Best Indoor Plant Pots To Buy Online

Best Indoor Plant Pots To Buy Online

Filling your house with beautiful green plants is the best and cheapest way of adding life to space. However, finding great-looking indoor plant pots can be a challenge. You want them to be stylish yet functional at the same time. Fortunately, we have some cute and modern indoor house plant pots that will make your greenery outshine the rest of your decor. 

Whether you are in search of something boho, colorful, modern, or high-tech, we have a perfect planter for you on this list. Let’s check them out.

Best Indoor Plant Pots

If you are looking to make an upgrade in your greenery scenes, then all you need is the right planters or pots. To save you the time and hassle of choosing from so many options, we have listed some of the best indoor house plant pots that you can find online.

Fox & Fern Fiberstone Plant Pot

Hands down, one of our favorite indoor house plant pots is from Fox and Fern. They shine out from all the others because of their lightweight built and sleek design. Even though it may look like a ceramic or stone, it is made with clay and fiberglass, making it easier to move and keep it light in weight.

These modern indoor planters can be easily kept on a tabletop or floor or maybe on a plant stand, wherever you like. You can choose from four neutral color options, including white and black with gold accents or simple matte white. It comes with a drain plug which can be opened as well as sealed.

The one major downside of these indoor house plant pots is the wide lip that reduces the overall diameter. If you are ordering these, you may want to size up to be on the safer side.

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West Elm Mid-Century Standing Planter

If you are in search of modern-looking indoor planters with stands, then look no further. This West Elm Mid-century Leg planter has a timeless design that fits right into your house and gives your pot plants a sturdy place.

You have options to choose from various large and wide indoor plant pots with short stands or maybe narrower pots on top stands. The indoor planters are made with glazed, smooth ceramic for a durable and water-resistant pot. 

The stand is made of solid wood featuring four legs for support. However, these houseplant pots do not have drainage, so you may want to cut back on overwatering and choose to double pot instead to minimize root rot.

Cole & Mason Indoor Self-Watering Planter

Some of the very cute indoor herb plant pots are from Cole & Mason to give you fresh herbs every day. These self-watering planters are designed especially for herbs and are made of carbon steel with a felt pad.

These indoor planters are covered to minimize evaporation and have a built-in reservoir with a capacity of 10-ounce water. The felt pads let the plants draw as much water as needed. This plant pot set includes four planters and comes in a compact size, which makes it ideal for small kitchens. 

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Umbra Trigg

If you are in search of indoor hanging plant pots, then check out Umbra Trigg. These cute plant pots look so unique and eye-catching when mounted on the walls. Such modern-looking indoor planters are perfect for succulents and ferns. These have vertical configuration, which is why they have limited size options. 

Wall-mounted pots are ideal for small-sized plants with shallow roots. These house plant pots do not come with drainage holes, so be careful with the plant you keep in them. The planters are perfect for decorating bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and other rooms with limited space. You can get them in small sizes as well as coordinating with your tabletop.

Lechuza Classico Self-Watering Indoor Planter

Suppose you are into self-watering indoor house plant pots to reduce the hassle and chances of houseplant care. The planters are equipped with water reserves and water level indicators to make sure your plants are never thirsty without you having to water them every day. 

This German brand is well-known for making self-watering houseplants. 21.5 centimeters in diameter, the Lechuza version is ideal for small to medium-sized houseplants.

Consumers say that they need to water the plants only once in 1 to 3 weeks depending on the size and type of plants. They also like the easy-to-read water level indicator, making sure they never forget to fill in the water reservoir. 

Pottery Barn Concrete Fluted Planter

Another great and sturdy indoor pot planter is from Pottery Barn, which is perfect for tall plants. This broad-based pot ticks all the boxes and comes with a large capacity of 17.2 5 gallons of water for big plants.

This planter is made of fiber cement, which is glass-reinforced concrete. These indoor house pot plants are lightweight in comparison to clay and concrete planters of small size. You can get different sized pots with drainage holes, and thanks to the waterproof finish, these are appropriate to be used both outdoors as well as indoors.

Amazon Basics Hanging Planter

If you wish to create a plant gallery wall in your house, you should definitely check out the modern indoor planters from amazon basics. The planters can be attached to the wall instead of hanging them from the ceiling. These indoor hanging plant pots will make a great addition to your house decor.

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Peach & Pebble Wood Plant Stand with Ceramic Planter

If you enjoy the mid-century vibe in your house, then you need to get these mid-century themed large indoor plant pots. It comes with a freestanding wooden stand and 10-inch ceramic planter, so you will not have to worry about finding a pot that fits. This planter will make a great choice for showcasing statement plants like a monstera or fiddle leaf fig. 

BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

These unique and cute plant pots from BlueMake look so pretty in the house. These baskets are made from woven seagrass, which gives a natural look. It also has handles, making it easier to move it around no matter what you plant in them.

LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters 

We all have used round planters in the house; try this tall planter to add a unique element to your house. The narrow and tall pots nicely compliment the shape of the snake plant. You can even get them in a set of two for a display at the entryway or your front porch.

GeLive Hexagon Rose Gold Succulent Planter, 

If you are into metallics and shapes, then this rose gold hexagonal pot from GeLive is all you need. This may look very millennial, but the geometric shape will make your favorite succulent pop. Place it in front of a windowsill where the angels will catch the light and make it pop even more.

SAROSORA Ceramic Flower Pots

Another very modern indoor platter is from SARASOTA. At first look, it may look like a delicate cane; however, it is made with ceramic which makes it sturdy and trendy. This is sized perfectly to keep the window sill and add a nice touch to your home office desk.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a cute-looking indoor planter from these indoor plant pots and revamp your house decor.


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