List of Small Farm Ideas With Big Profits in 2021

List of Small Farm Ideas With Big Profits in 2021

Looking for some profitable small farm ideas? We have the best profitable farming ideas for you. 

With the advancement in technology, endless opportunities are created for farmers to start profitable small businesses. Small farms are considered as lucrative for both rural and urban business opportunities.  

Here are some profitable small farm ideas to start in 2020

Tree Nursery

A tree nursery, if done right, can be a profitable investment for profitable farming. Farmers mostly start with 10-20 seedlings in a small area of land and follow the right marketing strategy; the plants will be sold before they mature.

Reachers thoroughly on how to source the trees organically. For example, fruit tree propagation can be done by budding or grafting. This also increases the chances of producing the same tree varieties as compared to seeds.

 Fish Farming

Fish farming is an apt—small farm idea for people with available land. The land does not even require a water body always. One can start a small farm by investing in fish tanks or creating fish ponds. This can be a highly scalable business plan.

Once you learn how to raise the fish properly, you will be able to determine which type of fish to raise. Fishes like catfish, tilapia, cod are very popular choices, as they are easy to breed and are high in demand.

Small scale farms are the basic supplier of fish in restaurants and local supermarkets. Some other popular varieties of fishes raised commercially are:

  • Eel
  • Rainbow Trout 
  • Grass Carp
  • Tuna Fish
  • Silver Trout
  • Salmon

The decision as to which fish to raise relies on financial capacity, skill, agro-climatic condition, and market demand. This means rainfall, soil types, availability of water, temperature, and rainfall affect fish breeding in the area.

Dual Crop Farming

Dual crop farming, also called multiple crop farming can be either intercropping or mixed cropping. 

Mixed cropping is a method of raising different types of crops in a common area, whereas the intercropping method involves raising different crops to close by. 

Dual crop farming is popular among farmers because it requires the use of soil, equipment, farming supplies, and water; it even boosts the production of small farms throughout the year.

Farmers prefer this small farm idea because it minimizes the risk of loss from total calamities, pests, drought, and diseases. Some examples of multiple cropping methods are growing watermelons and strawberries in Florida or growing soybeans and wheat with corn, canola in the Carolinas.

Dairy Farming

Factory farming is responsible for 80% of milk in the market, According to the department of agriculture, US.

However, there is a continuous decline in small licensed dairy farms, which gives opportunities for budding entrepreneurs with land in hand in rural areas. Dairy farms are a profitable business, but it still requires investment.

Herb Gardening

People have become conscious of what they eat. When you plan to start the herb gardening business, make sure you focus on variety and choose the herbs that are demanded more so that you can sell them.

You can begin selling herbs on small roadside sales from the backyard selling herbs that you cut seeds, plants, etc. you can even sell herbs and seeds online. If you plan on selling herbs online, you will have to create a professional website.

Bee Farming

Beekeeping or apiculture usually starts as a hobby, because it requires less capital. You can get started with beekeeping at just $500-$1000. This investment amount is enough to start selling byproducts like beeswax, royal jelly, bee pollen, and honey.

Royal jelly and bee pollen are considered superfoods and are usually sold at high prices. You will require a small area of the backyard and also check with your state government unit about rules and regulations about beekeeping. 

You can get your first set of bees in the following manner.

  • Catch a swarm: if you can find bees easily in your area, then opt to catch your own bee swarm free of cost.
  • Buy a bee package: the bee package consists of 3 pounds of bees, both young and mated queen. Large bee farm seel bee packages regularly around the month of April for $120 each.
  • Nucleus hive: this includes a bee box with five frames of brood, bees, pollen, nectar, laying queen bee, and a fertile. These are also sold around the month of April-June for $150.
  • Full hive: this is an entire hive set that included an existing colony that is usually sold to rookie bee farmers for around $300. 
  • Split hive: split hives is a group of several existing colonies together, which is moved to a new box where the queen is introduced. These are sold at approximately $200.

This is a great and profitable small farm idea for a beginner beekeeper as it will help them to learn the basics of bee farming and also understand and nurture their growth. You will also need to get other necessary equipment like hive tools, protective gear, bee brush, and honey extractor.


This is one of the small business ideas that combine both aquaculture and hydroponics. The farmers produce crops requiring both land and water. This is a low investment and profitable farm idea which produces cops faster and in great volume. Beginners should start at a small level and then expand it after they have learned everything.

You can take the help of a consultant that guides you for starting a commercial aquaponics system with little investment for around $1000. When it is practiced right, farmers can start to sell crops worth $2500 in a year.

Mushroom Farming

Cultivating mushrooms is a great idea to start a small farm business. These can grow in the harshest of conditions and even in the wild. Mushroom cultivation can become a profitable small farm idea if you know how to maximize production to become a steady supplier.

Gourmet mushrooms like shiitake and oysters are the most sought after variety of mushrooms in the vegetable market. They can be grown indoors as well in a controlled environment to start a large harvest. Mushrooms require only six weeks to grow and are ready to be supplied.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a method of raising livestock and crops, but with the growing concern for health in the customers, this method has become a niche of its own. You can find supermarkets and restaurants that specifically deal with organic produce. These businesses rely on organic farm produce to supply organic vegetables and fruits or free-roaming livestock.

This is a profitable small farm idea, which is 20-35% more profitable than normal farming. Organic farms are resulting in consistent growth and are a lucrative business venture.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming allows the supply of poultry products to other dealers and businesses. There is always consistent demand for poultry products. This can be one of the small farm ideas that can be profitable for farm owners. The only downside is that strict regulation is followed in poultry farming. Before starting, learn about all the rules and regulations of your state.

Final words:

If you are looking to start a new business venture, then these small farm ideas will be the right start for you. 

Agriculture is a crucial industry in the US and also all over the world. The US is one of the largest producers, consumers, and also exporters of agricultural products. The demand for farm products keeps on growing. If you consider a farming business, then this list of profitable farm ideas can help you.

Want to add some other farm business ideas to this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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