Best Flowering Plants For Hanging Baskets

Best Flowering Plants For Hanging Baskets

Flowers are one of the best and beautiful gifts by nature so adding some of those flower plants at your home gives an attractive look. Hanging baskets ideas are one of them, you can place flower plants in those baskets to enhance your  home decor. There are several variants of hanging baskets. The painted baskets give a glorious and eye-catching view that makes the charm of your home and you can place the hanging flower pots both inside and outside at your residence. 

In most places, hanging baskets are used for decoration purposes. The astonishing designs of the hanging flower pots can give a finishing touch to your home decor. There are various varieties of flowers which you can place in your baskets. 

You can easily get the outdoor hanging plants at the nearby nursery shop. They are also pocket friendly to create a good and colorful decor for your home in less amount of budget. The hanging flowers have a soothing aroma, which gives a next level fragrance to indoor and outdoor areas. 

Plants have the power to heal your physical and mental health(source). So grow at least three to four plants at your home.  

Best Flower Plants For Hanging Baskets

The bright and delightful flowers make you feel refreshed and cherished all the time. Placing hanging baskets at your home is a great idea. Depending on your choice, you can put these hanging basket plants inside or outside of your home. These flower pants give an attractive look if they are placed at the doorway. You can also try other doorway decor ideas

How do you know which are the perfect flowers for your hanging baskets? Here is the list of best hanging plant ideas which you can try at your home. 


Petunias are low-maintenance flowers, so they do not require much attention and care, making them one of the best hanging flower plants. They bloom fully and give a stunning look. 

These classic flowers are adaptive to grow in hanging baskets. If you put petunias in a plain white hanging pot, they will look very beautiful because they are multicolor flowers. In a white pot, they can showcase their beauty. 

These flowers require full sunlight, so it is better if you place them outdoors. One of the surprising things about petunias is that they attract hummingbirds, and often, you can see these beautiful birds around you hanging flowers.


Lobelia is a delicate and gentle flower plant that blooms lavishly. The flower blossoms are white and purple. You can place these bright and delightful flowers in white or colorful pots and in those pots the beautiful flowers along with artistic hanging baskets look extremely amazing. 

They are suitable for hanging flowers if they are placed in indoor baskets. Direct sunlight is not required for these hanging plants, and they bloom best during the early springs. Hot summers are not good climatic conditions for these plants, therefore you have to take extra care during summers. 

It would be best if you watered these beautiful plants daily to give perfect color flowers and a nice fragrance. Lobelia requires moist soil to grow, and you have to water them regularly.  These  are showy plants, so they require little extra care to maintain their beauty. 


It is another low-maintenance flower plant. If you search for a decent color hanging flowers, then impatiens is the perfect choice for your home. Their fascinating view will go to the next level if you put these beautiful flowers in black or white color hanging baskets. 

Impatiens do not require daily watering. You can water these flowers once or twice a week to protect them from getting harmed. They have some issues with mildew, so take them. 

There are various color variants of impatiens flowers:

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White 

You can pick your favorite color flower set and place it in your beautiful hanging flower pots. These are the full sun hanging plants. They need to be placed outside so they can blossom properly in direct sunlight so impatiens can give their glowing views in whole summers. 


Begonias have earned their space as one of the best flowers for hanging baskets. They are the perfect choice for your home decor because of their showy flowers and pretty lush blooms. They develop closely gathered waxy petals that bloom if you place them in a sunny climate. Begonia can give you beautiful flowers for a long period if you place them in regular sunlight. 

Begonias are full sun hanging plants, so place the hanging baskets in a sunny spot where they can get proper sunlight. You can place them both inside or outside of your home, depending on your preference. 

These flowers are popular for their flashy bright colors, and also they are heat tolerant, so they do not require much amount of care and attention. You can get four color variants of begonia:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange 

You can pick any of and place in your gorgeous hanging flower pots. Winters are not a good suitable condition for begonias, so try to hang these flowers inside during winters. They can not tolerate frost, so their survival is not possible outdoors in winters. 


Lantana is also one of the prettiest flowers for hanging baskets. It is the best flower plant if you want one, customary for all the climatic conditions. These plants can survive in almost every condition, even in direct sunlight spots during hot summers. 

Lantana has bright and delightful flowers, which are a favorite of many people who love gardening. The fragrance and cherishing look of the flowers make them stand out from the crowd. Another surprising thing about these flowers is that they attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds when placed outside. 

They are again one of the low-maintenance outdoor hanging plants that do not require much attention and care. You don’t need to water them daily; minimal watering is enough for lantana. 

Sweet Alyssum

The elegant round-petal cluster of white flowers is popularly known as sweet alyssum. You will love these cute and astonishing flowers for your hanging baskets. These are another one of the best showy hanging flowers. They are considered the finest hanging flowers, which adds next-level beauty to your home decor. 

Sweet alyssums can greatly cover your hanging flower pots because they bloom rapidly and easily cover big spaces. These flowers bloom in the middle of spring. They are popular for their pretty look; the fragrance of these flowers is a pleasure to smell because of their blooms. Flowers have a decent honey scent fragrance, which will make you feel refreshed. 

As they grow faster, they need some pruning care. You need to prune them regularly because if they are left unattentive for a time, they will get shaggy. So to maintain the beauty of these plants, prune them often for their beautiful view. Make sure you water them regularly because they need moist soil and a little sunny climate. 

Final Words

Flowers are the best organic decoration for your home. If you do not want to decorate your home with artificial things, you can try hanging plants. Pretty and delightful flowers create a unique environment at your home; hanging baskets are the backbone of these flowers; colorful or artistic baskets will make your hanging plant’s decoration more beautiful. 

Now you know the best flowers which you can put in the hanging baskets. Pick the most suitable and best flowers for your home and get some beautiful flower pots to put those flowers in. This amazing home decor idea will give a fascinating look to your home. 


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