Fun Easter Games and Activities For Kids And Family

Fun Easter Games and Activities For Kids And Family

Easter is one of the best times for kids. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy springtime. With Easter on the way, it’s time to start thinking about all the coolest Easter activities for kids. While coloring the eggs and Easter hunts are two things that always are on your list, apart from this, there are so many activities you can do with your kids. These Easter activities for kids are perfect to make unforgettable memories. 

Here are the lists of Easter activities for kids that will make your Easter interesting and unique. 

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is a time of enjoyment. From egg rolling to egg decorating there are a lot of things you can do for Easter. These easter activities are not only for kids; the ideas of easter activities will keep the whole family busy. These ideas include family-friends activities that little kids will enjoy.  

Make Easter Cookies

This coming Easter, bake some cookies with your kids and decorate them with easter themes and bright colors. You can add fruits to make it healthy and delicious.  

Make Cards

Making Easter cards is one of the favorite Easter activities for kids of all ages. Some coloring pencils, crayons, paper, and a scissor you need to make cute Easter cards. You can even make a card with your kid’s fingerprint that will be more fun.  

Make Chocolate Cakes

Kids love baking, and chocolate cake is one of the favorite desserts for most of the kids. It is a perfect dessert for your Easter dinner. The chocolate cake recipe is very simple and easy enough to make. 

Plant Flowers in Your Garden

This Easter make your in house greenery. You can plant various flowers outside your front door. Plant sunflowers as they grow quickly and are very easy to plant. Even this flower is a favorite among kids. 

Easter Story Writing

Organize a family story writing competition. You may help your kids to write their own stories by adding some pictures. These Easter activities for kids are beneficial. You can make videos of your kids while they are telling you the stories. 

Make a Photo Album/ Frame

Print some photos of your kids from your phone’s gallery and ask your kids to arrange them in a photo album or stick them on the wall for memories.

Organize Some Indoor Games 

 All the Easter activities for kids are fun but if you want to add some more fun, organize some indoor games such as board games, play cards, etc.  You can invite other kids also to join the game.

Watch Easter Movies with Kids

Everyone loves movies, no matter how old they are. These are many good Easter movies that you can sit down with your kids and watch this Easter. 

Make Paintings

Painting is the favorite activity for every kid. This Easter, bring some papers or cardboard and ask them to paint and hang them up around the house with other home decors. you can even ask them to make beautiful paintings on your wall and decorate it with some sparkles. 

Make Easter Masks

This Easter, make some masks using paper plates and paints. You can paint your masks with some funny faces and lots of fun decorating them with stickers, wool, cotton, or sparkles. 

Keep in mind that these activities of your kids are not about perfection so put a cover on table or craft paper to help you from dusting.These Easter activities for kids are very interesting and fun. But there are also many opportunities to make your Easter special. Kids love games, so this Easter organize some amazing Easter games for kids such as: 

Easter Egg Calendar

This Easter game for kids is really awesome. This will remind you of the Christmas countdown. You can color your Easter eggs with various colors, some motivational quote with dates and put some gift inside the eggs. Ask your kids to break an egg each day until Easter Sunday. 

Sack Race

If you want to live your childhood days again then organize a sack race for your kids and family. Set up each player with a sack and have them race to the finish line. 

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Egg and Spoon Race Game

Organize an old fashioned spoon race and bring your whole family together. Arrange some gifts for those who finish the line without dropping the wooden eggs.

Egg Carton Craft

This Easter do something different and unique. Collect your Easter egg carton and paint it with various colors. Ask your kid to give a face of their favorite cartoon characters. 

Doughnuts on a String

Doughnut is everyone’s favorite from grandparents to youngsters, so these Easter games for kids are really very interesting. 

A Mouth Full of Spring

For this game prepare a bowl full of jelly beans and divide all the kids into teams. Give a spoon to each kid and instruct them to hold the spoon using their mouth. The kid has to transfer the jelly beans from one bowl to another. Team who fell their cup first will be the winner. 

Guess the Jelly Beans

If you want something interesting this Easter then you should organize this Easter game for kids. Pour jelly beans into a large jar and ask everyone to guess how many jelly beans are there? Those who guess correctly will be rewarded by the jar of jelly beans.

Easter Egg Toss

Like a balloon toss, make pairs and throw a plastic egg filled with jelly beans back and forth. You could try this game with real eggs.

Hit the Cans

You can give a serious Easter makeover to plain old cans. Arrange the cans serial wise and ask your kid to hit them. 

Flamingo Ring Toss

This game is popular among all the generations. You can add a twist on this game,bonus points if you can land your hoop while standing on one leg.

Easter is a time when we come together, no matter what the Easter Bunny brings. From gathering around the dining table to catch up with everyone to discovering who is the best at Easter egg art. There are so many opportunities to cherish the day.  So, this year make your Easter extra special by taking part in these Easter games:

The Carrot in the Basket 

All you need for this game is two big Easter baskets and a lot of carrots. Start this game by dividing your grout into two teams and have them toss the carrots into the baskets. Whichever team gets the most carrots in their basket wins. 

Match the Easter Eggs

If you are looking for something educational then this game is perfect for your kids and family. Take some plastic eggs and write uppercase letters on one half and the lowercase letters on the other half. Mix all the eggs and challenge your family to match the letters together. 

Spring Shower Game

This Ester game is one the most funniest games ever. Divide your players into teams. One member of each team put shower cap on their head and put shaving cream over a shower cap. The other team members need to throw as many cheetos on shower cap. Team with the most wins the game.

Egg Walk

This game is very similar to an egg and spoon race game. Place two eggs on the plate and let the players walk from start to finish without dropping the egg.

Soda Bottle Ring Toss

Bring a soda bottle and paint them with beautiful colors. Make a ring with ropes or buy plastic rings and ask your group to throw the ring into the bottle. 

Easter can be a time of spring fun. There are a lot of collections that will encourage preschoolers to explore this Easter holiday. 

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Rainbow Easter Games

It is one of the best science activities for preschoolers. Explore a popular explosion with baking soda and vinegar. This eruption will give your eggs rainbow color.

Marbles Easter Eggs

Another science activity, this dyeing hard boiled eggs with oil and vinegar makes an interesting Easter activity for preschoolers. 

Easter Bunny Templates

These are the perfect Easter activities for preschoolers. Kids can draw their own Easter bunny, color or cut out into a card design.

Creative Family Fun

This funny activity needs recycled materials. You need egg carton baskets, colors and papers. Cut the carton into different shapes and decorate it.

Homemade Easter Basket

Use the empty egg cartons to make special homemade baskets. You may paint and draw some pictures on it. 

The above activities are perfect for preschoolers. These Easter activities for kids, families, and preschoolers will give you ideas to celebrate your Easter in a different way. Decorating Easter eggs is a fun activity to enjoy your spring holiday. 

Final Words

Holidays means it’s all about having fun. All these Easter activities ideas will hopefully have given you to create your own ideas. These easy crafts will keep your kids busy for a long time. So, this Easter gets outside and play some Easter-themed games with your kids and families.


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