Modern Party Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Modern Party Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Parties are full of fun and the best ways to enjoy your weekends. Whether you enjoy big party bashes or prefer the joys and comforts of small gatherings, it is essential to brush up the party etiquettes before hosting a party or attending the one.

You do not have to always arrive on time, or carry fresh flowers to make a perfect house warming present. Modern party etiquettes can be tricky for the guests as well as the host. Here is an article with a discussion on party etiquettes.

House Party Etiquette for Hosts and Guests

Whether it is a formal dinner party, an adult party, a backyard BBQ, birthday party, or a big party bash, it is always a good idea to follow etiquette. Here are do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind whether you are a guest or host. 

Take Invites and Responses Seriously

If you are sending invitations to your guests, make sure to be courteous, whether digital, paper or over the phone so that people have sufficient time to plan accordingly. Do not forget to ask for RSVP so that you can plan the party in an appropriate manner. 

Be specific and provide sufficient clues to your guests about the level of formality you are expecting. Also, include where and how long the party will be. You can also include a GPS-friendly address to the digital invitation for a thoughtful touch. 

If you are a guest, it is your responsibility to RSVP. In case you change your plans later, you should inform your guest regarding the same. It is courteous to let the guests know if you are not showing up. 

Keep in Mind Not to Arrive Early

Obviously, you should make efforts to arrive at a party at a time close to start time. It is a good idea to arrive within 15 minutes. However, keep in mind not to show up too early. 

Your host might feel uncomfortable. Moreover, they might feel a bit frantic and busy in preparations. They will have their hands full with last-minute cooking and cleaning. They would not want you to show up before they are ready for the party. 

Offer to Help

It is quite obvious not to make more for your host. However, it is also a good idea to offer help to your hosts. You can help them to bring dinner to the table. 

Instead of asking, “Can I help?” It is better to help them in small tasks like serving dinner, or bringing drinks, or bringing snacks to the table. 

Do Carry Bearing Gifts

Instead of gifting flowers that would need a flask, it is better to give a cool coffee table book or a small bouquet of flowers that are already present in a flask. 

You can carry a fresh fruit basket, pretty tea towels, a nice candle, and good smelling soap; your host will love you for bringing these gifts. 

It is not a good idea to carry plastic-wrapped flowers for which your guest will have to find a container to plunk those flowers. 

Don’t Use Phone

Whether you are a host or a guest, it is not a good idea to peek on your phone again and again during the party. Whether it is a big cocktail party, a casual get together, or a small brunch party, you should always keep your phone with ringers off. And if it is a dinner party, don’t even think of using your phone continuously. 

If you have a situation in which it is essential for you to be reachable by your phone, it is better to be upfront with the host and other people present at the party. You should apologize sincerely and explain briefly who you need to respond to the text or take a call. Moreover, you should excuse yourself from the table while taking a call or responding to the text. 

Assign Seats to Guests

It is easy to assign seats to all the guests in a small gathering. However, arranging seats around a long table can be a difficult task. It is always a good idea to assign seats to all the guests as it will make them feel comfortable. 

It is always a good idea to arrange seats of quieter guests next to the boisterous one. Moreover, to add a twist to the party, split the couples, it will make the party livelier. 

Deal with Spills Calmly

Whether you are a guest at the party or a host, you should try to deal with upsets like spills calmly and quickly with good humor. It is a good idea to keep a stain-fighting kit at the party. Keep in mind to stay polite and not to get angry as it would create a bad impression on the guests.

In case you are a spiller, you should offer to pay for cleaning. In case of serious damage, it is better to offer a replacement.

Keep the Bathroom Clean and Well-Stocked

If you are hosting a party, you would never want your party to run out of toilet paper. Make sure the bathroom is clean, and there is sufficient stock of toilet paper, hand, towels, and soap. Moreover, also put a scented candle and a plunger in the bathroom. 

Provide an Alternative Drink to Alcohol

Keep in mind that not everyone drinks alcohol. There are people who opt for non-alcoholic drinks. So, even if you are making specialty cocktails, make sure to provide equally delicious and festive non-alcoholic drinks. 

Set non-alcoholic drinks along with other alcoholic drinks so that everyone in the party can have drinks in their hand. It will help in making sure that everyone has something to drink without making a special request. If you are making an alcoholic punch or big-batch cocktail, make sure it is labeled. 

Provide Bowls for Tails, Shells, and Pits

No one likes to roam in a party with dirty cups in hand, because there is a lack of a place to put it. Make sure to help the guests in avoiding awkwardness by availing plenty of dustbin. In case you are a guest, make sure to dump your trash at the right place. 

Dress Accordingly

It is always a good idea to dress according to the party. If it is an afternoon BBQ, opt for a casual. In the case of an evening wedding, choose to wear a fancy dress. In case the invitation indicates a ‘dressy chic’ or ‘festive attire,’ it is always advisable to follow the theme. 

Always keep in mind not to overdress. Choose clothes according to the occasion and party theme. 

Go Easy on the Booze

No matter if you are a host or guest, keep in mind not to drink too much. When it comes to alcohol, whenever it is BBQ, wedding or casual dinner, keep in mind to do it in moderation. It is always a good idea to follow the proper cocktail party etiquette. 

Final Words

Either you’re hosting a party or attending one; you should always follow party etiquette. It allows you to create a good impression on everyone. Stay nice to everyone and offer help to the host. Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy yourself. If you like the above-mentioned information, drop a comment. 


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