How To Clean A Wool Rug: A Complete Guide

How To Clean A Wool Rug: A Complete Guide

The cozy, comfy wool rugs are a great investment and can last for a long time – if they are properly maintained. Knowing how to clean a wool rug is essential to keep these cozy floor covers durable and beautiful for a long time. 

The vibrant patterns and colors of the wool rugs can uplift the outlook of any normal space. At the same time, the soft fiber of wool rug or carpet provides warmth and comfort to the bare feet. Don’t you agree? Well, we all do. 

However, maintaining these comfy wool carpets is something that needs a professional. However, you can go for some cleaning by simple scrubbing or other ways. This will help in removing the grime and grit from the wool carpet or rug without professional help. To do this, you can follow some simple steps on how to clean a wool rug, which we have listed below in the article. 

How To Clean a Wool Rug

Proper and timely cleaning at least once a year is essential for maintaining a wool rug. It helps in making it durable and beautiful. Some steps which you can follow to do this are:

Step 1

One of the best things you can do is try some old school tricks. Yes, they can help a lot as the grooves, and overlapping fiber of wool rugs can trap pounds of dirt. So one of the best tricks you can try for wool rug cleaning is to go for a whacking.

All you need to do is take some free minutes from your routine and take your wool rug outside. Now hang your wool carpet or rug on deck railing or clothesline and use a proper rug beater or boom whack it. Doing this may look very old school to you, but the amount of dirt that comes off through this simple method will surprise you. 

This method is simple yet very effective, and the grim that flies free will make your rug look good. Using this method is also a great way of relieving tension if you think it that way! 

Step 2

Once you are done with the beating and whacking of the rug, the next thing which you need to do is a vacuum. Take your rug back inside and go for a proper vacuuming of the rug. This will help in removing any remaining particles which might be left out even after whacking. 

During this process, at least go for three passes of vacuuming on both sides of the rug. Regular vacuuming is essential as it helps in avoiding any dirt buildup in your wool carpets or rugs. So, for maintenance, you can vacuum it on a regular basis even if a proper cleanup is not what you want. Thus don’t forget to do this classic old household chore with your rug between the deep wool rug cleanings. 

Step 3

For deep cleaning of the wool rug, you can also go for rug washing. For this, pour a capful of wool washing detergent like Woolite into a bucket full of cold water. 

Before starting your rug wash:

  • Try the mixture on a small corner of the rug. This will work as a check for the colorfastness of the wool rug.
  • Leave the solution on the patch for a while, like 5-10 minutes, and then wash it.
  • If the color bleeding doesn’t happen – continue your rug wash. 

Step 4

Now when you know that there is no colorfastness, using a sponge apply the solution to the rug. To start, apply the solution to a 2’x2′ section of your wool carpet or rug while working in the nap direction. 

Before doing this, lightly dampen the rug – remember that you don’t let it get too wet or soak it. This is essential as the same fiber which holds the dirt in a rug can hold enormous amounts of water. Thus it is essential that you dampen it a little but not soak or wet it too much. A wet wool rug cleaning is also very hard as it will be too heavy to handle and take longer to dry. This may also lead to the discoloring of the rug. 

Step 5

Once you complete applying the cleaning solution to the rug, let it settle for a while. After that, take a clean sponge and dump it in a plain water bucket. Now using the clean sponge, dab the rug section by section to rinse. 

When doing this again, remember that you don’t soak it or wet it too much. Now, as you move on in your rinse process, bottle the already rinsed areas using absorbent and dry bath towels. This will protect the rug fiber from any damage while helping in quick drying. Do this with every area. However, remember that you move from one section to the next section. Soaking or going for an entire rug cleanup at once may result in improper cleaning and make it too heavy to handle. 

Step 6

After you are done with your wool carpet cleaning, let it dry completely before again walking on it. For drying, if you have outside space, simply hang it on the clothesline. If indoor drying is what you want, then let it rest on something and open the windows. For a speedy dry, you can also use the fan. 

Other Suggestions

For avoiding any damage to your wool carpet or rug, the best thing to do is protect them in the first place. To do this, make a policy of no food, no beverages, and no shoes around the rug. This will not only help you in avoiding the tiresome wool carpet cleaning process but will also protect the rug. 

If you take care of the rug well, it will be something that will pass from generation to generation as a family heirloom. 

Do & Don’t for Wool Rug Care

If, even after the rules and care, there is a spill on the rug and you want to spot clean it, keep some things in mind. Some of them do and don’t for how to clean a wool rug are: 

  • Don’t: When going for wool carpet cleaning, don’t rub the spill or spot. Rubbing the spot will only make matters worse as it will grind the stain deep into the rug. It will also cause the fiber to fuzz or mat together with the stain. 
  • Do: After the spill, instantly scoop the solids up and, using paper towels, immediately blot any liquids. Change the paper towels once they are saturated. 
  • Don’t: When you want to go for wool rug cleaning, never use the laundry soaps or alkaline detergents. This is essential as the buffers which are present in these products to maintain their pH levels may lead to colorfastness. The chemicals may lead to color bleeding of the rug. 
  • Do: Before trying any product or cleaning procedure with your wool rug, try it on a small patch. This will let you know how the rug will react and save you from any negative effects like colorfastness. 

Final Words

Getting a wool rug for your space can be the best decision as they are comfy and attractive. But do you know how to clean wool rugs? This is the part of getting a wool rug that most people are not aware about. 

However, it is essential as it helps in the maintenance of your rug to make it look brand new and attractive. Yes, you can get professional help, but you can easily clean it at home. For this, all you need to do is know some basics like Do’s and Don’t of wool rug cleaning as mentioned in the article. 

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