16 Picture Wall Ideas for Living Room

16 Picture Wall Ideas for Living Room

Have you ever thought of decorating your living room’s wall? Maybe or maybe not, there is an old proverb that says, “an empty wall is like a blank canvas.” Well, there are so many fantastic ways to decorate it and to express your feelings, and the best approach is to pick one of the most amazing techniques by searching for picture wall ideas for your living room.

There are so many ways to arrange photos on the wall. Making an eye-catching art wall can be a little challenging. Do not worry, in this article; we will share with you the most amazing photo ideas for your wall.

Suppose you are looking for some photo hanging ideas from your wedding album or a small picture frame wall in the living room or maybe your favorite artwork. Our article has you covered.

List of Picture Wall Ideas for Living Room

Choose a Theme

Make two horizontal or vertical display of pictures in the matching frames, after that tie the letters together by placing the lightweight metal or wood art in the middle of the display. Now pick a theme like vacations, family, or friends—–and ensure that your picture matches the theme.

Make Picture Ledge

Gather your framed art-work or pictures on a row of shelves. After that, create the design with various colors, sizes, and shapes to enrich the maximum visual appeal.

Build Columns and Rows

Create a design of the family picture wall with a variety of pictures. You can include candid photos like; laughing and enjoying the outdoors or the kids playing. Arrange your pictures in columns and rows evenly, and you can choose black and white images for a unified look. 

Create Cohesively

Well, you can choose different types of picture styles, and still, you can make your family wall looks cohesively. Include pictures of the landscape from a vacation, individual shots, or the family pet. Make sure to choose matching frame styles to make a flow of your design.

Select Foam Board

Use a large foam board as a base to capture the family photo wall with your favorite memories like; watching the sunset, playing in the leaves, or learning to walk. By creating a layout in advance with a large foam board allows you to arrange the pictures in order, just like you want.

Make a Gallery Wall

This gallery idea makes an ideal highlight to the wall in a bedroom or living room. Make your own gallery by collecting some pictures and decorate in the same frame. It does not matter what images you choose; the family picture wall will have harmony.

Old Window Frame

If you have any old window with panes, then you can transform that window into a frame for multiple pictures—-vacationing together to moments of your family or friends playing on the beach. Build cohesion within the piece by choosing pictures with the same color schemes. For more style, you can outline the pane with a similar paint color.

Create Black and White Design

Whether the pictures from a recent family portrait session or your wedding day, edit them to create the black and white. Incorporate the black and white theme fully with white matting and white frames. To bring life and personality to the display, then you can arrange your pictures at different heights and levels—-rather than using it in a single straight line.

Collect the Panoramic

If you love panoramic shots—-like stadium views from the sports outing or an amazing landscape from the summer vacation—-these wide frames can capture the whole image. Make several frames for the gallery feel. Combine and match the thickness of the framework for the required contrast.

Choose Antique

Create an antique style friend or family picture wall with rococo metallic and wood frames. Do not afraid to mix shapes, like square and circular, on the same wall. However, make sure that you leave some spaces on every frame for easy viewing. 

Make a Timeline

Showcase your pictures in a sequential fashion. Date your pictures to show the adventures and family’s growth over the years. Pick family snapshots or portraits from vacations to make the family picture wall come to life.

Blend It

Create a mix of design in one wall gallery-like, wire board, framed art, and a photo clipboard. Embrace an array of picture styles, like a cityscape photo and a close-up photo of your favorite people. 

Add Individual Shots

Create your family photo wall with large printouts of the family member. That can be dancing, singing, or posing in front of the camera. Make it together with a family portrait. However, make sure to print your pictures on high quality so they can look as sharp as possible.

Design With White

Select frames with white matting for the picture array, you can include a mix of candid images of a walk and family portraits or recent holiday visiting. Hang your pictures on the wall in an asymmetrical style to create visual contrast. Moreover, you can add some extra personality with an emphasis piece, like one with the keys from every house your family lived in.

Travel Theme

If you have a bunch of family pictures from vacation, then you can present it together in a family photo wall that has a direct travel theme. Expand your wall decor by including candids, group shots, and landscapes.

Heart Shape Design

Create a collage made full of love with heart shape photo design. Pick pictures that appear to say, love. Include the pictures captured from a vacation place, your favorite local spot, or a person. By gathering your pictures close together, then your guests or friends will be able to see your favorite memories in one single viewing.

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Final Words

Making a memorable and charming photo wall that starts with an amazing family picture wall idea for the living room.  Moreover, you can try dressing in matching outfits or capturing moments during your family activity.

With your special pictures in mind, you can create a picture book, or you can personalize the wall art that can be used to decorate your home office, kitchen, or living room. Moreover, you can try modern and trendy wallpapers for your living room. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

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