Profitable Small Farm Ideas – Creative Ways to Make Money from Your Farm

Profitable Small Farm Ideas – Creative Ways to Make Money from Your Farm

Are you looking for some ideas to create more from your small-scale farm? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have made a list of profitable small farm ideas that you can do on your farm besides the farming of vegetables and fruits. 

Apart from profitable crops for small farms, you can generate money from ideas like rooftop gardens, bee farms, and microgreens. Advancement in technology has created a wide range of opportunities for farmers to make their farms more profitable. 

Profitable Small Farm Ideas

Small farms are considered beneficial for rural as well as urban business opportunities. The vast land can be used for rearing livestock and cultivating crops. If you want to earn more profit from your small farm, here are some profitable farming ideas. 

Microgreen Farming

If you are short on capital and looking for some low-cost small farm ideas, then microgreen farming is a perfect choice for you. 

Microgreens are small edible vegetables that are used in garnishing and salads. They are baby plants or young vegetables that are approximately 10-14 years old and 1-3 inches tall. 

At the present time, microgreens are high in demand. Their popularity is continuously increasing due to their associated health benefits. 

If you are new to the world of the farming business, then you should consider this idea as microgreen is easy to grow and take care of. Their turnaround time is high, and the business does not require a large investment. 

The best part about microgreens is that they can be grown in small spaces, and you can even grow them indoors. You can sell them at higher prices according to the demand and variety. Microgreens are considered a profitable investment. 

Herb Gardening

People are now more health-conscious, and they are more attentive about what they put in their food. At the present time, people are opting to add herbs to their food due to the associated health benefits. Therefore, it is a good idea to start your herb garden. 

When you start your herb garden, keep in mind to emphasize variety, and opt for the ones in demand to easily sell them. You can start your herb business by growing herbs in your backyard and selling them. You can sell the herbs, seed, plants, or all three. You can also sell seeds and plants online. 

Selling herbs and seeds online will allow you to reach a wide range of audiences and will also help in enhancing your sales. Herb gardening and selling the herbs is a good idea to improve your overall profit margins. 

Bee Farming

Beekeeping or apiculture is one of the most profitable small farm ideas. The investment required for this business is quite low in the beginning. 

In order to start a bee farm, you would require an investment of $500-$1000. With this startup capital, you can sell bee by-products like honey, royal jelly, beeswax, bee pollen, and these products are highly popular among customers. 

Royal jelly and bee pollen are sold at a high price as they are considered superfoods. You would require a small area for bee farming. However, first, you need to check with the government unit in order to check if beekeeping is allowed in your area. 

Below mentioned are some ways to get your first set of bees.

  • Purchase a Bee Package – This bee package includes 3 pounds of bees, including a mated queen. These packages are usually sold around April. 
  • Buy Nucleus hive – It consists of a box having five bess frames, nectar, brood, pollen, and a fertile queen. 
  • Full hive – It is a complete setup constraining a colony. 
  • Split hive – In this, different frames of an already existing colony are moved to a new box in which a queen is introduced. 
  • Catch a Swarm – If bees are commonly found near your house or farm, then you can catch one swarm for free.

If you are new to bee farming, it would be better to purchase a nucleus hive. It will allow you to learn the basics of beekeeping. You would also require other equipment such as a honey extractor, hive tool, protective gear, and a bee brush. 


This farming method integrates aquaculture with hydroponics. Aquaculture includes raising aquatic animals, and hydroponic comprises cultivating water in plants. Aquaponics is a combination of these two farming methods. 

In this farming method, you can produce crops without needs as much land area or water. This method is known to produce crops in a greater volume and faster. It is a highly beneficial small farm business idea. 

It is better to start with a small farm and then expand it further as you learn how to maximize and enhance the production. There are various consultants who can help you in starting aquaponics for commercial purposes. 

Multiple Crop Farming

Multiple crop farming is one of the best profitable small farm ideas. Multiple cropping or dual crop farming can be either intercropping or mixed cropping. 

In intercropping, different crops are raising in close proximity. In mixed cropping, two or more types of crops are raised in the same area.  

Multiple crop farming is highly popular among farmers as it optimizes the use of soil, water, equipment, and farming supplies. In addition to this, it increases the production of a small farm. 

The best part about dual crop farming or multiple crop farming is that it reduces the risk of overall loss from pests, diseases, drought, and calamities. One of the best examples of multiple crop farming is growing soybean and wheat in addition to canola and corn. 

Fish Farming

If you have sufficient land, then fish farming is a perfect business plan for you. The best part about this plan is that it does not always require a water body. 

You can start a fish farm by creating a fish tank, or you can also invest in fish ponds. There are different types of fish that you can raise. Therefore, it is better to do proper research on fish raising. Once you have proper knowledge, you can conclude the type of fish you want to raise on your farm. 

Cod, catfish, and tilapia are highly popular choices as they are always in demand and easy to raise. Small scale farms usually supply fish in local restaurants and supermarkets. Below mentioned are some popular varieties of fish that you can raise on your farm.

  • Salmon
  • Grass Carp
  • Eel
  • Rainbow and Silver Trout
  • Tuna

Dairy Farming

Do you know factory farms supply a large amount of milk in the market? Yes, you read it right. Factory farms supply around 80% of the milk in the consumer market. Nevertheless, licensed dairy farms are continuously declining. It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs with available land to enter the business. 

Dairy farms with less than a hundred cows are considered small, but it still requires remarkable investment. Moreover, you also need a wide range of rules in order to get the license to operate. 

If you have sufficient land and wish to go into this farming business, then you also need to learn how to improve milk production to become successful.  

Like other businesses, certain risks are also involved in this business. Farms in rural areas can be affected by natural disasters and calamities, which would threaten both livestock and crops. Therefore, it is a good idea to do proper research on dairy farming before starting one. 

Tree Nursery

A tree nursery is one of the most profitable small farming ideas if the investment is made right. Most farmers begin with 15 to 20 seedlings in a small area. Using the right market strategy, they sell the baby tree even before they are mature. In order to start a tree nursery, you can either start from scratch or can purchase small trees for approximately $20. 

In order to start a tree nursery, it is important to do proper research on the methods to source the trees that you are planning to grow organically. For instance, you can do fruit tree propagation by budding or grafting. It enhances your chances of producing plants of the same variety. 

The best part about tree nursery is that it is easy to take care of baby seedlings, and you can easily provide them with favorable growth conditions. So if you love planting and looking for profitable small farming ideas, this one is best for you. 

Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics refers to the process of growing crops using nutrient-rich water, which is kept in contact with the plant roots. This process includes keeping the plant roots close to nutrient water instead of soil. 

This process is environmentally friendly as it reduces the risk of pollution and wastage that can harm the crops and can increase pollution. Due to this reason, it is highly popular among people. It includes minimal use of land, which makes it a low-cost investment. It also enhances the growth rate by 25%, which means you get more products to sell. 

Hydroponics include different methods like static, ebb and flow, continuous flow, and aeroponics. It is all about managing the environment carefully so that your plants can grow smoothly. 

It is an easy small farm business, to begin with. In case you are planning to opt for this method, it is better to do proper research and consult with the experts so that you can earn more profit. 

Vegetable Landscaping

It can be expensive to start a landscaping business, but if you want to choose a greener path, then it is a good choice. A wide range of flexible opportunities are available in this option, so you would require considerably low startup capital. 

You will have to invest in tools for the purpose of growing vegetables either in containers or in freshly tilled soil. If you are planning to use pots, keep in mind to buy the pots that are 8-12 inches deep. In addition to this, check that they should have even space so that you can maximize the yield. 

Opt for using organic methods for vegetable landscaping as it will not only help in producing healthy vegetables but will also allow you to make a greater benefit. The demand for organic vegetables is high in the market, so it is better to use organic vegetable landscaping methods. 

Rooftop Tea Garden

If you live in a city, then it is essential to maximize space. It includes balancing the air quality by creating space to plant greens. The concept of rooftop gardening is common in urban areas; there are certain ideas that you can use for a business venture. 

One such popular business venture is rooftop tea gardens. You can grow a wide range of greens and medical and aromatic herbs to sell them directly to the consumers. Below mentioned are some points that you need to consider before starting a rooftop garden. 

Check the Building Codes – Review the rules of creating rooftop gardens in your locality. In addition to this, also check the possible restrictions that can impact your business. 

Check the Loading Capacity of Your Roof – Rooftops also have a certain limit to the weight they can hold. It is essential to consider this data if you want to create a rooftop tea garden. It is better to consult with a structural engineer who can help you adequately. 

Check the Exposure of Roof to Sun and Wind – If you want a proper tea garden, then wind and sun exposure are highly essential. It is important to ensure that your plants get sufficient shade and sunlight. Moreover, the plants should also be protected against the strong wind gusts. 

Cannabis Farming

If cannabis is legal in your area, then you can opt for cannabis farming. In case you have sufficient space, then it is a good idea to utilize the space and start a cannabis farm. In controlled conditions, you can grow better quality plants, and the best way is to start growing them outdoors. 

If you have a large backyard, then it is the biggest advantage. It will allow you to keep your investment low and will provide you with a flexible working space. 

 In order to cultivate weed, you can expect to invest $10-$17 per square foot of area. After some time, you can enhance your business by making a small greenhouse. Things that you learned in cannabis farming can help you in developing an effective and controlled environment. 

Organic Farming

The growing market of health-conscious customers has increased the importance of organic products at present. Generally, organic farming is a method of raising livestock and crops in the way of keeping the soil alive and using organic wastes. The method has created its own niche in the market. 

You can easily find supermarkets and restaurants touting for organic produce. These businesses depend on organic farmers to get organically raised livestock and organically grown vegetables and fruits. Organics farming is more beneficial as compared to conventional farming. 

Some of the popular organic farms include organic dairy farms, organic produce farms, organic livestock farms, and organic fish farms. 

Grow Mushrooms

It is easy to cultivate mushrooms. They easily grow in wild and harsh conditions. If you want to start a mushroom business, it is essential for you to have proper information on maximizing mushroom production and significant mushroom strain to grow mushrooms. Appropriate information on how to grow mushrooms is highly essential to become a steady supplier. 

Gourmet mushrooms like shiitake and oyster are some of the most popular variations in the market. For a larger harvest, you can grow these variations in a better and controlled environment. Only six weeks are required to harvest mushrooms. Mushroom farming is one of the most profitable small farm business ideas. 

Snail Farming

Snail farming can be a beneficial business venture. Most snails can be sold at high prices as they are edible. However, some snails are more preferred as compared to others. Snail farming also depends on the location, so it is essential to learn the basics. 

Learning the basics of snail farming or heliciculture comprises identifying the right environment and habitat for the snails you are planning to use. You also need to understand their mating process, know their food source, and then manage the environment for them. 

In order to start framing, you need to consider soil requirements, climate control, food source, farming system, and state regulations. The demand for snail slime is also increasing in the cosmetics industry; therefore, it is better to do proper research in order to become a potential supplier. 

Poultry Farming

The demand for poultry products is high and consistent, which makes it an attractive option for investment. Poultry farming is one of the best small farm business plans. It allows you to sell poultry products to other businesses like restaurants. 

The only drawback of poultry farming is that you need to follow regulations to ensure the health and safety of the people living in the community. It is better to do proper research about the business, including the location, regulation, and safety measures in order to get started in the right manner. 

Running a poultry farm is a daunting task, so it is good to use autonomous tools to make sales and inventory more manageable. Starting a small farm business can be hectic, so make sure to create an appropriate business plan to manage it appropriately. 

Animal Petting Farm

Many farmers opt for animal petting farms with the intent to increase their income from selling livestock, dairy, and eggs. There are various best animals to raise on a farm. Petting farms are popularly used for family and student trips as they provide an amazing and interactive experience to the children. 

Many businesses also use the petting farm to conduct team building events. Provide customers with free samples of all the products that you get from your animals. It will not only help in creating a positive impression but will also tout your products. 

Make sure to create a safe environment when you start an animal petting farm. In addition to this, hire well-trained staff so that they can handle the customers properly. 

Fruit Picking Farm

Nowadays, fruit picking is a famous weekend activity for families. So, if you have a small fruit farm, you can use it for this beneficial venture. You can also start from scratch and can solely focus on generating income from tourism on your fruit farm. 

One of the best benefits of fruit picking farm is that you can use it for tourism purposes and become a regular fruit supplier. 

If you are planning to invest in a fruit picking farm, then consider planting different types of produce. Opt for using safe pesticides for the crops as your customers could be exposed to them if not handled properly. Make sure to make a clean and safe farm to make your business beneficial. 

Flower Farming

Flower farms are not only popular tourist destinations but are also a versatile business venture. You can create multiple income sources from flower farms like connect with event organizers for flower decorations or can supply the flowers to shops. 

You can also start a small flower farm from your backyard and earn a significant amount. Like other businesses, you need to do proper research before starting the business, so that you end up creating a beneficial business. 

Meat Farming

A small scale meat farm can be a beneficial business venture. If you have enough space, you can grow sufficient animals to create an extra income from your farm. You can include animals like pigs, sheep, and cattle.

When the meat is grown at small scale farms, it is more nutritious, and it also tastes better. The animals are pasture-raised; therefore, their demand is high in the market. Being able to freely gaze and roam gives pasture-raised animals a complex favor and richer taste, which makes it easier to market the products. 

People are ready to pay higher for premium quality, chicken, mutton, or pork. A lot of knowledge is required to raise animals. You will have to learn about animal well-being, health, nutrition, and more. You would require land, feed, and other equipment like trailers, pens and fencing, waterers, and more. 

Final Words

Whether you plan to start a farm or homestead, these profitable small farm ideas can help you generate extra income. Keep in mind to do proper research before starting a business. Whether you are already running a farm business or planning to start one, do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 


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