8 Best Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

8 Best Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

Using outdoor deck lighting ideas can increase the comfort level when you sit outside. It increases security and safety and makes the space more beautiful and welcoming. As the sun sets, you can still stay outside and enjoy the deck with well-designed lighting ideas that minimize brightness and energy use.

 A deck can be an enchanting place at night. It is where the best-barbecued dinners are served, candles are ignited and memories are created. So we will talk about the details of the best deck lighting here, but remember that the art of how it is set together makes all the difference.

What to Illuminate

Deck lighting can be effective when used for safety purposes, and shine on the outdoor dining area. It can be used at various levels on steps along the railings, and to highlight the landscaping. Also, you can add architectural features or the spa, fountain, or pool. It can also make a certain atmosphere or mood for special occasions.

Deck and step path lights have different functions: to safely illuminate throughout the yard and deck. Also, they help to improve the appearance from indoors at night.

Types of Fixtures

The most famous types of deck lighting and areas to light includes:

  • Steps: The good fixture includes flush mounts, surface mounts, weatherproof strip LED lights, path lights.
  • Uplights or Spot: These can be used to lighten the paths, create drama by spotlighting plant forms, etc.
  • Downlights: It is designed to be anchored to the walls, patio roofs, eaves, or trees.
  • Balusters: Lightened balusters for railings that are designed to install or replace existing balusters during new deck construction.
  • Rail lights and post caps: Decorative lighting fixtures that can be attached to rails or posts.


While many landscape lighting is contemporary and it works with a mixture of architectural styles, special fixtures are available for certain types such as colonial, Mediterranean, mid-century, and craftsman modern. When it comes to illuminating, hold the urge to go for the eclectic appearance, unless it shows the character of the home’s exterior and interior.

Best Outdoor Deck Lighting

If you want a secure environment along with the desired style, then here are the best porch lighting ideas.

String Lighting

This lighting is currently a popular item for outdoor decor. The string light is quite simple to install. They can install almost anywhere, provided the outlet is available. Moreover, this light is best for any DIY deck lighting project.

However, the downside is that they do not last as long as the other options. They do need to be replaced more often than the other options.

Pool Deck Lighting

If the deck is near to the pool, then this lighting is best for the pool deck. For this, you will need sufficient bright light to give safety to everyone in and out of a pool. Also, you can use the above deck lighting choices. For best lighting view, you can use deck posts and recessed lights as it gives clear boundaries.

Rope Lighting

Another best option for the deck is rope lighting. It is not expensive and is simple to install. This lighting does not have a custom appearance of the individual fixtures of different options. However, it can be pretty beautiful if it is properly and carefully installed. Also, remember that you will need to conceal the bulbs.

Deck Post Lights

This is the most affordable illumination deck post option. The light is faced downwards at the deck. It provides lights to the railing and around the area. Deck post lights are simple to install and give a subtle ambiance to the place.

Deck post lights come in various shapes, colors, and styles. They also come in plastic, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum options. Making them a very beautiful choice on posts.

Deck Railing Lights

Well, steps are not only the place you want the light for safety. You might want to install the lights on a railing post, or under the railing. Under the railing is the best way to hide the bulbs while sitting down.

Recessed Deck Lighting

If you are going for a secure environment along with the coveted style, then this light is the best option for you.

Recessed lighting is not limited to the deck with the ceilings, as you can sit flush with a deck itself. It is an amazing deck feature. The safety benefit lies with the fact that they install directly above. It also ensures the deck stairs are well visible and lit.

Low Voltage Deck Lighting Ideas

While deciding the style of light to be used, then you might use these types of lights.

Low voltage decks are a popular and common choice for house owners. It has the advantage of fast installation and you also get a variety of style options to choose from.

It also depends on the type of bulb you used, low voltage lights produce soft light. Making a welcoming environment for the deck.

Some people might need transformers to lower the voltage from normal 120 volts to 12 volts. However, it can cost you higher for the initial installation compared to other deck lighting ideas. The maintenance thereafter is less expensive and you will see the return on the investment.

LED Deck Lights

LED light is the best green deck lighting option. This light uses more than 75% less than incandescent bulbs and it also produces less heat.

LED deck lights are very durable, and their lifespan is double that of the traditional lights. So if you are planning for this deck light then this LED light is best for you.

Solar Deck Lights

The use of solar lights is becoming the trend for outdoor lighting. Solar deck lights are available in different varieties according to individual preferences and needs like solar deck rail lights and many more.

It also has a low maintenance cost and it works well without making use of a plug. Also, it is the best option to avoid new wiring.

Solar lights work by charging the battery with solar cells. The charged battery is used to turn the light on and it can last up to 10 hours.

Well, the only drawback to solar deck light is that there might be no options for turning off the light. Many types automatically switch on through the photocell. But, you install the switch for solar lights.

Final Words

Deck lighting ideas are the best option to add safety, security, and beauty. As well as they extend the hours of fun to one of the favorite outdoor spaces. Great deck lighting also gives a comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, if you are planning for an outdoor bar setup, then check out the stylish outdoor bar ideas. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below the comment section.

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