Beauteous Attic Bathroom Designs To Inspire Your Renovation

Beauteous Attic Bathroom Designs To Inspire Your Renovation

When you hear the word attic, what comes first to your mind? Maybe a storage space. Right? You are not wrong as this is what people use the attic for generally. But did you ever thought that it could be used for other things like an attic bathroom? Maybe not.

However, in the 21st century, when living spaces are getting smaller and costlier, wasting any space is terrible. Don’t you agree? Then why not get creative in using this space? You can as people are now using the attics as functional spaces, which is becoming a trend gradually. Some of the attic’s common uses are for an extra bedroom or a small cozy private room. 

You can also use it for other things like creating a spacious and fanciable attic bathroom. Yes, it is possible, and you can easily incorporate things like a tub, shower, and vanity set. In the article, we will explore some of the best attic bathroom ideas which you can try in your next renovation.

An Ultra Modern Attic Bathroom

modern and spacious attic bathroom

White never goes out of the trend. Does it? Well, then why not try a white ultramodern attic bathroom idea?

Imagine having an attic bathroom with pristine white walls, which adds some focus to the walls. Yes, it looks very attractive. The white color in this idea will not only give your attic a pristine look but will also make the room’s sharp angles look architectural. This idea will add some dramatically attractive outlook to your attic, making it a space to admire. Good thing about such ideas is that you get enough natural light.

Only thing to remember when trying this home decor idea is to use some timeless or waterproofing solution. This is essential as you don’t want to ruin your plans due to leakages. You must also use the other items like a bathtub in white color to match the theme. 

Claw Foot Bathtub

claw foot bathtub

If you don’t want to add much to your attic and want to keep it simple and sober, you can try this idea. In this idea, all you need to do is add a claw foot bathtub to your attic bathroom. You can also go to paint the walls with some dove gray, which will add to the relaxing outlook. 

If you want something more, then go for penny tiles on the floor and beadboard half walls. This will add a timely-vibe to these small space ideas. For a change, put the bathtub near the window to enjoy the view while relaxing in that hot foamy water.

Retro style Attic Bathroom

If you want something unique for your next home renovation, then go for retro-style attic bathroom ideas. 

You have to add some punctuated white and black hexagon tiles to your attic walls in this idea. These tiles can also have some flower patterns if you want something to match the vibe. For a more relaxing addition, go for a built in bench in the shower with this idea. To add some more outlook to this attic bathroom design, go for a window near the ceiling.

The ceiling window will not only bring in natural light but will also provide the bathroom with ventilation. In these ideas, the black and white tiles with proper lighting will give a relaxing vibe, which is something you will love after a tiresome day. 

Large Size Couple Bathroom

attic bathroom

Want a cozy romantic space to spend some relaxing time with your partner? What’s better than having a hot shower together or a glass of wine in the bathtub? 

You have to add a free-standing sizable bathtub that can accommodate you and your loved one in this idea. The bathtub is the crown jewel in such attic bathroom ideas, so choose one that is unique and fanciable. In this idea, highlight the slopes of the ceiling above the rustic wooden beams to make them look dramatic. To do this, paint the slopes white while leaving the beams as they are and add some rustic lights to them.

For a more couple-friendly vibe, you can add pedestal sinks in this attic bathroom design. They will provide you with storage space, along with being convenient. 

Attic Bathroom With Wallpapers

bathroom wallpapers

If you want something different for your bathroom, then try some wallpapers. Yes, wallpapers are one of the best home renovation items which can completely change the outlook. 

So, why not try them in your attic bathroom ideas? All you need to do is get a bathroom wallpaper according to your preference. For the addition of outlook, go for matching of other items which you think of adding to your bathroom like a sink and bathtub. The good thing about the wallpapers is that you can choose from nearly endless options. 

One more great thing about using the wallpapers is that they also come in waterproof variants. Thus they can also be a waterproofing solution to your attic bathroom. 

Star Bath

dormer windows in attic bathroom

Love stargazing? Or are you someone who is fascinated by the world of stars and planets? If yes, then why not try this in your attic bathroom ideas? 

For this idea, all you need to do is add some dormer windows to your attic bathroom. The good thing about this design is that you can use it in many ways. Whether you want to have a sunbath or enjoy a bath under the stars, you can have it all. In this design, you have to add dormer windows to the ceiling and paint the rest of the walls and ceiling white. The floor doesn’t need any changes and keeps it simple wooden to add a rustic vibe. 

The bathtub in this design must be under the dormer window to let you enjoy the view. Dim, warm lights will be the best addition to this attic bathroom design. The lighting in this design is important as the wrong selection of lights can ruin your stargazing experience.

Cottage Style Attic Bathroom

Add some home decor items to your attic bathroom that will give it a cottage vibe. Yes, you can do it. All you need to do is add some decorative items like a cottage style mirror, lights, and more.

The good thing about such small space ideas is that they are simplistic and require minimum effort. This attic bathroom idea is also budget-friendly, so you can try it without any second thoughts. 

On this idea, paint the walls white while keeping the floors as it is. After that, add a mirror and lights to the side of the mirror. The lights in this design should be matching with the cottage vibe, and once you’re done, add some vintage barn sconces on the side to add an outlook to the design. 

Skylight Bathroom

attic bathroom

Bright natural lights make you feel energetic and relaxed. Don’t you think so? If yes, then why not add some windows when going for home renovation to your attic?

These windows will not only make your space look larger but also appealing. They will bring in the natural light, whether it is day or night, to give you a relaxing vibe. In this idea, add a bathtub near the window to enjoy the light. To add some uniqueness, you can also go for the addition of some colorful designs near the mirror or bathtub. The walls and ceiling in this design are to be painted white.

When it comes to lighting, add some bright white lights to this attic bathroom idea. These lights will make your space irresistible. 

Things To Know When Creating Attic Bathroom

Some of the things which you must know when trying some home renovation ideas for your attic are:

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is an essential aspect when you want to create a bathroom in your attic. This is vital as the weight of a water-filled bathtub can be too much, so having a strong structure is important. 


You don’t want water leaking from your attic roof into your bedroom. Do you? So, when you want to try attic bathroom designs, waterproofing becomes a lot more important. 

Wall and floor waterproofing is important as well as the water fighting must also be good. For this, you must hire a professional as there should be no quality compromise for water fitting in the attic. 


If you live in a rented house, getting permission from your landlord before trying such ideas is essential. 


Having a spacious attic bathroom with abundant natural light is like a dream come true. However, privacy is a vital aspect, as more windows mean more visibility. So consider the designs and place where you are creating the windows. You don’t want someone peeking on you while you enjoy your relaxation time. 


Ventilation is an essential part of the attic bathroom ideas as you don’t want the fogging in winters. Do you? The best thing you can do for this is the addition of an attic fan.

An attic fan or exhaust will not only help you solve the problem of fogging but will also let some natural air in. an attic fan will also help get rid of any unpleasant smells in your bathroom.


In the times when living spaces are getting smaller, and costlier using every foot becomes important. Don’t you think so?

One of the spaces which we leave unused in our homes is the attic. Thus trying some renovation ideas like attic bathrooms can be the solution to this problem. 

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