What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your House

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your House

One question that may come up at the grocery store with you and your family is: What to do when a tree falls on your house? The answer is simple; call the fire department or call someone who can. But what should you say when you see a tree falling? What is the best way to communicate what’s going on in order to help save the tree?


The main thing to remember is that you don’t want to scare your children, but also that if you do hear a loud boom, you don’t want to scream or cry. If you do, you will not only scare your children, but you could possibly injure yourself as well. So let the loud bangs of the tree falls roll off of your ears, and if the tree falls, get away from the trees.

  • Get Out of the House at the Very First Instance

If you hear a loud boom associated with tree falls and you have children in the home, you must immediately get everyone out of the home and find safety. Otherwise, you will either have a very angry household, or it will cause damage to your home.

  • Deal Carefully with a Fallen Tree

Be careful about falling trees that are close to walls. Some homeowners think that they can stand or kneel under a tree with a bucket to catch the tree that falls on your house. However, if it hits the wall, it can be quite a bit worse than a falling tree as it adds additional damage to your house, so be careful.

  • What to Do When a Tree Falls or Your House or Roof

There is also a possibility to cover the damage by the roof or any other structure in the home and have a big impact on the exterior of the home. If you have a problem with a large tree that fell near the home, there are professionals that can make repairs, and it won’t be very costly. There are some things to consider, though if the tree falls on your roof, as damage could be expensive, and there may be damage to the structure that will need to be replaced.

  • Focus on Removing the Tree If It is About to Cause Severe Damage to Your House

If a tree falls and damages your home, seek immediate attention. Otherwise, you will find that you are looking at damaged walls and roofs, and there may be damage to the foundation of the home. You may also need to move away from the structure that was damaged, depending on where the tree landed. Also, check that you have a suitable insurance agent having full-fledged insurance cover so that you may avail homeowners insurance whenever needed. Fire a claim when there’s a need, and get all your damage covered.

  • Call Professionals When the Situation’s Severe

If a large tree comes crashing down and knocks down an apartment building, there is not much that can be done except to seek help. Damage to the structure of the building is not something that you would like to deal with.

  • In Case of a Large Tree: Be Extra Careful

One of the reasons that you may have a problem with a tree falling is because it is far away from the main streets and properties in the area. In this case, it’s okay to wait until the tree is well away from your house, as long as it isn’t a very large tree. In cases such as this, it is often a good idea to call a professional company that deals with fallen trees and other potentially hazardous structures and asks them to contact the authorities for you.

  • Opt for Immediate Help

Make sure that you contact someone immediately, especially if the tree is falling near the road, and take steps to be prepared for the situation. It can be frightening to go through the process of getting to a garage that is left empty when a tree falls, but if you have the proper gear, it can be worth it. Call the authorities and wait for them to arrive on the scene before proceeding with your plans. Take pictures of the structure, as well as the tree, and file away your data.

On days when a tree falls, make sure you are aware of what is going on around you. If you notice any gaping holes, take a few photos so that you have something to show the authorities if there is a dispute. In addition, if there is damage to the building or structural damage, call a professional before putting the structure on its roof, as it is likely to fall down and damage anything that is on top of it.


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