20 party games for adults

20 party games for adults

Here we are with some free adult games for your house dinner party-

Who Am I? 

This game is one where the player has to either act or draw the famous person he drew out in front of his team. If the team guesses the person right, they gain a point. A way to make this gathering game more fun is by sticking answers on guests’ backs.

Don’t say Yes 

This is one of those taboo word games where the guests aren’t at no cost allowed to say the word ‘Yes’ or any of its variables. And the ones who use that word would be decorated with kinds of weird embellishments. This way, you’ll have a bunch of weirdly adorned guests leaving the party.

React and Act 

This one is a fun icebreaker game where the guests have to react and act on different situations given by the host, for example, getting pregnant, fired, winning the lottery, etc. You can add more fun variations to this free adult game as per your interest.

Conversation cards 

An icebreaker game for all the guests you’ve invited to your house party, housewarming, or wedding anniversary. You just have to write certain topics on which you would love to start a conversation among the guests, cut them out into chits, fold them, and put them in a bowl.

Two Truths and a Lie 

This is one of the fun games to play with friends at home. According to the bond you share, you could even ask personal and naughty questions. There can be lots of examples of truths and lies when it comes to love, marriage, childhood, etc. 


You could create this game your own way, including topics and categories of your own choice. Categories could vary from family, politics, love to professions. You just need to prepare cards and a huge drawing space or a whiteboard. 

Kiss Marry Kill 

If you are playing this with your close friends, you could also make use of their own names to see who wants to ‘Kiss Marry Kill’ each other. Oh, well, that could be both tricky and fun! While in other cases, you could use fictional characters, celebrities, etc. for this game. 

Truth or Dare 

This house party game free is known by one and all. It could be your guests’ choice to make this game wild and naughty or simple and tamed. You could make a list of fun, interesting, and weird questions for truth and a list of even more weird things to do as a dare. 


Spoons is a card game suitable for all age groups. You just need to have a set of cards from which you will have to remove the Jokers. A number of spoons should be one less than the total number of guests playing the game. This is gathering game can have 3-13 players and is a fast as well as a fun game. 

Bite the Bag 

This one is a really fun drinking party game. Your guests will have to pick up a paper bag with the help of their mouths and no other body part. The one failing to do so will have to take a drink, which makes this game all the more interesting with time. 

Have you Ever 

There are three versions of this tamer version of the game ‘Never Have I Ever.’ You could choose in between the party version, the funny version, and the naughty version suiting the type of guests you’re inviting. 

Never Have I Ever 

You could make a list of questions which could be personal, funny, or naughty as it is one of the best free adult games. This game can also have different variations like the drinking variation, non-alcoholic variation, and a penalty variation.

The Not So Newlywed 

This game can specifically be played in a couple of parties like bachelorette parties, engagement, wedding anniversary, or wedding showers. You could have a list of tricky questions categorized under lovemaking, partners, best and worst, finances, firsts, preferences, love, future, etc.

Murder Mystery 

This is a type of game that could occupy all of your guests the entire evening. And this is not a game specifically meant to be played at Halloween parties and could create fun moments any time of the year. The charter descriptions, clues, tips, and scripts make it all the more fun.

Great Minds Think Alike 

This is a game where the guests love to choose what they feel others, too, might have chosen. This way, they get to think the same with a couple of other people—the more the people who have thought the same, the more points they attain. You could make the list of questions as per the party’s theme as well. 

Movie ID 

Also, one of the fun games to play with friends at home. You could make chits with movie names in it for the guests to choose from. The players have to get their teams to guess the correct movie name using limited words before the other teams guess it right. 

How Do you Doo 

This game requires the players to get their teams to guess the right song while they sing the song, only using the word ‘Doo.’ It is a fun and hilarious yet challenging competition. You could also play this game with Christmas carols. 

Minute to Win it 

You could search for ideas related to this game show ‘Minute to Win it.’ You will find a lot of fun games to be played in a minute without much need for preparations.

Guess The Food 

This game can be a hilarious one where you have to blindfold a set of players and place a dish in front of them. Use dishes that would be hilarious to be seen eaten and hard to guess too. The first one to guess the dish right wins points.

Dizzy Bat 

This house party game free requires the players have to spin around a bat with their foreheads pressed against the bat handles until they get dizzy. After that, they have to hit a ball with a bat.


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