How to Clean a Shower? – Effective Ways to Clean Your Shower 

How to Clean a Shower? – Effective Ways to Clean Your Shower 

After a long day at work, nothing can be better than a relaxing shower. However, this relaxation factor can be bothersome if it is not clean. A shower is a place where we go to get clean, but if your shower is not clean, it can be a place for bacteria, spores, mold, and mildew. Therefore, it is important to clean the shower properly. Cleaning shower sounds like a big task, so how to clean the shower and how often one should clean it. Here is an article with answers to all your questions and tips to clean the shower properly. Using the right cleaning methods and products can ease the task of cleaning the shower and can help you in removing the stains effectively. 

How Often to Clean Your Shower?

A shower can be a haven for bacteria, mold, and mildew; therefore, it should be properly and thoroughly cleaned every week. Nevertheless, if you carry out 60 seconds of maintenance after using the shower every time, then you can carry out the extensive shower cleaning once in two weeks also. 

You should wash the shower curtains at least once in three-four months or more often if needed. After every shower, wipe down the floor and shower walls using a bath towel or squeeze. Use brushes or poofs to drip dry in order to clean the bathroom and to drain the excessive hair. If you have a stone, ceramic, or fiberglass shower, then this routine will help you in managing the whole at its best, and it will ease your weekly cleaning task. 

How to Remove Tough Stains from Showers?

When you clean the shower, you might have noticed that there are certain stains that are almost impossible to get rid of. But here are some tips to remove the tough stains from the shower.

Sticky Residue

If you have a sticky residue on the shower floor or any removable accessory has left gloo on your wall, then try to remove it using olive oil. Leave it for 15 minutes on the residue then use a plastic scraper to remove the gloo. You can also use some alcohol to remove it. All you need to do is take some alcohol on a cotton ball and rub it on the residue or swab it to get rid of the residue.

Stains of Rust

Rusty rings and stains in the shower are difficult to remove. You can use baking soda or lemon juice to remove these stains. However, the stain is old and big in size; then, it is better to use commercial cleaners having oxalic acid. Keep in mind not to use chlorine bleach on rust stains as it can lead them to set permanently on the surface.


How to Clean a Shower

How to Clean Stone Showers?

If you have granite, marble, or any other stone in your shower, then you should wipe the walls after using them. You can not limit the cleaning of these walls once a week.

Needed Supplies

Below mentioned are some of the supplies that you would need to clean the stone shower.

  • Stone sealer
  • Warm water
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Mild-dishwashing soap

Instruction to Clean

1. Empty the shower and then spray the walls using a commercial stone cleaner. You can also use a mixture of warm water and one spoon mild dishwashing soap. After spraying, wipe it down using a microfiber cloth. Rinse it using microfiber cloth starting from the top of the shower and taking it to the bottom as it will help in avoiding streaking.

2. If you find any mildew on the stone, then clean it using a solution of chlorine bleach. Apply the solution of chlorine bleach and water on mildew and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Then scrub it using a soft-bristled brush and finally rinse it with normal water.

Note – Say no to harsh cleaners or vinegar for cleaning natural stone as it can etch the surface.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Showers?

Grout is the biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning the ceramic tile showers. Here are tips for cleaning the ceramic tile showers perfectly.

Needed Supplies

  • A commercial shower cleaner and grout cleaner
  • Chlorine bleach
  • A homemade solution containing 3 quarts hot water, ½ cup of distilled white vinegar and ½ cup of ammonia

Instructions to Clean

1. Empty the shower by removing all the toys, shampoo bottles, and remove excess hair from the drain.

2. If you have any mildew present on the grout, then first remove it. In order to clean it, use the chlorine solution. Apply the solution on the mildew using a sponge and leave it for ten minutes. Then scrub it using a brush and rinse the area using hot water.

3. Whether you are using the homemade solution or commercial cleaner, spray it on the walls and floor and leave it for ten minutes. After ten minutes, scrub it properly using a plastic scrubber or sponge. After scrubbing, rinse the wall with plain water.

4. Finally, remove extra water using an old towel or squeegee. IT will help in avoiding water spots.

Note – Never add ammonia or chlorine bleach to the cleaning solution as it can create toxic fumes.

How to Clean Fiberglass Showers?

Fiberglass showers are easy to clean if you use the right products. While cleaning fiberglass showers, keep in mind not to use anything that can cause a scratch on the fiberglass surface. 

Needed Supplies

  • Borax or baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar

Instructions to Clean

1. Empty the shower by removing all the accessories. Spray the floor and walls of the shower using distilled white vinegar. Wipe the walls using a squeegee.

2. Scrub the walls and floors using a soft-bristled brush in order to remove the grim. Sprinkle baking soda on the vinegar-dampened floor and leave it for ten minutes. Use a sponge to remove the dirt and rinse it using plain water.

Note – After cleaning the fiberglass shower, coat it using fiberglass boat wax as it helps in avoiding water spots. Never use wax on the floor as it leaves a slippery finish.


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