Best Direct Sunlight Plants for Sunny Windows and Balconies

Best Direct Sunlight Plants for Sunny Windows and Balconies

Nowadays, the use of houseplants in modern interior design is gaining remarkable popularity. Houseplants not only make the spaces alive and more appealing but also play an essential role in overall health. You can keep the houseplants in different corners of your house, including sunny windows, to create a certain expression. We have made a list of direct sunlight plants that you can keep in your windows.  

Plants add freshness and beauty to the indoor spaces. However, plants are so much more than just beauty. They help in reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, the best houseplants help in improving the air quality, which is beneficial to manage a healthy environment in the house. One of the best places to keep the plants in your house is the windows. It makes the house more lively and attractive. 

Best Direct Sunlight Plants

If you are a nature lover, then the best idea to decorate your home is houseplants. You can keep the house plants at different places to make your home more comfortable and attractive. In this regard, one best place is sunny windows. Now, you must be thinking that too much sunlight may damage the plants. This is not true for all the plants. 

There are many houseplants that like direct sunlight. They need ample sunlight to thrive. If you have a bright room in your house, then you can make it more comfortable with the below-mentioned direct sunlight plants. 

Jade Tree

Botanical Name: Crassula argentea

Light: Full Sun

Water: Regularly

Jade tree with fleshy and dark green leaves is one of the most popular direct sunlight plants and window plants. It is a perfect choice for spaces with bright conservatories or sunny windowsills. Jade plants require around four hours of sunlight every day. Therefore, they are south-facing window plants as it allows them to get enough sunlight. It is one of the best indoor trees to add a cheerful touch to your home. 

Though the jade plant is succulent, it is not drought-tolerant. Make sure to keep your plant moist by watering it when the soil surface is dry. It will help in preventing the shedding of leaves. One best thing about jade plants is that they can live for decades, so it is better to keep them in heavy pots. 

African Milk Bush

Botanical Name: Euphorbia trigona

Light: Bright indirect

Water: Allow it to dry between the periods of waterings

African milk bush is an unusual-looking plant with often elicits feelings of affection. It is succulent and not cactus, but it has sharp spines, which can make it difficult to repot this window plant. 

African milk bush is a tropical plant. Therefore, if you plan to keep it outdoors in summers, make sure to bring it back in before the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the best window plants for your house.

Pro Tip Make sure to water it periodically as it can not tolerate drought for a long period. 

Sago Palm

Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta

Light: Filtered sun 

Water: Allow the soil to dry between the periods of waterings

When it comes to pet-friendly houseplants, Sago Palm is a Big No. It is a poisonous plant, so you should avoid keeping it in your home if you have pets or children. Sago palm is a cycad and grows slowly, which makes it fits well into contemporary decorating schemes. 

One best thing about this direct sunlight plant is that it rarely shed leaves. Moreover, it does not grow any flowers. Make sure to keep it away from pets or kids. 


Botanical Name: Cyperus papyrus

Light: Full sun

Water: Constant water

Papyrus is one of the best window plants. This direct sunlight plant was used by Egyptians to make paper and build boats. It is an interesting houseplant that likes direct sunlight, which makes it ideal for windows. 

If you want to grow your papyrus plant healthily, then it is better to provide it with constant moisture. It is a pond margin plant; therefore, it is better to keep its roots wet. One good idea to keep this plant healthy is to place the container of this plant in a dish of water. Make sure to change it weekly to avoid the plant from becoming stagnant. 

Aloe Vera

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis

Light: Full sun

Water: Keep it evenly moist

There are different types of aloe plants, but when it comes to direct sunlight plants, Aloe barbadensis is the best. It is a low-maintenance plant that not only adds a decorative touch to your house but also renders health benefits. Aloe vera provides relief for minor burns and cuts and can also be applied directly to the face for glowing skin. 

One best thing about this plant is that it is easy to propagate aloe by repotting pups. Make sure to plant your aloe plant in a heavy terra cot. It will help in supporting the best-heavy growth. Moreover, it will also encourage better air circulation. In order to provide more support to the plant, you can mound soil around its stems. 

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Snake Plant

Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata

Light: Full sun 

Water: Allow the soil to dry between the periods of waterings

It is popular as “impossible-to-kill,” and you can find it in almost all the gardens. It is a perfect choice for people who are new to growing houseplants. Moreover, it is also an ideal choice for people who are too busy to take care of the plants. 

Snake plants thrive amazingly in direct sunlight but can also tolerate shady conditions. If you are lucky enough, your snake plant may grow white flowers. 

It is one of the best feng shui plants as it is considered to bring good luck. The snake plant is considered one of the best protective feng shui plants, which makes it an ideal choice for your house. 

Ponytail Palm

Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata

Light: Full sun to partial sun

Water: Allow the soil to dry between the periods of waterings

Ponytail palm is an easy to grow and long-lived plant, which makes it an ideal choice. It is one of the houseplants that love sunlight. This direct sunlight plant has a swollen trunk and frizzy foliage, which makes it a fun plant to keep in your sunny windows of room or kitchen. It is a succulent plant, so make sure to take care of it properly. Ponytail palm grows slowly, so you will have to repot it once a year. 

The plant not only adds a lush green touch to the home but also cleans toxic gases. It is an air purifying plant that helps to manage a healthy environment.


Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum 

Light: Full sun

Water: Keep the soil moist

If you are looking for plants with colorful leaves, then croton is a perfect choice. Croton is a popular houseplant with widely variegated leaves that have a more yellow, orange, or red color. It is a perfect plant for high-light spots. 

One best thing about croton is that it purifies air adequately, which makes it an ideal choice for indoor houseplants. Their colorful leaves make them as vibrant and lovely as flowers. Croton is one of the direct sunlight plants that do not need overwatering. Water this plant only when the soil surface becomes dry. Croton plants need warm temperatures to survive, and they may die if the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Areca Palm

Botanical Name: Dypsis lutescens

Light: Bright light

Water: Moisture with humidity

You may have seen areca palm plants in the living areas or entryways of various homes. It is one of the best direct sunlight plants that can grow around 6 to 8 feet tall indoors. Moreover, it has a spread of several feet. Areca palms plants need more bright sunlight than a brightly lit space. They also need remarkable moisture. When sure not to leave any water standing in the dish present under the pot. 

Areca palm not only adds green touch to the house but also purifies the air. It absorbs air pollutants such as xylene, formaldehyde, acetone, and toluene that emit from paints, petroleum products, and wooden furniture. It helps in managing a healthy and happy environment in the house. 


Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Light: Full sun

Water: Water regularly and render good drainage

If you are looking for houseplants that grow flowers, then hibiscus is an ideal choice. They bring large colorful flowers, which adds a colorful touch to the house. Hibiscus come in different color varieties, including red, orange, white, pink, yellow, and red. 

If you want to grow hibiscus in your home, then make sure to provide them with string light. In order to keep your plant healthy, pinch your plant every month and regularly feed them potassium-rich fertilizer. In addition to this, it also provides moisture to your plant, but avoid soggy soil.

String of Pearls

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus

Light: Bright indirect sun

Water: Water occasionally

If you are looking for decorative plants for your home, then nothing is better than a string of pearls. This low-maintenance plant is perfect for people with a busy schedule. It is stunning succulents that have trials of circular beads. It is drought tolerant and works amazingly in light. Moreover, you do not need to water this plant often; only once in a couple of weeks is enough. 

The string of pearls is a fascinating beauty that makes it a perfect choice for indoor decoration. Some benefits of this direct sunlight plant are that it is fast-growing and needs low-maintenance. 


Botanical Name: Jasmine

Light: Bright indirect sun

Water: Water regularly

Jasmine is a highly fragrant flower, which makes it a popular choice for gardeners. It comes in two color varieties: pink and white. Jasmine blooms of white color look highly beautiful, and with the correct arrangement, they add an amazing touch to the house. 

Jasmine plants prefer bright sunlight but not direct light. They require humid conditions, and keeping them outdoors helps to increase their performance and longevity. The sweet fragrance of jasmine promotes a better night’s sleep. 

Final Words

Direct sunlight houseplants are an amazing choice for windows and bright rooms. They add a decorative touch to your house while managing a healthy environment. Most of the indoor plants act as air purifiers, which makes them an ideal choice for any house. Make sure to choose the right plant according to the available space. Tell us about your favorite direct sunlight plant by dropping a comment. 


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