20 White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

20 White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

There is no doubt that white kitchen cabinets look elegant and attractive in the kitchen. These are one of the most beautiful types of kitchen cabinets from all the time, and no other can take their place in the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets add value to your house and set a style statement in front of everyone who comes into your kitchen. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, going for a white kitchen cabinet is never a boring add-on. In this article, we will show you 20 beautiful and elegant white kitchen ideas that you can install in your kitchen. 

1. Antique Style 

This style involves giving your kitchen an old-timey look while slightly distressing the white cabinets by applying the antique glaze to cabinets. This antique style will give your kitchen and house a French vibe, making it elegant and timeless.

2. Enduring Style

This is the timeless kitchen cabinet style that will leave a classic touch to your kitchen and enhance an enduring look to your house. Choosing the vanilla color for cabinets to make your kitchen interesting, and you will enjoy a lot of your cooking time. 

3. Two-Toned Style

Two-toned styles include the darker base cabinet and white on the upper kitchen cabinets. This gives your kitchen a perfect modern as well as the timeless look of the white kitchen cabinets. This style makes your kitchen space open as well as airy and feels like cooking in a comfortable environment. 

4. Inexpensive

It is not necessary to spend lots of money on installing a custom cabinet; you can also go for brass hardware cabinets that do not look any different from the custom style.   

5. Beadboard Door Style

Beadboard panel cabinet doors will enhance your kitchen look by giving it a traditional look. The horizontal lines make your cabinets look longer and elevated. 

6. Elegant Style

White cabinets go wonderful with the Cardiff marble slab and back wall. White cabinets enhance the marble more and make your kitchen an attractive point in your house. 

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7. Farmhouse Style

For your farmhouse kitchen, white cabinets enhance your kitchen look by elaborating on the greenery surrounding the kitchen. White cabinets provide you a chic cooking area and make you feel like a chef with all greenery.  

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8. Countertop

If you want to enhance your kitchen appearance while playing with the colors, you can install white cabinets with a black countertop. You can also have stainless steel and metallic countertops with a white cabinet for a chic kitchen look.

9. For Narrow Kitchen

If you have a narrow kitchen, white cabinets will make your kitchen look more spacious. For a narrow kitchen, you can have a limited number of cabinets that are necessary so that not much area is occupied by the cabinets. 

10. Chalk Color Cabinets

If you want to repolish the doors and walls of kitchen cabinets, chalk paint is the best among the gazillion paint choices available in the market. One best thing about Chalk paint is it does not require priming and sanding before painting. 

11. Statement Style

To enhance the kitchen style statement, white cabinets with black handles make your kitchen look way more classy and modern with such little effort. This backsplash on your cabinet gives your kitchen a perfect statement and makes your kitchen look clean and beautiful. 

12. Contrast Style

If your kitchen walls are of different or any vibrant color, the white cabinet makes a great contrasting look, especially it goes wonderful with the wooden floor and opposite cabinets for a warm kitchen look. 

13. Trending Style

Blue backsplash kitchen tiles with white cabinets are the trending and the most demanding kitchen look. This is one of the modern and latest kitchen styles that give your kitchen the classic statement.  

14. Glass Style

White cabinets with glass make your kitchen transparent as well as make it look more attractive. GlassGlass with white wooden framing makes your work easy to do, and you will not get confused with what item is placed in what cabinet door. 

15. Retro Style

The traditional style of white cabinets with green backsplash make your kitchen look fresh and creates beachy vibes. 

16. Warm Modern Style

White cabinets doors with brass hardware handles and taps leave your kitchen look more warm and comfy. These look sleek and soft to touch. White walls and cabinets, wooden floors, and brass hardware make your kitchen look modern and warm. 

17. High, Elevated Ceiling Style

High ceiling white cabinets make your kitchen look more elegant and classy. The cabinets touching the ceiling give your kitchen a unique look that is not common in everyone’s house.

18. For Minimalist Kitchen

To enhance the small kitchen and make it appear like a modern kitchen, you can install the white cabinets with flat, shinier, and smooth covering. This gives your kitchen a sleek modern look and makes your small kitchen into the perfect spacious kitchen. 

19. For Nautical Style Kitchen

If you want to install the nautical style for your kitchen, you can go for the combination of white cabinets and blue tiles for the kitchen center wall. You can have a wooden floor for more enhancing the look of the kitchen and create the coastal vibe inside your kitchen.

20. For Galley-Style Kitchen

Galley style makes your kitchen look more airy, stylish, and spacious to do the kitchen chores. For installing galley style for your kitchen, you can install the white cabinets with the marble countertop. This makes your kitchen look spacious and shinier that makes you comfortable at the same time.


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