Best Guide For Work From Home Gifts

Best Guide For Work From Home Gifts

Work from home gifts has become mandatory this gifting season as it is a central part of our lives now. Giving something to sweeten up your family members’ and friends’ workspace is the best thing you can do to bring a smile to their faces on a hectic day. 

We have come with a perfect home office gifts guide to make the home office setups more aesthetically pleasing and functional. This guide contains everything from desk accessories to comfortable PJs, notepads, and comfy footrests that will make your working hours more comfortable.

Let’s check them out!

List of Best Work From Home Gifts For friends/Co-workers and Employees

 This is the best WFH gift guide you will ever come across. Whether you are looking to give your friend or family member something or want to give gifts to your office staff who is working hard every day, this guide is all you will ever need.

The Desk Essentials Crate

We all need some work from home accessories on our desks, which adds to the functionality and also creates Insta-worthy photos. This Desk supplies crate has got it all. You can find this on Hay for $100.

Password Keeper

If you or your friend has a home office, then sending some practical gifts is the best deal. Browning several websites has become an everyday task these days, which makes it easy to forget passwords. Gift this password keeper to keep all the passwords safe in one place. You can get it from The Container Store for $9.99.

A permanent scratchpad

During work hours, we need to jot down many quick notes that are only one-time use. Instead of wasting paper, having a permanent sticky note on your side of the desk sounds about right. 

This is the best work from home gifts for employees to keep all the info on a dry-erase clipboard meanwhile keeping the desk neat. Buy this $30 Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Easel to write random notes and have a clean slate at the end of the day.

A work-anywhere lap desk

Even if your friends have a home office desk but they may like to move to the balcony, couch, and bed at times. Gift them lap desks, the perfect work from home accessories that one could think of.

This combines style, stability, comfort, and quality, and not to forget unlimited portability. This is available at LapGear for $30.

Comfy slippers for home-office commute

The best part of working from home is wearing anything and everything that makes you feel comfortable. Which makes these comfy moccasins for men and women perfect work from home gifts for your friends and family members. These moccasins are super warm, fluffy, with durable outsoles for making a quick trip to the mailbox. You can find these in various color options and two widths.

A white noise machine 

The only drawback of a home office is the amount of distraction and noise happening around you. There is so much going on, from the rumble of cars to kids playing outside and repairing next doors. It is time to help your work from home friend block all the outside noise using the LectroFan White noise machine for better concentration.

This device is not only for good sleep; it is a powerful mask to cover all the noises. White noise helps people to relax and focus more, something which we all need these days. 

A headset for better sound on video calls

A headset is a must-have work from home accessories and the most practical gifts. Buy this Jabra Evolve 75 is a great headset to make phone calls and video meetings worth $200.

This headset comes with active noise cancellation and the best microphone you will ever test. If the giftee does not own a good pair of noise-canceling headphones or a mic, then they will love this 2-in-1 headset device. No more worries about poor sound quality during video calls in meetings.

A plant friend to boost productivity.

Looking for the best gifts for office employees and staff? This might be it. Having a houseplant is always a great idea; it brightens up space and boosts productivity, and brings positivity. You can find a wide choice of indoor plants that are both beginners friendly and pet-friendly. The Sill is a great site that also makes gifting plants super easy, whether the giftee lives 8 miles or 800 miles away.

A beautiful coffee mug 

We all have coffee mugs at home, but this is unlike any other mug that you own. The ceramic coffee mugs made by Hasami are hand made in Japan and are designed to last a lifetime. These are the best gifts for employees who are working from home. Each of these curates individual art work, and the best part is that these are microwave safe, stackable, and you can buy a matching tray.

Sumptuous snacks basket

Even though you might be just four steps away from your kitchen at your home office but all can appreciate delicious snack basket gifts. After all, who doesn’t like to save a little energy and avoid having to make meals? If you know someone who deserves good work from home gifts for all the hard work they are doing, send them this snack basket from Zingerman’s The Weekender. They will always have something to munch on when they will run out of things to eat in the pantry. This gift box is full of sweet treats and savory snacks like nut free chocolate brownie, artisan bread loaf, peanut brittle, caramel stuffed brownie, cheddar cheese, beef sticks, and sour cream coffee cake.

Fresh-roasted artisan coffee

If your giftee is a coffee lover, then nothing will please them more than a fresh supply of high-end coffee beans. You can give your coffee-loving friend a subscription to MistoBox coffee beans, offering more than 50 different types of beans to choose from. Three bean boxes are worth $60. 

You will also get the option to choose how many deliveries you want, and the giftee can choose their favorite roast and type of beans before the shipping. Each box has a 12-ounce bag that can brew 24 cups of hot coffee. So you will have them covered for a lot of work from home days.

New teas to try for all-day sipping

If your friend or family members are not fans of coffee, then the best tea subscription is a great gifting option as well. There are an endless variety of teas to choose from, and this why the tea of the month club is here to help you pick the best one and warm your hearts.

You can give an Adagio Teas 6/12 month subscription of oolong, white, herbal, green, decaf, black teas. The quality of tea the brand offers is superb. 

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A tabletop bookcase

The handmade bookcase is both a beautiful and practical gift to showcase hardcover covers or LPs artfully. This is one of the best work from home accessories to decorate the desk that doubles up as work and play. This bookcase is only 17 by 13 by 10 inches making it an ideal size to keep anywhere in your home or office.

A desk lamp to brighten the day.

You can find plenty of table lamps in the market, but there is something unique about this one. If your work from a home friend has an aesthetically pleasing thing, then they will love such gifts. 

The Bentley LED Desk Lamp is both beautiful and functional at the same time. It has a sleek design with a sturdy body and warm light, which feature three different brightness settings and are easy to use touch sensitive controls. This minimalist lamp releases a small footprint making it perfect for almost every desk.

A wireless charger and pen holder

If you are looking for useful work from home accessories, then you might have found one right now. Sometimes tech accessories may seem unnecessary or extra until you try them personally. 

This wireless charger will amaze your friend when they experience the convenience of powering their phone just by keeping it on the charging pad. 

Unlike other plastic or metal wireless chargers, this Veelink bamboo wireless charger has an attractive design and is a must-have desk accessory. You can even organize small office supplies like scissors and pens.

A personalized desk calendar

Everyone can enjoy a little desk decoration every now and then. Help your friend customize their work from home desk with the best customizable gifts. This Shutterfly Easel Calendar comes with a photo uploading option. These calendars have high-quality printing making them the best photo-book service and personalized gift option. Unlike any other desk calendars, the wooden stand and calendar card can take up a little space. However, these Gifts for your office staff will always remind them of their favorite boss. 

Flattering flannel PJs

Some people just don’t want to get out of their comfy PJs, which keeps them warm and cozy the entire day. If your giftee is like that, then you can give them these softest flannel PJs for a comfortable home office environment. These are available in classic plaids and various sizes. 

Comfy support for the feet

Sitting on a desk for long hours is extremely uncomfortable, why not give something thoughtful like a comfortable footrest for the hard worker. Your work from home friends deserve comfy office gifts, and this ErgoFoam footrest is the best option. It is worth $40, and you can find it online on their site.

This will help them sit in ergonomically correct positions even when the desk is not appropriate, which is mostly the case. This footrest comes with a plushy surface, which feels awesome under your feet all day long.

Final Words:

Getting used to the new normal will take some time. While we are at it the best thing to do right now is giving some best work from home gifts to our loved ones to appreciate their hard work and bring a smile to their faces. This guide has plenty of gifting options to suit every giftee and their requirements. 

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