Adult Pajama Party Ideas to Host a Rocking Slumber Party

Adult Pajama Party Ideas to Host a Rocking Slumber Party

Bored of the regular everyday routine? If yes, then take a break with a pajama party. Now you must be thinking that slumber parties are so kiddo. Trust me, you are wrong. You can host an adult pajama party to reenact wonderful memories and relieve stress from an overwhelmed life. Continue reading the article to find out some amazing adult pajama party ideas.

Adult Pajama Party Ideas

You are never too old for a pajama party. It is the best way to have some fun and take a break from overbooked life. There are some challenges to host an adult pajama party. In order to make it easy for you, we have made a list of everything you need for the party, including pajama party themes, food options, and favors. 

Planning the Pajama Party

In order to throw a pajama party, the first thing to consider is to plan everything. 

Date and Location

When throwing a pajama party, it is essential to choose the right date. You should opt for a day when all your guests are free. Consider having a party on Saturday or Friday as most people will have the next day off. 

The best idea for location is to throw a house party. It will allow you to manage things according to your comfort, and you can have command over all the arrangements adequately. 

Guest List

While making the guest list, you need to decide whether you are planning to invite close friends or family members. If you are inviting guests of both genders, you will have to provide them separate sleeping areas. Ask your guests to come in pajamas. 


One most exciting part of the slumber party is pajama party invitations. You can either send messages to everyone or can also send an email. One best idea is to make a video for invitations and send them to your guests. Make sure to ask your guests for RSVP so that you can have an idea about how many people are attending the party. 

Adult Pajama Party Themes

Choosing a theme for a pajama party can be fun. It can help you to make decisions about decoration, color scheme, and food options. Moreover, it will also help you make a list of fun sleepover games to include in your party. Here are some fun adult pajama party ideas and themes.


Who doesn’t want to get treated like celebrities? Everyone loves to have the feel of rich and famous, even if it is for a single night. So, one of the best adult pajama party ideas is to throw a Hollywood-themed party.  

All you need to do is rent a projector, screen and make a stock of classic movies and songs for fun. In addition to this, roll out a red carpet or roll a red paper on the entrance so that the guests can walk on it and have the royale feel. You can also ask the guests to come in their best Hollywood styles. Moreover, remember to keep a camera to click some amazing photos. You can make it more fun by throwing an outdoor party

Tech-Free Night

See around you, and all you will find is people with eyes stuck on their devices. It shows how much we all are addicted to technology and especially our phones. So, an amazing adult pajama party idea is to host a tech-free night. 

Ask all your friends to leave their phones at home. It will allow everyone to connect with each other in a better way. Moreover, it is the best way to forget everything and live the moment.

You can include the best adult card games and board games to make the party entertaining and fun. Make sure to provide a landline number to all the guests so their family members can contact them in the case of an emergency. 

Blind Date Party

Want to make your party more interesting? Plan a blind date party, and trust me, it will be fun. Invite all your single friends of both genders. Arrange quiet corners to allow the guests to talk. Play some light music, provide a place to dance, and include some get-to-know games in the party. This is an amazing idea to have some fun at the party while making new friends. In order to make the party more cozy and interesting, you can host a bonfire party with a blind date theme. 

Netflix and Chill Party

Nothing is better than some blankets, popcorn, and Netflix. We all love Netflix and chill nights, Host a pajama party and ask your friend to come in their most comfy outfits. Make a list of the best movies to watch. Provide some popular snacks like pizza, popcorn, and theater candy. 

When selecting the movies to watch, ask your guests to vote so that you end up watching something that everyone likes. You can include animes on Netflix in your list if you people are fans of anime. The main motive of this party is to hang out with friends and just relax. 

Social Media Challenge Party

Social media is full of entertaining and fun things. Gather your friends and spend time while completing the funny social media challenges. Make sure to choose the challenges that are safe. Make videos and take photos of each other pulling a prank on someone.

Some of the safe challenges include Whisper, Try Not to Laugh, or Mannequin Challenge. Avoid challenges that could put your property or guests in danger. For decorations, use popular social media logos, or you can make posters of famous hashtags. It is one of the best adult pajama party ideas. 

Pajama Party Decoration Ideas

If you decide not to choose a specific theme for the pajama party, then you do not have to think too much about the decoration. Here are some best pajama party decoration ideas. 

  • Make large pillows and provide everyone with warm blankets. In addition to this, add some cozy sofas and lounge chairs so that everyone can relax. 
  • Choose a color scheme like pastels, gold, black or white. Use this color to purchase basic party supplies. 
  • Use colorful balloons and fresh flowers to liven up the party. 
  • Put some fluffy plush rugs for everyone with their blankets and pillows.
  • Use nightlights to light the entire space. In case you are throwing an outdoor party, use lanterns with LED candles. 

Pajama Party Food Options

When it comes to throwing an adult pajama party, the most difficult thing to decide is the menu. Depending on the timing of your party, you will have to provide three to four meals and snacks to your guests. When deciding the menu, make sure to consider the dietary restrictions for all the guests. Here are some adult pajama party ideas to finalize the food options. 

Hire a Food Truck

If you are not in the mood to cook and have a big budget, then you can hire a food truck. Choose the one that specializes in Greek or Mexican foods. In fact, you can also hire a food truck that specializes in donuts and cookies to provide late-night snack choices to your guest. Ask your favorite food trucks if they are available to hire. 

Select Easy Dinner Options

If you have invited your guests at dinner time, then you will have to provide them a meal. In this case, pizza is always a perfect choice. It is inexpensive, and most people enjoy it. If you are throwing a bonfire party, then you can have a barbecue outdoors. You can also ask your guests to contribute by hosting a potluck.  


Snacks are the soul of an adult pajama party. They are a must while playing games, watching movies, or simply sitting around and talking. Below mentioned are some adult pajama party ideas for snacks. 

  • Cupcakes
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Potato chips
  • Meat and cheese trays
  • Fruit trays
  • Chocolate candies
  • French fries

Breakfast Foods

You can serve different types of breakfasts at the pajama party. Below mentioned are some breakfast choices.

  • One best option is a breakfast buffet with hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, sausages, and pastries. It is the best and easy option. 
  • Omelet bar is also a great choice. It is perfect if you have an open kitchen so that guests can help you with the work. 
  • You can also include cereals in the breakfast. Make sure to provide different varieties of milk so that guests with lactose intolerance also have a choice. 

Activities for Adult Pajama Party

When throwing an adult pajama party, it is important to keep the guests entertained. You can do a lot of things like setting up a photo booth, playing card games, or dancing. Some classy pajama party game choices include board games and Truth or Dare. If you want to make the party more memorable, then include some harmless pranks. Make sure not to cause harm or stress to anyone. Some fun adult party activities include:

  • Retro video games
  • Cookie bake-off challenge with teams
  • Board games 
  • Wooden board painting
  • Sleepover games 
  • Photobooth
  • Dancing on retro songs

Favor Ideas for Pajama Party

No party is complete without a party favor. It is always a good idea to provide some small gifts to the guests to make everyone feel special. This adult pajama party idea will also make everything memorable. 

  • Items related to pajama parties like nightcaps, pillowcases, and soft socks 
  • Personal hygiene items like toothbrushes or toothpaste
  • Jars full of candies and cookies
  • Small containers full of midnight munchies
  • Coffee mugs

Final Words

Throwing a slumber party with the right adult pajama party ideas can be really fun. However, it also requires a lot of panning. With the right planning, you can throw an amazing pajama party. Trust me; it is the best way to take a break from overbooked life and have some good time with your friends. Now throw a party and share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 


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