Stop Making These Party Host Mistakes

Stop Making These Party Host Mistakes

Being a party host means you will have a lot of responsibilities over your shoulders. Form inviting the right people at a party to plan the food and refreshments and post-party mess cleanup, there are many things that you have to keep in mind the moment you think of hosting a party to until the guests leave. Your main priority is to ensure your guests are comfortable at your party and are enjoying themselves. Whether its a quiet gathering or big nash, here are some important lists of do’s and don’ts to be followed.

  • Planning the guest list- planning the guest list requires a lot of thought. How many people to invite, whether these people enjoy the king of party you are throwing, and o many more questions? When you have a get-together, chances are not every guest knows each other. In this case, make sure you have some conversation starters to prevent awkward moments. Try to find a common group of people,
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     those who enjoy the same type of things to avoid any conflict.

  • Do not forget the neighbors- if you are sure that your party will make lots of noise of car honking at your doorstep, loud music, be a good neighbor and tell the people living on both sides of the house. Invite them that is even better. You may discover that these neighbors are so much fun to have around and can also bring a spark to your party.


  • Not enough ice in your fridge– if you will be serving cold drinks, then you should probably start saving ice in your ice maker several days in advance before the party. Fill food storage bags with ice and keep them in the freezer. You can also purchase ice if your freezer is not large enough.
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  • Do not forget to plan the seating area- when you are the host of the party, you have to make sure you have enough seating area for each guest. At open houses or other mix and mingle parties, the guest usually stand during their visit. Provide a few seating are enough for people who would like to sit down and start a conversation.


  • Do not forget to make Introductions– when all the guests have arrived. Introduce them to someone they have never met before. Otherwise, this party will become an awkward mess for them. You should tell their names and how you know them and make sure to start a conversation they can mutually talk about.


  • Do not forget the music playlist- make a sog playlist before the party to match the teste of your guests. If each of the guests has different taste in music, then play softer music, this will give the guest a chance to chat. Crank up the volume of upbeat music as the part progresses slowly. When the party is about to end, soften the music and turn down the volume so that everyone can say goodbye.


  • Do not set too many rules– stop worrying about little things. Even if things are going a little here and there, stop the urge to micromanage. Make them feel comfortable and do not insist on a guest on certain behaviors. Instead, you should put them at ease by playing music, starting a conversation, and offering games. Let the guest make their own decision. It is okay if some of the guests did not show up.
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  • Don’t let the guest drive home intoxicated- serving alcohol is fine at the party, but you should keep an eye on things and make sure things do not go out of hand. If you notice any of the guests have had too much drink, and they are still pouring more into the glass, ask them to switch to non-alcoholic beverages. You could offer rides to some of the guests if they had too much drink. Call a taxi or ride service. You can also let one or two guests stay at your place for the night.


  • Do not forget to have a good time– do not forget this is your party and you need to have a good time too with your friends. Don’t get busy managing all the preparations that you forget to have fun. You can ask you, family members or friends, to come over and help you with little things.


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