Best Ways to Hang Posters Without Damaging Your Beautiful Wall

Best Ways to Hang Posters Without Damaging Your Beautiful Wall

Framed and unframed posters are the best and most affordable way to decorate a wall. However, in order to make them look best, you need to hang them properly so that they look fantastic and stay in one place. Here is an article with the best ways to hang posters to give a beautiful touch to your living space. 

Whether you want to hang the poster in a rental property, office, or your own house, it is better to hang it without damaging the wall. Different methods of hanging posters like duct tape, nails, or staples can damage your wall and spoil the overall outcome. So, how to hang posters without frames? Continue reading the article to find out. 

Preparation for Hanging Poster

Before handing in a poster and finding out the best ways to hang the poster, it is better to prepare your wall. Below mentioned are a few things to prepare for hanging a poster. 

Wash Your Hands

Before you start hanging the poster, it is essential to clean your hands. Our hands and fingers have normal oils present on the skin. Washing your hands can help you to make sure that you do not level fingerprints or smudges on the poster. Clean hands important for photo and glossy quality posters. 

Prepare Your Poster

After cleaning your hands, the next step for how to hang up posters is to prepare the poster. For this, take your poster and lay it on a clean flat surface; keep the printed side facing up. 

In order to remove the furling present on the corners of the poster, weigh down each corner for a few hours. 

You can use candles, books, or any other clean heavy object to put on the poster. If the poster is thick, then you will have to weigh it down for a longer lime-like 12 to 24 hours. 

Choose the Spot

Now the question is, where you want to hang the poster? You can hang the poster anywhere you want, but make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, as it can lead the poster to fade away quickly. 

The surface or walls where you want to hang the poster could be of different texture, and it can affect the hanging process and method. Highly textured walls like cinder, brick, or walls with a rough texture or paint make the hanging process more difficult. Smooth walls are a good choice when using removable adhesive. 

Clean the Hanging Surface

The next step is to clean the hanging surface. No matter which method you use to hang the poster, if the hanging surface is not clean, everything is in vain. You can clean the surface using warm water and a rag. In case the pain has more grime or grease, then you can use a mild detergent to clean the surface. Make sure to dry the surface after rinsing it.

When it comes to textured surfaces, they hold more dust and dirt. So make sure to clean it properly. Moreover, let the surface air dry properly before hanging the poster. 

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Best Ways to Hang Posters

After preparing everything, the next question is how to hang the poster without damaging the wall? There are actually different best ways to hang posters. Here are some of the most popular and effective ways of hanging posters. 

Command Strips

One of the best ways to hang posters is to use command strips. They come in different sizes and shapes and one of the most common ways to hang posters. The best advantage of using them is that they do not damage the wall. 

Clean and prepared command strips work best on textured and brick walls. Make sure to use the strips that mention “pull down to remove.” They are less likely to damage the wall and also allow the poster to reuse. When used properly, command strips are an effective and quick way to hang posters without damaging the wall or hanging surface. 

Removable Putty

It is another best way to hang posters. Their best feature is that they do not damage the ganging surface. It is an inexpensive method, and you can easily find removable putty on big-box or hardware stores.

For hanging average-sized posters, you need to put one dot on each corner and a few dots on the middle of the poster. In the case of large posters, you need to put extra dost on the edges and in the middle. When using this method for hanging posters, make sure not to put too much putty as it can lead to visible bumps in your poster. 

Velcro Tabs 

Velcro tab is also known as loop or hook. It is one of the best ways to hang posters that are large or heavier. It is a peel and stick option and does not damage your wall. Velcro tabs are a perfect choice for heavier options as they are not as flat loke the double-sided poster tape. You can easily find velcro tabs at most of the stores. 

Poster Tape

Another best way to hang posters is poster tape. These tapes are particularly designed to hang posters on your wall. They are less expensive and can be easily found in stores. It is a double-sided tape with minimum adhesive in order to minimize the damage caused to the wall.

When using poster tape, stick it only on the edges of the poster. Moreover, clean the hanging surface before using this tape. 

Hangers and Frames

If you are planning to hang a framed poster, then it’s better to use an adhesive that offers more sturdiness as compared to the strip of a normal mounting tape. You can also use universal frame hangers for hanging the posters with frames. 

Final Words

Posters can completely change the look of your home. They are the best and the most affordable options to add a new touch to your living space. Now that you know the best ways to hang posters, what are you waiting for? Beautify your space, and do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 


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