Best Turkish Towels For House

Best Turkish Towels For House

Are you in search of the best Turkish towels? Well, you have come to the right place.

Beach days are here, and we cannot walk out the door without getting all our beach essentials like umbrellas, beverages, comfy chairs, sunblock, and beach towels. One way to complete that list is by investing in compact options. For example, buying a traditional beach towel can add to the weight and occupy tons of space in your beach bag. Instead, you can buy Turkish beach towels.

Turkish towels are becoming trending because of their lightweight, soft fabric, quick-drying, and absorbency features. Unlike traditional towels, these do not take a lot of space.

Best Turkish Towels:

Here we have some of our favorite picks for the best Turkish towels in the market. Let’s check these out.

Cacala Cotton Pestemal Turkish Towel

One of the best choices overall for Turkish towels is Cacala. Whether you want to stock up or just buy one, you can never go wrong with this one. The Cacala towels are available in 22 different color stripes ranging from soft grey to bright orange. Each of them is 37×70 inches large, perfect as Turkish beach or picnic towels, and compact enough to use as hand towels in the guest room.

The material of these towels is thin, so they absorb water very quickly. These dry off really quickly when you hand them and do not grow mold or bacteria. You can replace your worn-out hand towels with these Cacala Turkish towels to give a very chic, spa-like feel.

Whether you want bath towels or beach towels, these Turkish cotton towels from Cacala are a must-buy at an affordable price. 

Parachute Fouta Stripe Towels

Are you ready to get your hands on full Turkish towels? Parachute Fouta is the best Turkish cotton towel to buy. These are free of terry cotton and are a hybrid of absorbent, lightweight, and quick dry. 

The front part of the towel is woven with 100 percent long-staple, and the backside is terry. If you want to upgrade your bathroom, these luxurious towels are the way to go. 

Customers love how soft and lightweight these Turkish towels are, and despite regular use, the material remains soft. 

Whether you are buying them for yourself or as a wedding gift, Parachute Turkish cotton towels will be treasured. You will not regret making this purchase. Don’t take so much time; grab these babies before they sell out. 

Serena & Lily Fouta Bath Towels

Another best multipurpose and hybrid Turkish towels are from Serena & Lily. These are functional as well as decorative. These towels have smooth cotton on one side and terry cotton on the other for good absorbency, which makes them the best Turkish bath towels. 

It has a minimal design compared to other options on the list and comes with a combination of wide and narrow stripes against a clean white background. However, Parachute’s Fouta Stripe Towels come in three different color options, which makes the style easy to mesh with other linens. 

These Turkish towels come in different sizes for hand towels (20×30 inches), washcloths(12×12 inches), bath towels(30×55 inches), and bath sheets (39x71inches).

If you want to gift these towels, then do not forget to check out the Luxury Set and Essential Set, which includes a combination of different towels. 

BOSPHORUS Diamond Weave Turkish Towels

If you wish to buy a matching set of Turkish towels to update your bathroom decor and make it look stylish without any legwork, then BOSPHORUS Turkish towels are the best ones to buy. These are attractive, thick, and absorbent. 

Each set comes with 30×70 inch towels stitched in different diamond patterns. Also, these are available in seven different colors ranging from grey to pastels. These are worth showing off rolled up in a weave basket or stacked up on an exposed shelf. 

Customers love BOSPHORUS towels because they are thicker than a standard Turkish towel and are perfect for in-home use. 


 Brooklinen Hammam Towel

If you are in search of the best Turkish bath towels, then Brooklinen Hammam towels are worth checking out. These are soft and beautiful and are made with a combination of polyester, Turkish cotton, and a terry cloth weave at the back to increase absorbency. The front side of the towel is smooth and features subtle stripe patterns to complete any bathroom decor beautifully.

If you are dicey about whether you should pay such a high price for a bath towel, then remember these also double as Turkish beach towels or a lightweight wrap when you feel cold at night. 

Each towel measures 40×70 inches, so you are getting plenty of fabric to cuddle with after a day at the beach or warm bath. Customers give it high ratings for how well-made and soft it is. It does not get any better than this.

Batini Bay Bahari Bay Turkish Beach Towel

One of the best Turkish beach towels to buy is from Batini Bay Bahari. What we love about a good Turkish towel is its versatility. This Bahari Bay towel is perfect for water activities because it is reversible, with one side made of terry cotton and the other with flat-woven cotton. You will get the best of both worlds. 

This Bahari Bay towel is 38×72 inches which is a perfect size for a pool or beach day; also, it is available in navy, pink or aqua color. It also has a built-in velcro pocket where you can store cell phones and keys when you are busy enjoying the waves. 

Although it has a terry cloth back side, the storage-friendly and lightweight features make it stand out from other towels. 

Bahrain Bay Turkish towels give a very luxurious feel and add cushion while sitting on a beach chair or sand. If you wish to buy a stylish Turkish towel to take out with you to the beach, then grab Bahari Bay as soon as you can. These are valued for money.

Coyuchi Mediterranean Towels

Are you in the mood for a little splurge? Then check out these Coyuchi Mediterranean towels. These are worth making an addition to your collection. Made in Aegean, turkey in traditional Kgadi style, these Turkish towel sets are made of yarn-dyed organic cotton with hand-knotted fringes. These towels are available in three different colors in a neutral shade that blends in any decor easily. 

Customers love these towel sets because they include both Turkish guest and bath towels and two washcloths. Also, the durability and softness are complemented worthy. 

Although these are a little thinner and larger than other picks in this list, they are also quick drying and absorbent. 

LaModaHome Hand Towel Set

Did you know LaModaHome has the best Turkish hand towels? These are quick-drying and do not leave any damp smell behind. Also, these are well-made, well-priced, and stylish.LaModaHome towel set is available for under $25 and comes with four towels, eight different styles ranging from red to black. 

These Turkish towels have a simpler pattern than other towels, but you will love the bold look it gives in bathrooms or kitchens. Measuring 15.5×31.5 inches and are made with 100percent cotton. Customers use LaModeHome baby towels because they are absorbent and soft. It’s time to replace your old tea towels with new LaModa Home Turkish hand towels and add a chic element to your house.

What to Look for in a Turkish Towel- Buyer’s Guide


When you go out to buy the best Turkish towels, pay close attention to the fiber content. Turkish cotton is popular for long fibers and feels better with repeated washing and time. A towel made with 100 percent Turkish cotton will be great for maximum absorbency, while others are made with linen and bamboo fibers. 


To find out the right size, think of the purpose of using the towel. An average Turkish towel measures 30 x 70, but there are some wider and shorter as well. If you want Turkish towels to be used as beach towels, then look for larger and fast-drying options.


Absorbency rate is the prime factor when choosing the best Turkish towels; however, color and patterns are also important considerations. If you are in search of a kitchen or bathroom, Turkish towels, no doubt you will look for a color that matches the color theme of your interior decor.

However, if you want to use it as a sarong or scarf, you will like to buy something more fashionable. Fortunately, there are so many colors and patterns available in the market you will not have trouble finding something that you like. 

Now that you know about some of the best and top-rated Turkish towels available in the market, it’s time to grab your favorite real soon. Hey, before you leave, do not forget to leave a comment down below!


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