Finger Food Etiquette We All Should Follow

Finger Food Etiquette We All Should Follow

 The etiquette of using utensils for eating food varies from region to region, and it also depends on the host. Have you ever been to a dinner party or restaurant and wondered whether to use a fork or finger? There are some general etiquettes and guidelines to follow that help you with eating manners.

A guest who follows good table manners will be invited back at almost every dinner party instead of the one who keeps committing faux pas the entire night.

The informal rules dinner and outdoor party are very different. An outdoor party is a much liberal. Every region has different traditions and customs. For instance, in southern homes, bone-in pork chops are picked up by finger, which is not loved at northern houses.

what is finger food

What is finger food?

Finger foods are the foods that are to be eaten using hand directly, instead of using a spoon, fork, chopsticks, knife, and utensils. In many cultures, foods are always eaten using only hands.

     Types of finger food

  1. Artichokes-  when artichoke is served as an appetizer, the leaves need to be pulled using fingers. Dip the end of the artichoke into the sauce. Do not leave the discarded leaf on the serving plate.
  2. Asparagus- this skinny, long green confuses even the prominent etiquette expert. Some say it needs to be sliced in half and then eaten with a fork while others its okay to with fingers.
  3. Fruits- raw and whole pieces of fruits are eaten using fingers. But if the fruits are cooked, then you should use utensils. A fruit cocktail should be eaten using a fork. If the fruit is in juice or syrup form, then use a spoon to avoid making a mess.
  4. Bacon-  If you are served crispy bacon, then it is kay to eat it with fingers. But if the bacon is soft, you should use a knife and fork to eat that. Avoid making a mess.
  5. Cheese- if the cheese is served on the side to accompany another dish, then eat it with types of finger fooda fork. If the cheese is a part of an appetizer, then use nearby serving utensils and toothpick to pick it up. You can eat with a finger once you have it on your plate.
  6. Chips- chips should be eaten with fingers every time because otherwise, they would crumble if you will use a fork. Never double dip the chip into sauces and dip; it is considered as bad manners. You should scoop some dip on to the plate separately if you like to double-dip.
  7. Most Appetizers- unless you are given a fork, appetizers served are meant to be eaten with a finger. Food items like olives, vegetables with dip, pickles, roll-ups, deviled eggs, and crackers.

Finger food etiquette

It is so much fun to eat food with fingers, but it can also be a little tricky and messy if not done properly. Here are some rules or etiquettes of eating finger foods. It is very important to follow these and void looking like a mess in a room full of people.

  1. Always remember to wash your hand before and after you eat finger foods.finger food etiquette
  2. It is important to have a napkin close by. There are times when utensils are not offered, and you will have to use a napkin instead.
  3. There are some foods that do not need utensils. For appetizer buffets with serving platters, using serving utensils are the best and most preferred options instead of picking up the foods with fingers.
  4. If the appetizer is served on skewers or toothpicks, use the stick to pick them up.
  5. After you are done eating a portion of food, you should resist the urge to lick the fingers clean. It is considered bad etiquette. Instead, you should use wet wipes or napkins to clean any food residue off your fingers.


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