozen paint can be used again by adding some chemicals to it. But experts also say that if you repeatedly thaw the frozen paint, it will break the shelf like the paint. 

Bad Smelling Paint

After opening the seal, if the paint becomes bad, it will smell like sour, rancid, or foul. Fresh paint smells like mildew or mold. 

Over Lumpy Paint

Bad paint will become over lumpy, and it cannot be reused even after adding chemicals or water, as paint chunks cannot dissolve completely. 


How to Preserve Paint for a Long Shelf Life

If you want to increase the shelf life of your paint, you can do the following things like:

  • Protect paint from freezing
  • Store in dry & cool place
  • Keep it at a normal temperature
  • Use a rubber mallet to perfectly cover the paint after opening its lid and avoid denting of the paint can.
  • Remove any impurities and get into the paint can like grass or leaves.



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