Life Hacks For Home: Best or Bestest You Decide

Life Hacks For Home: Best or Bestest You Decide

Every home requires fixing some of the other things, but it is unnecessary to pay for small things and items every time. There are always some home hacks that make fixing easier and, most of the time, free of cost. What if you get a list of such home hacks? Or you get to know how to do it? 

Well, the answers to these above questions are just dragged down away from your eyes. In this article, you will get to know some of the best home hacks, which will leave you stunned. Just drag your mouse and have an eye on the best life hacks of 2020 and decide whether they are the best or not?. 

Finding Nails To Hammer Them- Problem Solved

Suppose that you bought a beautiful frame for your house and the next day there is a party at your home. You are up on the ladder to hammer the nails with your hammer. But wait, where are the nails? Well, this situation happens quite often with us on normal days.

Now imagine if your hammer and nails are one on the other or we can say together. Yes, it is possible, no, not with the glue but with a magnet’s help. Fix a small magnet on the head of your hammer. And there are your nails and hammer ready to be banged on the wall. Hang your frame and flaunt it in front of your guests. These DIY hacks will surely help you out in fixing the issue of nails and hammer.

Old Desks As New Pantries

Every middle and lower class house has issues with their pantries and space. They get filled up quickly by either the groceries or some of the other utensils. At the same time, the newly bought groceries and items lying on the floor inside a bag. But, now it’s time to change the scenario; if you have any of the old desks at your home, then shift them to the kitchen or let them be there at their initial position, and there you have your home hack.

Now remove the newly bought items from your polybag or cartoon and start placing them on the desk. It will not make things congested and messed up. Now pick the items whenever required and enjoy the comfort. 

Unclogging The Sink With Salt

The kitchen sink faces several solid and liquid particles. Some of them, which are not very sticky and solid, pass easily through the sink, but the stubborn ones work as clogging. This clogging leads to various problems, and the major one is making the sink look like the sea. 

It seems to be a very big problem, and we have to call a plumber for that. Now imagine that you open this clog with the help of salt. Yes, you are right; salt works as an anti-clogging material. You have to take ½ cup of salt and a full cup of baking soda. Mix both of them, and pour the mixture before you go to bed. It will eventually take 4-6hours. 

When you wake up the next morning, pour some hot water into the sink. Your sink is ready to be used; enjoy the food and let the sink do its work. This cool hack will surely make your sink unclogged and smooth for fluids.

Rubber Band as Stripped Screws

We often screw at home using a screwdriver, but we all get irritated when we try to screw it up and the screwdriver slips. It is because screw and screwdriver are both made up of the same material and have no grip. Therefore, to overcome this irritation, use a strip of ribbon and place it on the top of the screw. It will maintain the grip, and your screw will be tightly screwed into the hole. Enjoy this cool hack at your home. 

Essential Oils And Bathroom

The smell from the bathroom is natural and unpleasant too. We tend to use aerosol for such an issue, but we all know it quite better than aerosol doesn’t last for much time. Therefore, to overcome the problem of this unpleasant odor, you can use essential oils. They smell stronger and are long-lasting. It is one of the best home hacks you can try for the bathroom decor of 2020.

Pick your toilet paper and add some drops of essential oil between the circular cavity of the cardboard. Every time a person uses the washroom and toilet paper, the scent will be released automatically into the air. One more plus point of this technique is that you can choose your favorite smelling essential oil. 

Put This In Your Toilet To Conserve Water

Conservation of water is one of the major concerns for most eco-friendly households. People often use a shower instead of using a normal bucket for the bath. At the same time, you can also reduce the amount of water used in flushing. 

No, it’s not like you don’t have to flush, as it will lead your toilet to extremely bad odor. Instead, you have to focus on the fact that the amount of water entering the flush is equivalent to what you have to flush. For that, use a brick or a jar and place it inside the flush tank. It will allow the main tank to supply less amount of water. The brick will use the volume of water. 

Hanger Hack

One more household issue that we often face in our daily life of the amount of space in the closet. We use hangers, and there are still some clothes that we want to place on the hanger, but the closet’s storage is fulfilled.

In such a situation, pick the hanger with a cloth. Place a tab of the can on the hanger’s neck. Now pick the second hanger up and hang it inside the hole of the ab. It will save the place for one more hanger, and the convenience of picking the clothes will not be disturbed at all. Use this home hack and save space.

Door And Rubber Band 

We bought groceries for our daily use every month. Therefore, big cartons of groceries require more focus while holding them up and shifting it inside. The biggest problem during this whole process that we face is the door closing again and again. Now you must be thinking that there are door stoppers for such cases. But, in old and antique houses, the door stoppers don’t function properly. 

In such a case, you need an instant alternative for keeping your doors open. Therefore use a ribbon and tie it around the doorknob; this will prevent the door from latching. 

Using Old Bottle As Decorative Storage

You might find some of the wine, champagne, or any other glass bottle at your home. You might think of dumping them off but wait, what if those bottles work as decorative storage for your home. Yes, collect them and use them as a place for scrunchies and bracelets. 

Enjoy the beer and enjoy the hack. 

Hot Glue As a Hanger

You might have faced an issue of slipping with the hangers in your closet. Now you don’t have to buy expensive ones for such an issue. The following hack will surely do the job for you.

Pick a glue gun, squeeze some glue out of it on the hanger. It will create a hindrance for the cloth while hanging. Enjoy your hangers with this superpower. This DIY life hack will surely help you out in fixing your life. 

Easy Cleaning For Vents

Vents of the house require proper cleaning. This task is quite time-consuming as we cannot place the vent inside a washing machine for its quick cleaning. Its corners require harsh and focused cleaning. But now you don’t have to face the problem of time consumption.

Use a dishwasher for these vents. Place the vents inside the dishwasher, and your vent is ready just after an hour or so. It will not only consume less time but will also provide a classy cleaning to the vents. Don’t forget to dry them up with the help of a blower or hair dryer before fixing them back to their initial position. Fix them and enjoy the chilling air from the air conditioner. 

Plastic Bag As Tissue Box

We often have plastic bags stored in the kitchen of our houses. We also use them often for our daily use, whether for storing daily dust and waste or storing some food items. One more interesting fact about these plastic bags is that we cannot find them when we need them. 

Therefore, place these plastic bags inside a tissue box. Place the box at a particular place and use them like tissues. This home hack will surely do the job for you. You can go for some of its life hacks videos too on youtube. 

Old Tubes As Cables

Our chargers and cables are often placed at places where we can’t find them. Please pick them up and place them inside a toilet paper cardboard. Now place a tag outside the cardboard container, whether it contains charging cables, earphones, or OTG cables. 

Use them when in need and enjoy comfort. This cool hack will surely solve your problem of losing the cables. 

Egg Carton

An empty egg carton might not contain the eggs with protein, but it has the space left for some small and lightweight things. Empty bottles are one of the most common things in our houses. Whether it is of mayonnaise, sauce, cheese, etc., all need a space to be placed. 

Use the empty egg container for placing such things. Please pick them up whenever you need them. 

Final Words

Life hacks make your life easy and smooth. Hacks mentioned in the above article will solve your problems for sure. You can also take a reference from some of the best life hacks videos. Hacks always make it easier for people to perform things. DIY life hacks above will also save time for you. 

I hope you liked this article, for more such articles stay connected to us. And don’t forget to mention in the comment section whether these home hacks are best or best. 


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