Top 14 Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Your Backyard

Top 14 Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Your Backyard

Want to redesign your boring backyard to make it look more attractive? These fantastic small outdoor kitchen ideas will give you the inspiration you need to start the arrangements for your dream layout. It includes everything from an easy DIY setup to a completely built kitchen. 

If you have space in your backyard, then check out the best small outdoor kitchen designs perfect with seating areas, bars, grills, and storage. This list has all the outdoor kitchen ideas with permanent and retractable roofs and windows; you can enjoy this kitchen in any weather.

Many of these kitchens have some exciting features that will make the backyard different, like fire pits and pizza ovens. All your friends and neighbors will desire to come over for a barbecue party. 

List of Outdoor Kitchen Design

When the weather is pleasant and warm, then there is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal outside. With these small outdoor kitchen ideas, you can enjoy and prepare your food under the glittering stars or warm sun. So here are some of the best outdoor kitchen designs for your backyard. 


If you can not bear the heat, then move the kitchen to your backyard. There are several things that we love about this concrete outdoor kitchen. It is a simple yet modern decoration with its concrete shape and plant decoration. 

In addition, you can hang the deer antlers at the top of the kitchen, too; it adds a touch of a rustic look to a lovely modern kitchen. And it has a deep farmhouse style kitchen sink. 


Are you ready for the cooking challenge in an outdoor kitchen? Apart from the modern and smooth decorative of a challenger designed kitchen, there are more features than these. As per online research, many companies feature weatherproof cabinets that are designed and installed to customize the backyard space into a beautiful outdoor kitchen area. 

Many people love the kitchen white cabinet paired with the wooden floor, though this style is new, and many loved it. You can add the ceiling fan to the outdoor kitchen area for a delightful look. 


Stones and sticks can do more than simply breaking the bones; it can be the best exterior design for an outdoor kitchen. So what do you think about this stone and wooden kitchen? Well, it is so unique and so decorative, and you use the grill as the centerpiece. 

Many love the idea of a trellis hangs above the grill and stone surrounds each side of the kitchen. Though this is not the full kitchen, you can design this kitchen anywhere in your backyard, even on the small deck also.  


Well, this is the type of outdoor kitchen we would love to have. This outdoor kitchen design comes with electric and plumbing features. This kitchen can not be used for more than seven months (if you are lucky) because it needs service every year to keep it functional. This kitchen has a rustic brick ambiance, and the grill is built into the base of the kitchen itself. 

Plus, this kitchen comes with an exposed wood ceiling. You can utilize this outdoor kitchen for a long time if it is maintained and serviced properly. If you want to add some entertainment, then you can use the flat screen tv.   


This outdoor kitchen with a fridge is one of the best choices for your backyard area. It looks like a modern style outdoor kitchen. This kitchen with a fridge is the best option for your backyard barbeque set up. It looks way cooler, and it is a more decorative one. You will love the furniture style they use; this kitchen comes with a smoky-grey color and bamboo-like surface, which perfectly matches the grill.  


Many people love cedar; it is one of the best-preferred styles of foundation or furniture. This all-wood kitchen is an excellent setup. You can use the cedar wood for the cabinets or as the kitchen’s foundation, and you can create the grill in the kitchen. It also comes with a privacy screen that adds a relaxing vibe to the area.   



A layout of modern rustic at it is finest with this small outdoor kitchen. This white outdoor kitchen setup looks snowy. The kitchen deck can be cleaned easily, the cabinets look white, the small bar with stools combined, and the grill is built into the kitchen base. Plus, you can add the window to the bar area.  



This white brick backyard kitchen is beautiful, bold looking with a modern design, and it has plenty of spaces for the grill. Well, the kitchen is focused on the grill, though it has some touches of decoration. In addition, the metal grill pairs well with the wooden floor. 


This outdoor kitchen is one of the most luxurious kitchens you will ever see. It comes with a heated pool, outdoor shower, fully intact appliances, a grill, a fresco machine, and a beautiful relaxation space. The cabinets come with a beautiful light brown color, with a stunning big grill and matching floor. 



All of the plants that can look beautiful with this modern outdoor kitchen will surely give you the outdoor vibe feeling. This pizza oven backyard kitchen is surrounded by textural foliage, green plants, and a nature-like calming atmosphere. This kitchen looks modern with a rustic and charming expensive feel. It is unique and minimalist while having the decor factor.


The grill is on fire! The base of this outdoor grilling station/kitchen is absolutely amazing. You will love the patterned flooring, floor to grill ratio, and the grill is built into the stone base. This kitchen is the perfect setup for parties, a day spent outside in the summer, and a family get-together. It is rusticly modern; many people love this style yet easy enough to work in the kitchen without any distraction.


You can create an outdoor kitchen that looks more stunning by just adding one plain and nearly inexpensive item. Well, the backsplash is best for this kitchen! The white and grey colors’ geometric patterns give such a different and exciting look to an otherwise simple yet striking kitchen. It has dark circular decor too. 



Raising a roof with this outdoor kitchen design. Just think of adding a roof to an outdoor kitchen to make the kitchen better and more effective. There are many reasons to have a roof over the outdoor kitchen because it provides protection against different types of weather conditions. 

Many people want to grill in the rainy season, so the roof will protect from rain, and you can enjoy the cooking. This roof also keeps the kitchen’s furniture dry and safe, and you can add extra decor to the roof. A simple metal roof pairs with the brown, grey, and white rocked appliances.


Well, the grill is the centerpiece, and to the right, it comes with a sink to the kitchen. You will get more counter space in this outdoor kitchen, making it a more effective and modern looking kitchen. The best part is that the grill has its own backsplash to it. And you will see the slightly curved stone surrounding it, which gives the decor factor. This kitchen is simple yet beautiful, perfect for the grill masters.

Final Words

It does not end here; there are more small outdoor kitchen ideas for your backyard. Creating an outdoor kitchen in your backyard can let you enjoy nature with family and friends, and it makes an adaptable area for dining seating. 

Plus, you can choose a stand-alone grill, kitchen cart, kitchen island, and prepare and as well as serve, so that you can move freely in the space. Moreover, if you are planning to do some renovation for your kitchen, then here are some small kitchen renovation ideas. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

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