Best Cat Repellent Methods To Keep Them Away From Your Garden

Best Cat Repellent Methods To Keep Them Away From Your Garden

Cats have a reputation of cleanliness freak, but they can make quite a mess when it comes to your garden or home. Unwanted stray cats can make your garden their personal litter shop or even a mating calling card. Not only this, they can dig up the plant beds and cause havoc to your garden plants. Even if you have a pet cat with a bad habit of spilling all over the house and scratching furniture, it is a sign that you need a good cat repellent to rescue.

In this article, we have mentioned harmless cat deterrent methods. From commercial cat repellent sprays to sticky strips, cat repellent plants to ultrasonic devices, we have included it all in this article.

Cat Repellent Methods To Keep Cats Away

Can’t figure out which cat deterrent method to pick? We are here to help. We have included all types of methods you can use to keep the cats out of your yard and furniture safe.

Odor Barriers

Creating odor barriers can be the most successful natural cat repellent method for your yard. Cats are highly sensitive to smell; humans have 5 million smell receptors, whereas cats have 200 million smell receptors. You can buy various commercial cat repellent spray that uses odor barriers to discourage cats. Cat repellent products made with the scents of predators like fox, coyote, and bobcat will keep the cats out of your yard.

There are certain cat repellent plants as well that cats dislike. Coleus Canina or Scaredy Cat plants is one such plant that is very useful in keeping the cats and dogs away from your landscape. Lavender, rue, and pennyroyal some other cat repellent plants. You plant them in pots close to your other garden plants.

Cats also hate the smell of dried blood and citrus. One great natural cat repellent method is to peel off limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit in the garden. You can also use mothballs and cayenne pepper flakes.

Physical Barriers

Another great cat repellent method is to make use of physical barriers like the chicken wire on top of mulch or soil across the planting bed. Cats dislike chicken wires or any bristly material. You can cut holes using wire cutters big enough to accommodate your plants.

For mulching, use pine cones with sharp edges, eggshells, holly cuttings, and Evan stone mulch. Cats dig loose soil and then poop, but these rough materials covering the soil bed will put them off. To cover other areas, you can use plastic carpet runners by keeping the nub side up, which will help in discouraging cats from lounging or perching.

Water Repellent

Water also acts as a type of physical barrier that is like kryptonite to them. Wherever you see cats in a forbidden area, squirt water at them using a water gun. This will give them a notion that they have to stay out of the planting bed. However, it is impossible to sit in your garden the whole day with a water gun; you can install a scarecrow sprinkler that detects the intruder and automatically blasts water.

Sound Barriers

Just like smell receptors, cats also have a higher hearing range than humans. You can buy Cat Stop, an electronic cat deterrent device that works at high frequency, which is inaudible to humans but is unbearable for cats. It comes with a motion sensor that detects intruders and gives off the high-frequency sound, which scares off the cat.

Cat repellent devices use sounds to keep cats away from your yard. If you don’t want to buy this device, you can use natural cat repellent methods by keeping some pebbles or marbles in an empty can that will irritate the cat when it walks on the fence. Wind chimes or sensitive balls also work really well.

Make Your Area Unattractive to Cats

It is important to keep your property, garden, and yard clean and decluttered to reduce unwanted visits from wandering cats and strays.

Smells Attract Cats

Avoid feeding your pets outdoors in the yard. Food smell is the major attraction for cats. If you have used an outdoor grill, take time to clean it thoroughly to get rid of any food bits and minimize food smell. Keep the trash bins secure so that they do not go on rummaging through the dustbins.

Other Cat Attractors

Cats also love to stalk and prey for fun. Keep your yard inhospitable for critters that have chances of attracting cats. Clear away clutter that can breed mice and small prey that will be fun for cats to pursue. Cover up any holes or cracks giving access to the garage, sheds, or any area under the Porche or decks. Keep the bird feeders away on higher altitudes or someplace where cats can’t see.

List of some of the best cat repellents

Here Are some of the best commercial cat repellent products that you can buy online or from any nearby pet store.

 Pet MasterMind Cat Spray

If you are sick of getting your favorite couch scratched by your pet cat, use this pet MasterMind Cat spray. This is specially formulated using natural ingredients and is a non-staining cat repellent spray that will prevent your cat from scratching unwanted places. 

The ingredient list includes passionflower, jasmine, and cat pheromones so you can safely go to your workplace without worrying about your couch. You can spray it directly on any area where you don’t want your cat to sit, and the product will start working immediately. 

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent

If you are looking for the best cat deterrent that comes in an easy-to-use spray form, then give this product a try. PetSafe Pet Deterrent spray is motion-activated that will detect whenever the pet is in three feet range and will spray automatically. It saves you from the task of remembering to re-spray to keep your cat away.

One bottle lasts for 80 to 100 sprays, and the formulation is odor-free and safe to use indoors. This is one of the smartest and easiest ways to set boundaries for the cat if you want to keep them off furniture or a room in the house.

The motion sensor in this cat repellent spray is reliable, and you can cheaply replace the new refill bottle. This product works equally well outside to keep raccoons and other animals at bay.

Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent

Nature’s mace is another best cat repellent that is meant to be used in outdoor areas. You can spray the concentrate, and it will make things that come in contact with it unappealing to cats’ senses. This product is ideal for yards and lawns and can also be used in the basement.

You can safely use this cat deterrent spray around people and plants. The effectiveness of the spray lasts for up to a week.

Repellex Systemic Animal Repellent Tablets

Not all plants are pet-friendly house plants. You may have some plants in your garden that can be toxic to cats and your other pets. If you want to keep your cat away from these plants, Systemic Animal Repellent Tablets will do the trick. This repellent works effectively on a lot of furries and animals, including rodents, deer, etc.

This product is formulated using capsaicin, a natural component from chili peppers that helps to prevent cats from chewing on plants. You have to bury the tablets close to the growing plant and let them absorb into the plant’s roots to let it work for at least a year.

One bottle of tablets can last for 75-120 plants. This is the best natural cat repellent product to avoid unwanted munching without causing damage to the plant’s growth.

Wiko Ultrasonic Repeller Solar-Powered Animal Repeller

This is a very effective Animal Repeller from Wikomo that keeps outdoor stray cats away from your landscape without the use of any chemicals. It comes with an attached motion sensor that catches critters approaching and leaves ultrasonic sound and flashlights to scare off the cats and other animals. 

This repeller will help to keep the cats out of your yard. It does not come with pesticides or chemicals and runs on solar energy, so there are no more worries about AA battery expenses. You can either hang it on the fence or push it into the ground and change the frequency setting depending on the animal you want to keep away from your lawn. This product is 100 percent waterproof and comes with a money-back guarantee for six months if the customer is unsatisfied. 

Sticky Paws Furniture Strips

Another very effective cat deterrent product is sticky paw furniture. We all love our pet cats, but that does not mean we can let them ruin our couch by endless scratching. This sticky paws strip is your new best friend if you face the same problem with your cat. 

Cats hate the feeling of tacky or sticky material, so as soon as they feel the sticky strips when jumping on the couch, it will turn them off. This adhesive can be used on every piece of furniture or carpet and discourage your fuzzy pet from clawing or pawing.

One pack contains 24 strips measuring 2 x 24 inches. You have to replace the strips after 2-3 months. The best part is that these strips are 100 percent transparent, so nobody would notice them.


Final Words:

No one likes unwanted stray cat guests in their lawn and garden; this is why cat repellent methods come in handy. There are various ways to deter cats from your property. From natural cat repellent to motion sensors, commercial products, and ultrasonic devices, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Now no more worrying about cats causing damage to your plants or your furniture.


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