How to Remove Odor from Carpet: Homemade Methods of Cleaning

How to Remove Odor from Carpet: Homemade Methods of Cleaning

Pets are one of the best partners of yours but are you having difficulties with their poop? If yes, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Many people do not adopt pets because of the fear that pets will ruin the carpets. Moreover, there is a myth that these stains can not be removed easily. But now, you do not need to be worried about removing odor from the carpet. Few simple tricks will help you to clean them. 

Sometimes if you do not teach your pets where they have to pee or poop, you will find the carpet stains regularly. So, whenever you find any of the odor or stains, you can clean it immediately with several combinations. While if you do not find the stain until it has dried over time and set it on the carpet, you can still clean it in various ways. Moreover, cleaning the carpet is not a big task, and do not use harsh chemicals to clean the carpet, which has an acidic smell. 

The chemical carpet cleaners for dog pee are useful for cleaning the carpet fiber but at the same time they are not long lasting. Instead of that, you can use the various homemade methods for cleaning the carpet. Now you must be thinking about how to remove odor from the carpet? Well, here this article will help you to know all the necessary steps of cleaning. Continue reading this article to learn simple homemade solutions. 

Instant Actions for Pet Stains 

You can easily find the site of the stain with the naked eyes. However, if you are not able to see it, you can also identify it by smelling. If both of these techniques don’t work, use the black light to detect the carpet’s odor. Once you remove the carpet’s stain, try to be more careful with your pets so they do not poop again at the same place. 

When the poop area is still wet, it can be easily removed because the carpet does not soak the moisture soon. So you have the advantage if you detect the activities earlier. The more liquid you will apply to it, the easier it will be to remove the odor successfully. 

  • If you find the dung or vomit pieces, use a plastic bag to collect them off from the carpet. Be careful while you pick the pieces; they should not affect the other fiber particles. Moreover, you have to do this faster because the acid particles present in the vomit will discolor the carpet’s fibers.
  • Paper towels are also useful in this cleaning process. You can drop them on the site of the affected area so it can securely blemish the carpet. Moreover, rags are used to soak the stain from the carpet. Initially, they were used mostly for this process. But now paper towels have taken them over. 
  • Now remove the paper towel which you have dropped on the site of the stain. Moreover, again set a new paper on that stain for better cleaning. Continue this process until you get the least wet paper towel. The dry paper towel on the stain will indicate that the cleaning is done. 
  • For the final time, drop the last piece of paper towel on the site of the stain. Then imply heavy feet pressure on that for one minute to soak all the stain from the carpet. Remember to wear shoes while you are applying the pressure from your feet. 
  • Clear Away the paper towel for the stain. Now, you can apply the carpet cleaner for dog pee on the carpet to remove the stain and odor. 

These are the basic steps for how to remove odor from carpet. If you follow these steps carefully, you can easily clean all your stain from the carpet. 

Vinegar Solution 

There are many solutions for removing odor from the carpet, but the homemade tips are perfect. One of the simplest homemade carpet stain cleaners is a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% of water. Moreover, vinegar is suitable for neutralizing the stain and vanishes most of the odor. You can get the vinegar solution at any departmental store easily. 

  • Mix the vinegar and water to make the solution and store it in a clean empty spray bottle. 
  • Put the solution on the stain site and leave it for some time so it soaks down into the carpet’s fibers. However, if the stains are there on the rug floor, make sure you lift the carpet and then apply the solution to it. If you do not do so, the vinegar can harm your wooden floor. 
  • You can use a soft brush to apply the solution properly on the carpet. The solution will work better if you spread it with the brush.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

Generally, the solution of vinegar is enough to remove the stain and odor from the carpet. But if this does not work properly then? Here, you can use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It is also a good carpet stain cleaner. This solution is helpful in removing the odor from carpet, with its stain removal and bacteria-killing qualities. It is considered the most effective carpet cleaner for dog pee. 

However, this solution may discolor your carpet fibers, so try it on a small part to test the solution. 

  • Apply the raw baking soda on the site of the stain. Make sure the soda gets to apply to the whole carpet fibers, so that any stain does not get there. 
  • Take two cups of water and mix ½ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in an empty, clean spray water bottle. However, you can also add one teaspoon dishwashing solution if you want the superfine carpet with better cleaning. 
  • Now apply this solution to the baking soda so it will mix with it and help in removing the stains or odors from the carpet. Although this solution is harmful to the wooden rug floors, so make sure you use it carefully. 
  • Leave the solution on the carpet for some time, and then spread it with a soft brush so it can soak into the carpet. 
  • Let the solution stay on the carpet for some time . When you see the baking soda gets completely dry on the carpet, vanish the baking soda; otherwise, it will harm the carpet’s fibers. 

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Final Words

Everyone loves to have pets, and it’s good to have them at your homes. Usually, pets give you the signals when they want to pee or poop, and you can take them out for it.

However, if someone is not there at home, they poop on the carpet, and it becomes a stain. You do not need to be worried about how to remove odor from carpet, as you read the best solutions. These homemade tips will help you in removing the stains and odors easily. Leave a valuable comment if you find this article informative. 


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